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Samantha Sierra Skunk by Trainfan1770
Samantha Sierra Skunk
Important notes for using any of my furry anthro characters (Revised)
This policy is made that if you like to use my furry anthro characters, read this revised Important notes policy. Important Notes (revised): - If you like to use my furry anthro characters in your ar...
1 week, 1 day ago
Suggestion ideas for my next story.
Hello everyone, since my first story is successful and has a lot of views. I would like some suggestions and ideas for my next few stories. I do have some ideas but even if I do have some ideas, each ...
1 week, 1 day ago
My first story
https://inkbunny.net/s/2006720 Here's my first story if you like to read that centres one of my furry character. Send me feed back and comment your thoughts
2 weeks, 1 day ago
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A boring day for Samantha Sierra Skunk by Trainfan1770
A boring day for Samantha Sier...
Samantha Sierra Skunk by Trainfan1770
Samantha Sierra Skunk
Felesha The Two-Tail Fox by Trainfan1770
Felesha The Two-Tail Fox
Mittens Harriet Cat by Trainfan1770
Mittens Harriet Cat

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A boring day for Samantha Sierra Skunk by Trainfan1770
Here are some stories that focuses on my furry anthro characters and train characters.
1 submission
Home of artwork, edited photo work, scenes and comics of Trap & Friends and the comic and character scenes with Mittens & Friends. This have many adventures on Northern Nathan as the trains and furries as they go about on their usual daily lives.
 In this page you will find:
 - Comics
 - Scenes with my furry and train characters
- Stories that are miscellaneous listings (I couldn’t put them in other categories or I have different ideas)
 And many more.

 Feel free to visit my user page and look and admire as well as give me feedback.

 Important Notes (revised):
- If you like to use my furry anthro characters in your artwork or comics etc, please ask me for permission before using my characters and credit me when using them.
- If you like to use my furry anthro characters in artworks such as toilet/potty art or anything that is beyond General ratings but not in adult ratings (like mature ratings), please ask me for both my permission and specify me what artwork is appropriate (I can be a little bit suspicious on some mature art).
- I do not like any of my furry anthro characters in artwork or comics that is in adult ratings. However, saucy comedy is fine for me. (On Adult rating comics or artwork, again I’m suspicious on that.)
- If you wish to use my characters on commissions, ask me for permission.

Role Plays are welcome to any of my submissions.
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Fur Affinity
10 hrs, 11 mins ago
Thank you for the watch!
1 week ago
I'm not an artist, I'm a watcher and a role player.
1 week ago
Thank you for being a friend!
2 weeks, 2 days ago
hi, thanks for the friend request, I accepted it
2 weeks, 3 days ago
Maybe while you wait for the PM's you could comment on some of my other drawings, even the potty training T.O.T.S. drawings
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Man, these 10 PMs per hour thing is really annoying
1 month ago
Yea, its like the amount of PMs you can do in an hour. I swear I don't have this much of a problem with others. but then again, our notes do get this much frequency between the amount of time we do it. Really wish it wasn't a thing.  
1 month ago
Well, that sucks, we have to wait to exchange notes after a certain amount of time.
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