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Taija for T Hudgins 2 by TygyOlliWolf
Taija for T Hudgins 2
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Taija for T Hudgins 2 by TygyOlliWolf
Taija for T Hudgins 2
Taija for Tyger by TygyOlliWolf
Taija for Tyger
Pawpets Art Jam - Olli C Wolf Mugshot by TygyOlliWolf
Pawpets Art Jam - Olli C Wolf ...
Katie - Another Drunk Drawing by Me ... by TygyOlliWolf
Katie - Another Drunk Drawing ...
Distractions ... by TygyOlliWolf
Distractions ...
Joe Sniper Habich by TygyOlliWolf
Joe Sniper Habich
Joe Sniper Habich by TygyOlliWolf
Joe Sniper Habich
Original Funday Pawpets Art Jam - Episode 666 - Eyecombing by TygyOlliWolf
Original Funday Pawpets Art Ja...
Pawpets Art Jam - Episode 666 - Eyecombing by TygyOlliWolf
Pawpets Art Jam - Episode 666 ...
Pawpets - Inflation isn't my thing by TygyOlliWolf
Pawpets - Inflation isn't my t...
Olli Copperwolf Megaplex Candy Factory Badge Completed by TygyOlliWolf
Olli Copperwolf Megaplex Candy...
Mutt thinks the steaks are high ... by TygyOlliWolf
Mutt thinks the steaks are hig...
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Alandrian the Lion by TygyOlliWolf
Olli Copperwolf by TygyOlliWolf
Kashakatsu by TygyOlliWolf
This folder contains commissions I have done for people.
18 submissions
Black and White Movie Submission to Pawpets by TygyOlliWolf
Funday Pawpet Broadcasting Network Submission by TygyOlliWolf
These are videos I have edited or fully made using my own resources...
3 submissions
Under the Milky Way by ArityWolf
Under the Milky Way
by ArityWolf
Holiday Preparations by PheagleAdler
Holiday Preparations
New Submission by TygerTheTigerwolf
New Submission
[gift art] track change [sfw] by ArityWolf
[gift art] track change [sfw]
by ArityWolf
Kejento Portrait 2015 v2 by ArityWolf
Kejento Portrait 2015 v2
by ArityWolf
Alex by ZetaHaru
by ZetaHaru
Look at you, hacker... fennec edition by ArityWolf
Look at you, hacker... fennec ...
by ArityWolf
Look at you, hacker... [dragon edition] by ArityWolf
Look at you, hacker... [dragon...
by ArityWolf
Look at you, hacker... by ArityWolf
Look at you, hacker...
by ArityWolf
Comic 008: Glowy by wakewolf
Comic 008: Glowy
by wakewolf
Dragon Sketch 2 by wakewolf
Dragon Sketch 2
by wakewolf
We will survive together by wakewolf
We will survive together
by wakewolf
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I am not an expert artist. I also am in the process of trying to learn Gimp more, however I have mainly used it to layer already existing images. I have a mouse only and do not have a stable surface for it to be on, so that is part of the limitations.

My prices below are just test prices for now and so is me opening for commissions. I'll determine things further on circumstances as I obtain any commissions. Also, by asking for a commission from me, you must pay atleast a portion for me to even begin. When I'm done, I will show a portion, you can pay me the rest, and then get the full image. We can work out any oddities afterwards.

I can do clean or naughty, however I'm not an expert at drawing naughty bits at the moment. ;p I will not do cub or violence. Other things might stand out as they are brought up to me, and for now I can't think of any others until they are mentioned, however I am fairly open to your desired images.

If you want a copy of any prior artwork I have done which was not done for someone else, I would like $8 dollars at minimum for more detailed pieces, and for lesser detailed, $5 at minimum. If you want a signed copy or framed or some other such, let me know, but I will limit the ones I sign of any given piece, and those will require more funds for my time and costs for materials. Otherwise, my prices are as follows :

Art prices:

-Just a small head (about 6" x 4"; basically a badge) and basic coloring : $5
-Full drawing page sized (9" x 12") head : $10
-Partial body not colored : $15
-Full body not colored : $25
-Add a background of your choice : $30
-Anything beyond a smaller sized head drawing with color of any sort is going to be $40 or more depending on how much detail I'll have to add unless it is just a badge drawing. I will do those at $15 - $20.
-Short childrens' book images - I'll determine this based off of the work requested, and currently I am in the test phase for this type of commission a bit more than others.

Any option is payable through Paypal. Just note me if you want something and let me know what it is and I can give you my Paypal information. You can feel free to donate for no reason at all even if you want to help me out if you really want to :)

All artwork, poetry, and stories I do, including personal ones I do for individuals, are copyrighted to me. So, if you place them anywhere after donation or purchase, you are required to give me credit for the work done. I am able to press charges if I find out any of my work has been stolen. I will try to speak with you first before doing so though in case perhaps something was misunderstood or forgotten about with the requirements by you.  Videos and music submissions are meant only to present some of my very basic skills in editing.

If you have any pointers for sales and business, let me know. :)
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3 years, 11 months ago
thanks for the fave
3 years, 11 months ago
Found you :D
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