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heart break prom night pt 1

heart break prom night


(It was one week before prom. Brittany still hadn't found a date yet. Even her sisters Eleanor and Jeanette had found a date. Brittany has been longing to go to prom all has been saving her allowance for a whole year just to go. This dance means the world to her.)

"I don't get it i'm popular and beautiful I should be swimming in boys." Brittany said.

"I dont know Brittany ." Jeanette replied.

"I must find someone fast. I don't want to be left alone while you two party." Said Brittany with a worried look on her face.

(Mean while at the Seville house...)

"I love being me. I just can't deside who I want to ask out to the prom." Said Alvin looking at himself in a mirror.

"Alvin you only have a week left, how do you know you can even find someone." Simon replied.

"Relax Simon I'm the most popular guy in town, any girl would be begging to spend a romantic night with the looove dr."

"oh Alvin." simon replied.

(back at the Miller house...)

"Hey Brittany why don't you ask Alvin? It may not be traditional but hey you guy go way back. And he's always drooling over you." Eleanor asked Brittany with a cookie hanging out her mouth.

"Do you really think he will say yes Elie?" Britttany replied.

"I'm sure of it!" she replied back.

Jeanette and Eleanor chanted "call him, call him, call him!"

(Brittany pick up the phone nervous as ever )

(back at the Seville house...)

{ring ring ring ring}

"You see Simon it's probably all those lovely girls calling me now "Alvin says running to the phone"

(Alvin answers)..."Hello...oh hi Julia..wow really you want to go to prom with me..well ok I'll pick you up at eight.(Hangs up). You see guys Julia just asked me to prom, I feel great."

(At the Millers house)..

"He didn't answer I guess he's not home" Brittany says sadly as she starts to cry in her sisters lap. "I'm never going to prom at this rate. All i want is to be loved. Is that so much to ask?"

Eleanor wipes Brittanys eyes and calmly says "Everything's going to be ok Brittany I'm sure hell be in school tomorow you can ask him then."

{The next day in school...}

Jeanette says loudly "look Brittany there he is sitting next to that tree eating lunch. This is the perfect chance to ask him to prom."

"Ok girls how do i look?" Brittany asks fixing her hair.

Eleanor and Jeanette say together "Great!"

Brittany walks over to Alvin, sits next to him, and nervously looks into his eyes.

Brittany "H..Hi Alvin".

"Oh hey Brittany whats up?" Alvin replies.

"So prom is saturday, are you going?" Brittany asks.

"Yeah I'm going" Alvin says looking into her eyes with lust completely forgetting about Julia "Why, are you goin?"

Brittany looks at Alvin "Y...Yes I, um, well, was wondering if..."

Alvin knew she was going to ask him to prom "If you wanted to take me to prom?"

"Yeah." Brittany said a little embarrest and still nervous to hear his answer. You see Brittany has had a huge crush on Alvin ever since she first saw him but hasn't had the guts to say to him how she felt untill now.

Alvin says with no holding back "Sure Brittany I'll go with you. I'll see you there at 8:30?"

"Sure Alvin, can't wait. I'll see you later" Brittany replied trying to keep her cool. She ran over to her sisters with a huge smile on her face "He said yes, he said yes, he said yes! Oh I'm so happy. This is going to be the best night of my life. Come on girls lets go to the mall and find our dresses."

(Meanwhile, back at the tree, Simon and Theodore walk up to Alvin)

"Hey you guys you'll never guess what. Brittany said yes to taking me to prom" Alvin says.

Simon and Theodore both yell out "What!"

Simon continues "What about Julia? Aren't you taking her to prom?"

Alvin replies "Oh shit, Simon your right. I completely forgot all about her what am i going to do? Brittany Is a great friend and has always been there for me, but Julia is so hott. It's not like I can take both to prom...wait a minute!"

Simon interupts with a mad face "No Alvin that's no fare to anyone if you do that."

Alvin replies "But it's so perfect I'm picking Julia up at 8 and meeting Brittany at 8:30 I can just swing in the back and slip away from Julia to meet up with Brittany."

Theodore replies "Alvin that will never work it's impossible."

Alvin relies "Nothing's impossible for the looove dr."

"Oh brother" Simon says hitting his head with his hand.

(to be continued)
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