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A Sunday Journal

Hello there again. I'm going to once again write a journal. Just a quick one. But before I start... Liking or faving this journal doesn't help me ^^; Plz comment if you wanna say anything ^^;

Okay, so first off... I'm running quite low on $$$. I mean, I'm working to get a job, but until then, I've gotta rely on what I've got stored in the bank. Which, well, I drained on expenses for school and living... ^^; So, I'm down to about $16, if I add that one WalMart gift card to the equation. Hopefully I can make that last a couple weeks til I get a job and make my first paycheck.

(And mom, if you see this, no I'm not gonna ask for $$$ from her until I absolutely have to. But, I've got the ramen you bought me still, so I'm all set for meals for a couple weeks. I'm an adult, and I need to earn some $$$ for myself, or at least try before begging for help ^^;)

I recently went to the local PetCo where I am applying and talked with the hiring director. She was looking at my application, and I didn't ask straight up if she was considering giving me a call back, but she seemed impressed that I decided to check up in person versus the others who simply emailed her to check up and express their continued interest. I just thought going in person to ask would be more polite than an email. Think my chances are good? I pray so ^^;

As for art commissions... I don't understand people ^^; Some would gladly pay full price for something I drew, even though I'm not good, and some say my prices are absolutely too high, expecting artists ten times better than me to have prices that are half mine. I'm trying to make up for the fact I don't have a lot of time to spare, so if I'm going to spend 3 hours on a piece when I could spend that same time studying, I have to make it financially worth my while, since these classes are expensive ^^;

Now, sleep... I slept til noon yesterday ^^; And til 10 today. I feel I wasted nearly half my weekend. And am still wasting it. But actually I'm working on a hypothesis for some science lab in my mind as I write this. But seriously... I feel like I should wake up earlier on weekends now that I'm a college student. But, I just can't seem to ^^; My automatic response with an alarm is that if I have nowhere to be, I can turn it off. So... Advice? ^^;

Also... Who knows how to program? I've finally found a free programming environment called Eclipse, and now I want to work with it. I would love to be able to know who to contact to seek advice on programs I've made. Now, this is unrelated to school, so any projects I undertake will be LAST priority. Alright? Alright.

As I look around my dorm room, I notice... It is SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner than that of my bed room at home. I wonder why... I mean, its not perfectly clean at the moment, but at least I can see 80% of the floor and walk anywhere in the room without stepping on something I forgot I owned ^^; Srsly: why do I keep my dorm cleaner than my room in my house? *Shrugs*

Well... That is all... Now off to go eat food ^^ Please pray that I get SOME work so I can help myself and ease my family's need to help me ^^;

P.S.: NEVER do laundry on a Saturday or Sunday. That's when EVERYONE does their laundry. Do it on a day no one thinks of. Like... Tuesday :3
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
It's cause you don't have as much junk in your dorm room!

Yes, I mean that seriously, to a degree.  At least, that's why it's like that for me.  There isn't as much stuff that ya got all around, for one.  All of your things that you've collected all through your life are back at your room at your house.  Thus ya don't got as much that can cause a mess.  Clothes are a given at some points, along with some other stuff...I dunno what makes up the clutter in your room exactly.  But that's my take on it!

Managers and all LOVE to see applicants that check up on the status of their hiring.  Particularly ones that drop by in person.  Shows that you have drive to get this job and really want it, unlike another applicant that might just laze around or be difficult to train.  You want it, you REALLY want it, and that'll stick with the people that are important in landing you a job!  Even if you don't get the PetCo job, keep doing that and checking back with any other jobs you apply for in person.

As for wasting the day...try and make a note to yourself of something you COULD be doing when you don't HAVE to be up at any particular time of the day for classes.  Like your laundry, for one!  Or, set the alarm clock across the room so you'll have to get up to turn it off.  From that point, you're up...so why not see about breakfast?  There are probably other ideas that can work too, but these work for me.  Most of the time.  ^^;
5 years, 7 months ago
Hmm... That is all true ^^

And, good advice ^^

5 years, 7 months ago
Take it all as ya will!  Not all of it is bound to be correct, and is based off of personal feelings for some...but I at least think it all makes sense in one way or another, and that can go a ways.  Just up to you how you use it, of course!
5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
I'll prey for you. ^^
5 years, 7 months ago
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