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Fuck my little pony

So I have lost that fucking monitor and am SO tempted to just run home carrying one of these they have at this ghetto library.  Then again I could also wait until I have money once more and get one from one of the thrift stores here.  I do hope I may be able to do so.

As for the pony shit, I quit.  I am completely gone from that infernal fandom even if I wasn't even in with those retarded bronies.  I already stated many times how much of a psychopath can these mongrels be, but I am also so tired of them pestering me and not shutting the hell up if I ever state an opinion about that retarded horse cartoon.

Fuck my little pony, seriously, the brony fandom ruined it completely.  Friendship is magic my ass.

I will now peruse other stuff I draw, but I can still draw some stupid horses here and t here IF I care about it.  Just not going to be rabid about as these morons.

As for my health, the kidney stones are gone, I am fine, but not thanks to that asshole of FATHER, whom I will never bother to even be around me again.  Fuck him.

I tried to go to that cheap therapost, but as usual, they had me there for almost 4 damn hours without me going to talk to her about my fractured mental problems.  Then last I hear while passing out waiting is that the bitch was running late to even see anyone.


It's so like that when I actually try to better myself so I can have it easy at all shit has to stop me, just like recently when I tried to talk to the assholes at DCCCD to move that fucking block that fatass burrito munching bitch put there.  They say I have to talk to her personally.

Whatever, fuck the Dallas Community "Colleges".  I am now moving to the next phase, which I will see if a lawyer can take my case against this nonsense.

I am not finished just yet.

And this fucking library is so damn noisy.  Someone shut those damn kids up please.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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