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[rant] and movies

First the movies :

Transformer Prime : rise of the Predacons. More than a movie, it's a three part tv episode that put an end to the tv show. It's the same quality as the tv show in itself : good graphics, good animation, good scenarii, good characters developpement, and sadly a bit short in itself as much of the third season that was to be the last so they could do some sort of reboot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers:_Prime 4 barks out of 5 for the serie.

Teen beach movie : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Beach_Movie I like musicals, and it was funny to see two normal guys ending in one and being scared as they are made part of it. It's funny but the shows suffers of poor acting and they sometimes go too far in the paroding 60's movies. 3 barks out of 5

Gundam Wing : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Wing I watched the serie and Endless Waltz. The serie suffers of being a Japanese show about philosophical values, at the end nearly all the characters fight to get peace despite fighting. This confused character developpement, not unknown to other anime, is the main problem I have with the serie. It makes characters like Heero Yuy and Wu Fei rather unpleasant. Otherwise there is a story with an interesting plot, good mechs and battles.
Notice the names of the characters ? Lady Une (1), Duo (2), Trowa (3), Quatre (4), I'm told Wu Fei means 5, Zechs (6), Septem (7), Treize (13), Quinze (15), funny naming concept. The gundams creators have letters but it's a codename.

Rant :

I awoke this morning in a panic attack, scared that I wouldn't have time to switch trains in Paris, despite having the time. What is more scary is that I have to renew my ID card and if it get late I'll not have it to go to UK to see Fiona... I hope it doesn't happen with all my heart. I shouldn't have listened to my father and wait to get it renewed...
As the day was not getting better, I got in the mail that unemployment was asking me to pay them back 480 $ and also that I was given 35 $ per month instead of the 500 I'm supposed to get... after many calls, finally got someone that told me that I was to pay back but that I should get 500 per month I'm entitled for... They are supposed to call back in the next two days to clear all that up.
I'm rather stressed now.
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