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Ieo is a metamorphic beast from an ancient world known as Ixo'zoa, and the species was so named by the elders as the Ixo'ju.

980,000 years ago, Ieo became mad with power, discovering an ancient power of magic far beyond that of the council on Ixo'zoa, Ieo began to devour the life energies of others on the world.  The grand council of magi finally coordinated their efforts, and trapped Ieo into something known as an "Imprisonment Crystal."  A black magical stone which was impenetrable from the outside.  The crystal was then cast from the atmosphere of Ixo'ju, and hurtled through space.  Its original target was Tar'jus, their star, but their inadequate knowledge of gravity caused it to go off course from the other planets in the system.

120 years ago, a group of foolhardy adventurers came across the Imprisonment Crystal deep within a cavern, and by reading clues that Ieo had left visible through the outer layer of the crystal, were able to open it and free Ieo.

Since then, Ieo has learned methods to take life's fluids from the mortals of this realm.  Some of these methods... many of these methods... are enjoyable for the mortal it takes from, and so it has been slowly regaining its power through a trail of very sticky situations.

Name: Ieo (With an i, not an L)
Age: Unknown
Species: Ixo'ju, Ancient Beast
Gender: None
Powers: Total Transformation, Absorbs Magic, Absorbs Fluids

Ieo's form gains colors when it absorbs different types of magic.  However, due to its lengthy imprisonment in the black crystal, it cannot hold any color for very long, as the deep-rooted magic made for its holding cell has made its permanent scar.  With colors, it can also change its eyes to a more normal appearance, but they'll always return eventually to their glow which is described as "shining like the moon on a starless night."  Since it absorbs magic, it's unaffected by magic.  Since it's able to transform its body, it's almost impossible to harm physically.

Weakness: Tsk, tsk, tsk... like I'd tell you.

Ieo started as a role-playing character for me about 10 years ago.  It was the first character I made for the furry fandom, as well, back when yiffy.net was a site with credibility.
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