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One of those horrible nights...

Two things I detest more than anything, trolls and being forced to block people and last night I had to deal with both. I'm a member of a few communities and trolls are common place I guess no matter where you go but man I've never had to deal with someone who keeps on so badly even ever being blocked in another community. I don't like fighting or having to deal with big wars so I unblock the stupid troll in an attempt to make peace, doesn't help in the least bit because he blocks me and post more trash for the whole community to deal with. I should have just reported him and been done with him but I'm too nice I guess. Just horrible how this guy belittles me basically trying to make me feel stupid and all over a petty game of all things. I've never seen such a petty, know it all stain on the fur community. I mean the guy just couldn't be reasoned with and was so close minded. In the end I guess I'm to blame he stains a community with his profile taking up space in a database that some other new and good fur could use. He's not really impotent, I could care less about him but I feel for the community since he'll go on with his stupidity.
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
There are people who feel their lives are at an all-time permanent low. They either suck it up and keep trying to change things or give up on life, hate everyone and try to step on others to bring up their own false sense of confidence. You've probably met the latter.

These type aren't worth a single inch of kindness because they're weak willed sacks of self-pitying shit who pick on others who they see as stepping stones or easy targets. Same as your typical school yard bully. They may even write things about being depressed but the moment you try to help or reason with them and they will only stab you in the back, now or later. We have plenty of these individuals in our community and every other and always will.

In the end the best thing to do is ignore their sorry asses entirely no matter how good of a comeback you have or how sad they seem. The moment you even respond or acknowledge them they've won. They just want that attention whether it's good or bad and will do anything to feel in control of someone else's emotions. Anyone who stoops to that level in my opinion is deserving of their own misfortune and have yet to realize it.
5 years, 6 months ago
How right you are my friend. I've left him to spit his stupidity and don't give him the time of day as I've had better things to do heh :) >:D< I hope things are alright for you.
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