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New Kitten :3



Yesterday my mom brought home a little 10-week-old black female kitten from the pet store (someone had left her there and they gave her away from free). My previous attempted kitten adoption didn't work out (long story short, the lady I was trying to adopt from was kinda nuts and had impossible standards and had already gotten attached to the kitten herself and so she refused to adopt it out... even though it was listed for adoption), so my mom let me have the kitten as my own. She's still sort of a family pet, but I'm the one most responsible for her and she'll be coming with me when I eventually move out.

I've named the kitten “Luna.” I was going to name her something more original, but my mom wanted me to name her something everyone would agree on, and “Luna” is the best any of us could come up with (thanks to DarkerSounds for the suggestion). She has a scar of some kind on her right paw, and we don't know where it's from, but the pet store people had been cleaning and disinfecting it, and it's healing well, so we're not worried about it. She's still going to the vet—probably tomorrow—for a checkup, vaccinations, and all that good stuff. We're not declawing her unless her claws actually become a problem, in which case we'll get her front claws removed.

She's a really sweet and laid-back kitten. She kind of tends to just follow people around like a puppy, and if you stay in one place for a while, she'll sit or lay there near you. At first it seemed like she never wanted to be alone, but now she's more comfortable exploring the house. Sometimes she'll still realize there's no one in the room with her and she'll sort of cry out a bit, though. She purrs out loud a lot, too.

She doesn't seem to affect Lurid's allergies much, so that's good. She wasn't afraid of him or anyone else—she's a pretty social kitty. Last night she slept in the bed with us (at least until Lurid accidentally knocked her off because he didn't know where she was, but it's not much of a fall so she didn't get hurt). A few hours later she still jumped back up on the bed with us, so she couldn't have been too bothered by it.

Unfortunately the other cats haven't gotten used to her yet. Ninja (black and white domestic shorthair tom) kept hissing at her a bunch and made sure to keep at a distance. At first, Muskitt (Russian blue/domestic shorthair mix tom) didn't seem bothered by her so much as curious about her, but I'm told he hissed at her once too.

Stubby (border collie/Australian shepherd mutt) is only concerned that there's an animal in the house getting more attention than him, and Rosy (his mom, a beagle/dachshund mix) doesn't even care as long as Luna stays away from her crate. Then again, Rosy never really trusted anyone right away, especially anyone near her crate. She's a tad overprotective and territorial.

Luna has had a couple of accidents out of the litter box, but I expected as much from the start, and part of it is probably just that she didn't want to go all the way upstairs where those other scary adult toms are by herself. Soon enough she'll have a litter box and food in my bathroom, so that won't be an issue anyway. She's a great kitten regardless, and I'm glad she's mine. I'm totally ready for the responsibility of owning this kitten. She clearly isn't nearly as hyper or destructive or smelly as the ferret was, and I'm more prepared to accommodate her.
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
Aw, she looks so cute! I used to have a black cat, she was always following me and jumping into my lap whenever I sat down lol!
5 years, 9 months ago
I has three kittens now, trying to find good homes for them. One is actually attacking my foot as I type this.
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