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Chapter 8 Surprise Baby! by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 8 Surprise Baby!
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Chapter 8 Surprise Baby! by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 8 Surprise Baby!
Chapter 7 A Change of Tactics by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 7 A Change of Tactics
Chapter 6 Back to The Old Grind by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 6 Back to The Old Grin...
Chapter 5 What to do? by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 5 What to do?
Chapter 4 The First Week by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 4 The First Week
Chapter 3 Roomies by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 3 Roomies
Chapter 2 Something Different by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 2 Something Different
Chapter 1 Enter the Eggman by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 1 Enter the Eggman

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Chapter 1 Enter the Eggman by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 2 Something Different by TheEccentricNomad
Chapter 3 Roomies by TheEccentricNomad
A Little Contract
Eggman is finally giving up his dream of Eggman Land on one condition. Sonic must agree to come live with his ex-enemy for 6 months. Will Sonic be able to survive living with the doctor?
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Hello Reader!

My pen name is Raven, and I am a huge, HUGE Sonic the hedgehog fan!

I originally come from a teeny tiny fanbase, “Wander Over Yonder.” but switched to Sonic after the movie came out, and I fell in love with a “little blue ball of super energy in an extremely handsome package.”

I’m very new to the writing fanfiction scene. I’ve only been a reader until recently when I started coming up with ideas after reading so much Sonic fanfiction. Seriously there is SO MUCH!! Which is a good thing so I can keep obsessing about my SI!

In case it's not obvious, I am female, a Little/ADBL, and autistic. Wow, another neurodiverse writer who’d a thunk it?! I know, right! (She says sarcastically.) I’m very shy, quiet, and polite IRL, but online I’m a Broadway singing an’ dancing feral weirdo! I am an animation artist but mainly focus on illustration and writing aspects. Thus there will always be pictures with my stories; it just depends on the writing platform if they will be posted with the story or not.

All of my stories currently are ABDL-focused. Who knows if that might change in the future, and I only write Sonic fics cause that's what my obsession is presently. So long as I have a steady stream of Sonic content to feed off of, I do not foresee that changing in the future.

Finished stories:

“Sonic’s Small Discovery” feat: Sonic Boom!

Stories currently in progress:

“A Little Contract” feat: Modern Sonic.

Stories to be written:

Shadow turning Sonic into his little baby boy. "Baby Don't Hurt Me"

Metal Sonic helping OVA Sonic realize he is a little. *Title yet to be determined*

Shadow and Sonic get turned into babies and stay with Blaze and Silver. *Title yet to be determined*

Movie Sonic adjusts to living with the Wachowskis. *Title yet to be determined and there will be babying*

Scourge is sent to be rehabilitated (babied) by Sonic and Amy. "I'm The King Baby!"

Sonic (SonicX) is hit by Eggman's de-age ray. *Title yet to be determined*

Sonic is turned into a toddler and Metal Sonic has to care for him. *Title yet to be determined*

A continuation of Sonic’s Small Discovery in one-shots;

Prompts include:

Sonic visits Mom-bot for the weekend.

The team goes for a swim at the local watering hole.

Sonic is sick.

Eggman makes a baby ray, but it doesn't work fully.

Shadow wakes up to find Sonic upset from a nightmare.

Mark the Tapir returns and starts spying/stalking Sonic.

Sonic is depressed.

Sonic the Were-pup (possibly a two-parter).

Knuckles babysits Sonic for the weekend.

I want to do more Little stories on Sonic, Scourge, and Shadow, so I’m always looking for inspiration for fic ideas. If you have any suggestions for the one-shot series, Little Shadow, Little Scourge, Metal babying Sonic, or any suggestions in general, I’m all ears! Just DM, PM, or even leave a comment, and I’ll see what I can do!

Please do not request anything kinky, lewd, or anything of that nature. Aside from some slight cursing and cartoon violence, I like to keep my stories clean so all who are comfortable with Little themes can enjoy them.
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2 weeks ago
Gee thanks! Love your work, I've not seen much mpreg Sonic and your drawings make my heart ache *ouch!* in a good way lol! 😅
2 weeks, 6 days ago
Welcome to Inkbunny!
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