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Natural disasters, dreams, and wtf hummingbirds

Combining journals again. First, tornado dreams. I've never actually seen or experienced a tornado, but we do get them in this area from time to time. I'm sure I'm not alone in being both fascinated by them and terrified. Half of me wants to see one just once, and the other half wants to move somewhere where there's 0 chance of that. Chances here are still pretty small though. I've seen tornado damage in nearby areas, and our power was knocked out by one once, but never seen one.

Since I was a kid though, I've often had nightmares about tornados, ranging from silly, where a 6 foot tornado with a huge nose was coming at me, to realistic and scary. Most of them were scary, though they don't bother me now as much as they used to.

Nowadays, whenever I have one of my tornado dreams, everyone around me is suddenly oblivious to everything. I try to tell everyone there's a fucking twister coming at us, and they ignore and dismiss me. My tornado dreams today are usually alot more frustrating than they are scary.

Last night, however, was completely different. I was walking through a small town I don't go to very often, just drive through, and two people came running around a corner, and when they saw me, THEY warned ME that there was a fucking twister coming. Well, I'm not one to suddenly turn oblivious to tornados, so I ran to the nearest house and banged on the door. Two guys answered and I told them there was a tornado coming and asked to take shelter, and they let me in without a second thought. What nice subconscious-dwelling people.

The dream eventually turned into them driving the house like a car while being chased by the tornado, using nitro boosts and so forth before I woke up.


So I've never really experienced a tornado, but I have been through several hurricanes. I was reminded the other day of a moment I'll never forget. It was the evening before hurricane Ike was about to hit us. I was at my mom's, and we had taken down the hummingbird feeders on the front porch so that they wouldn't be blown away. The hurricane hit some time in the early morning before dawn if I remember right. Power immediately went out, and the house was lightly rocking from the winds. Not fun. Thankfully, most houses around here, even mobile homes, are built with hurricanes in mind, unlike the city of Orange who's council decided after three near-consecutive hurricane years and getting flooded with storm surge the third time, that it was time to build a sea-wall to help prevent flooding. *face-palm*

When the sun came up, the winds were still raging on, but out on the front porch we could see hummingbirds coming up and looking for the feeders while FLYING COMPLETELY STEADY IN HURRICANE FORCE WINDS! The same winds that wadded up my step-dad's tool shed like a piece of paper and threw it across the field, and these hummingbirds were like "Hmm, bit of a breeze this morning. Where's our food, bitches?"
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
I used to have nightmares about tornadoes as well, especially growing up in a trailer house.  Of course now I am in the middle of multiple flood warnings around Denver, but the active floods don't scare as much as the tornado warnings when they hit.
5 years, 10 months ago
It floods around here too, but only got into the house once before I lived here. Last year it got so high it drove fire-ants into my house and they blamed me for it completely. >.< Have you ever had a tornado hit close to you though? The uncertainty is what gets to me. I'd like to know what to watch/listen for.
5 years, 10 months ago
About 5 miles from my house was the closest to actually touchdown.  I'm in eastern Denver near DIA.
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