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Fooling Around With Holidays

If you've ever looked at my various online galleries since January of last year (2010), you might notice I've posted stuff related to Easter (choconiverous teeth and
How Deidrei Saved Easter by CyberCornEntropic
).  If you kept looking, you would see stuff related to the holidays of Norther (the story of the Norther ferret and
Happy Norther 2011! by CyberCornEntropic
), Souther (a... rock?), and Wester (a hungry hedgehog).  After that, there's a possibility you might pause and wonder just what the heck I'm trying to pull here.

Think of it this way: there are four seasons and four cardinal directions.  If Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, might Wester fall on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Autumn Equinox?  How about Norther and the Winter Solstice?  Souther and the Summer Solstice?  (I'm using the Northern Hemisphere's equinoxes and solstices here.  Obviously, the Southern Hemisphere would have them inverted.)

Naturally, if there's an Easter bunny, I just had to pair small, cute mammals with the other holidays.  The mammals needed to be familiar to Europeans, available more or less as pets, and could be paired with Australian mammals in the same manner as the Easter bunny is paired with the Easter bilby.  (2010's Souther picture had a pet rock simply because I hadn't matched the squirrel to Souther at that time.)

posted this journal, which prompted me to see if he liked my idea.  He did, and I wrote up this journal, to put together what I've got so far.

The Animals:
                            Animal                                Australian Equivalent
–               ferret                                             quoll
Easter –                 rabbit                                            bilby
Souther –              squirrel                                      sugar glider
Wester –             hedgehog                                       echidna

The dates are as follows, starting from 2010 (when I first made a Norther picture) and continuing to 2020.  All follow the rule of "on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the equinox or solstice".  Thus, if a Full Moon falls on a Sunday, the holiday is the next Sunday.  If a Full Moon falls on the equinox or solstice, then the following Full Moon is used.  All except Easter use the actual astronomical Full Moons and equinoxes or solstices.  (Easter uses the ecclesiastic calendar which has its Spring Equinox set on March 21.)

                 Norther                              Easter             Souther        Wester
          January 3                            April 4              June 27         October 24
2011          January 23                          April 24            July 17          October 16
2012          January 15                          April 8              July 8            October 7
2013          December 30, 2012             March 31          June 30         October 20
2014          January 19                          April 20            July 13          October 12
2015          January 11                          April 5              July 5            October 4
2016          December 27, 2015             March 27          July 24          October 23
2017          January 15                          April 16            July 16          October 8
2018          January 7                            April 1              July 1           September 30
2019          December 23, 2018             April 21            July 21           October 20
2020          January 12                          April 12            July 12          October 4

Whew, that's a lot of figuring for what's essentially three gag holidays. :p  Feel free to ask questions below.  If you're nuts enough to want to check my figures or extend this list further out into the future, I used the Data Services on the US Naval Observatory's site.  If you'd like to share these holidays with other folks, feel free to.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
*bows* Well done, sir. Bravo!
7 years, 9 months ago
Thank you. :)  Also, thank you for prompting me to do this.  I needed to calculate the dates anyway, and getting it done now beats scrambling about a week or so before next Norther. :p
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