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Q1. Do you take request or trades? "Can you draw me?"

A1. NO! Im sorry but Im not doing free requests. I consider this a job and I just dont have the time because I take my art seriously. I do a lot of stuff and I dont have a lot of free time. Art is my main job. Its what I do.

I am sometimes doing art trades, but that very depends on my time. Usually I will ask people if they're up for a trade. So if you ask me and I say no, please don't be disappointed.

Q2. Do you take commissions?

A2. Yes! Like I said this is my main job but I am not always open for them check out what I have available for commission here:

Q2a. How many commissons do you take at a time?

A2a. I only take 10 commissions at once. Its so I dont get over loaded or back logged on anything. Once the queue is filled I finish it before I open for more. So that way I dont try to take more then I am able. Every so often, but VERY rarely I may take a couple extra here or there, but I try not to get too in over my head if I can help it.

Q3. Are you currently open for commissions?

A3. Not at this time. I open my commission via my journals. I only take on as many as I can handle at a time, so I dont get in over my head. But I do try to do them at a smooth pace to open for more, but even if I finish some I wont open until the entire Queue is finished. If you would like to check my current Queue you can see it here:

Q4. Can I upload/repost your images?

A4. As long as it was a commission done for you or if you are in one with someone else and proper credit is given I have no problem with this.

However, if you upload something that isnt yours you will be asked to take it down. If you do not you will be reported. I do not like mine or other poeples images/characters being stolen. Sorry.

Q5. What things will you be drawing / not drawing?

A5. What I will and will not draw:

Will Draw:
-Sex scenes
-Anything of that nature

What I will not draw:
-Anything I am not comfortable with, if you dont know ask.

Q6. Do you offer prints?

A6. Not at this time. No

Q7. Do you have tutorials?

A7. Not at this time. No.

Q8. Do you mind if I draw your characters?

A8. Not at all. Just do not draw them in sexual situations with anyone. That is all I ask. Please and thank you.

Q9. What colors do you use for your traditional art?

A9. I am partial to Prismas both pencils and markers and some regular markers it all depends really.

Q10. Can I color one of the sketches you uploaded?

A10. Please dont. Because the majority of all the art I upload here is/are commissions. Thats is all.

Q11. What do you mean with "not free for use"?

A11. This just means that a character / picture is copyrighted and belongs to somebody (either me or somebody else) - and that it is not allowed to use it for role play, as avatar / forum picture, for representing your own characters and such. It is of course fine to draw the characters shown on it (fanart), to fav or to save the picture.

Q12. Can you teach me how to draw?

A12. I dont really think Im that good nor do I have the time. Im sorry.

Q13. Do you have ICQ, MSN or AIM?

A13. I have Skype (atlastendojima) and I am signed into it daily, but that doesnt mean that I am always there or that I will always accept your requests. If I dont accept your requests, its because I dont know who you are. Please dont take it personal.

Q14. Are you visiting conventions?

A14. I try my best right now just to get to Oklacon and Wild Nights here in Oklahoma... Im going to try for the ones around me in the coming years, but for now I have to keep it small.

Q15. Do you have a Journal / Blog?

A15. I have them but I dont use them if I need to say anything I will normally post it here for everyone to see.

Q16. Do you have a Guest Art section?

A16. All the art I get from other artists go on my atlastendojima page here on FA because thats kind of an archive for the art of her.

Q17. How can I contact you?

A17. Email is definitely the best way (thebiggesttnbcfan@gmail.com), as I can access it from everywhere.

I also read my Private Messages (Notes) on FurAffinity, but not frequently (and can't access them from everywhere). So if you have something important or urgent, please send me an email.

Another request: Please don't mix conversations on different platforms (e.g. jumping between Emails and private messages), because that will totally confuse me.
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