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Halp! I accidentally a kitty!

About a month ago a cute, female cat showed up outside the canteen I visit. This kind canteen lady friend of mine took it in. But she had three cats already. The lady had a vacation in Greece, with the household looking after the feline. When my friend came back she told me she could not keep it further. I did not want the cute kitten, who'd gotten really fluffy by now to be released, so I agreed to have it.

Took it home yesterday from the canteen. I looked really ridiculous carrying it and some groceries in my shoulder bag. Need to get it a transport cage. It seems homely enough. Very friendly and fluffy to the maximum! I am pondering a fitting name for the creature now. Bought it some appropriate food and put down a bowl of water as well. Then in the evening yesterday she went out the open door and I thought she had escaped.

As much as I felt sad, but thought that was Fate. I am pretty liberal to allow felines to do as they choose. Besides this is an adult cat. It won't perish outside as we live in the countryside and have plenty of food for it to chase. I can't exactly hold her back if she dislikes out house. Tonight a couple of hours ago I heard some mewling and she was in our outer hallway, being all cuddly and leg headbutty. She must have felt enough of a bond to this house to choose and return. Felt much better, since I laid in bed and almost cried that she chose not to be in our home.

Granny, who is recovering nicely and walks around the house had two cats before, both living to over 17 years of age. She gave me some cat-keeping advice, but since I'm such a noob at this I would like to ask if any of you had advice as well. Will upload some good pictures of Miss Kitty, when I get her to stand still. I do think she is in heat and needs to be spayed. Being an obvious non-stray cat she might have her vaccines already though.

Update 1. A few friends helped me identify the breed as a Siberian. So now I am focused on making her pelt as fluffy as possible before winter. The canteen lady gave us some bags of soft kitty food as well, that she just loves ^^ This night she jumped out our window again to go adventuring in our back yard. Probably catching some mice that we can hear squeaking in our cellar occasionally. I believe she'll come mewling back when she needs some warmth, that silly critter.
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
Ooh. Best wishes on kitty. ^^  I may be able to answer some questions
5 years, 6 months ago
I live in a house with 3 cats.
and my boyfriends Mom an Dad have like 5cats.
so I can help some.
ask away.
5 years, 6 months ago
Yeah, how do you make her fur shiny shiny and fluffy! The kitty doesn't like water at all. And since I discovered she is of Siberian breed with pretty smoky pelt I want to make and keep it the best possible texture and shininess ^^
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