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Previously known as wolfywuff.
Stats joined 2 years, 4 months ago s 7 j 8 v 10,924 v:s 10,221 v:j 703 f 359 w 221 c:g 1,736 c:r 169
Tsune the girly kit by Swiftpaw
Tsune the girly kit
More about labels and "Furry"
"Furry" is a very diverse label, being used by all sorts of animals spanning from those who identify as a species other than their physical body on one side of the spectrum all the way to those who ha...
1 month ago
Yahoo Breaks 3rd-party Messengers - Say Goodbye Forever, Yahoo IM!
It's true, Yahoo is pulling the plug.  Data mining your chats wasn't enough for them, they want you looking at their ads as well, so it's time to say goodbye.  3rd-party messengers such as Pidgin, Tri...
1 month, 1 week ago
From Transsexual to Transspecies...Transspecial?
The term "Were" from ye olden times, and the terms "Therian", "Otherkin", and "Furry", have been used to label those who identify as a species other than their physical body, label those who are fans ...
1 month, 1 week ago
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Tsune the girly kit by Swiftpaw
Tsune the girly kit
...Ah? by Yuguni
by Yuguni
UnderTesla (by Mikita - Undertale SPOILERS!) by SimonTesla
UnderTesla (by Mikita - Undert...
my little secret (commission) by furrychrome
my little secret (commission)
Bronco [Diaper] by MooneStone
Bronco [Diaper]
Ben [Diaper] by MooneStone
Ben [Diaper]
Slam Dump [Diaper] by MooneStone
Slam Dump [Diaper]
Kar [Diaper] by MooneStone
Kar [Diaper]
Jacob Behind the Scenes [Diaper] by MooneStone
Jacob Behind the Scenes [Diape...
Tyke enters the Game [Diaper] by MooneStone
Tyke enters the Game [Diaper]
Crinkle Cuddle [Diaper] by MooneStone
Crinkle Cuddle [Diaper]
Such Relief! by YuniWusky
Such Relief!
by YuniWusky
Cubby Me by Familliar
Cubby Me
by Familliar
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Fursuit and plushie videos for your viewing pleasure:
cum: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/11795283
pee: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/11795282
poo: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/11795286

Cub Yiff:  I was five when I first did yiffy things.  It was so nice and fun to share with cousins, friends, and mates/packmates.  Sadly, many think that those wonderful things I knew and know are fun, nice, and good, are worse than murder.  Most websites do not allow the idea of young animals yiffing while at the same time allowing the most horrible acts of hatred, torture, rape, and murder.  I'm appalled by this completely backwards state of sexuality and morality, among several others, that are held by many humans.  The topic of sexuality is one of the several common reasons those who feel non-human inside are proud not to be a part of most human societies, at least in spirit.  As such I've decided to speak out against all the anti-yiff hatred including anti-cub-yiff hatred.  When cubs want to yiff, and it is safe for them to do so, and isn't hurting anyone in any way, mentally or physically, it should be allowed, because it's good.  Good animals who haven't hurt anyone should not be punished.  When they are it's a sign of a broken justice system.

Searching for nice fursuit makers who make correct/realistic/natural suits.  Many makers freak out when you ask about making your genitals.  Perhaps they think that genital-less animals are commonplace.  Maybe they've been watching too much Disney, and need to look between their legs for a refresher?  ^>.>^

I'm searching for someone who was known as Razorwolf as well as Miles Middleton, from Burleson TX who resides in California currently.  If anyone has any information, or if you're reading this Razor, please message me.


If you're just wanting to cum, do not message me. However, if you're nice and wanting to potentially make a real friend, packmate, or mate, feel free to message me. I only use IM for that, not for just cumming with someone. Being a horndog, or not, is all fine and good as long as you're nice. Real love and kindness towards other animals must be at the top of your priorities. Sex is not what really matters, it's just something to share for fun, expressing affection, bonding, or making pups.

I'm a pansexual/bisexual polyamorous pro-yiff anti-rape pro-peace anti-meanness wolf searching for other nice animals, preferably non-human inside or out. That is my main preference since there are so many more similarities, interests, attractions, and connections with other wolves, canines, and other species that it is easier to relate to and get along with them. Not to mention a lot of humans especially are elitist assholes towards non-humans and have major issues in their heads and hearts. Ultimately, however, what matters is love and kindness, and species doesn't matter with that, so nice humans are good too. I want to help, share, and love others if they are nice and loving too, regardless of species.

If you don't understand the above paragraph and, for you, "furry" means characters and role-playing and it's all a game, know that for many it's not a game or role-playing.  For us, it's who we are inside and is our identity and emotions.  We didn't choose a species, we discovered the word for the label which described ourselves.  Some choose to abandon the term "furry" altogether and instead use terms like "otherkin", or "therian", or "were", but since there are those who use all of these different terms, including "furry", to describe a physical human who feels non-human inside, until better terminology is used, it will stay a confusing mess.

I like many species, mostly mammals. I like most of the things that most other wolves also enjoy including many scents such as musk, cum, and pee. Marking is soooo nice! Love snuggling in general, mounting, licking tailholes and licking in general. Since I find many non-human species attractive I also find representations of them attractive to various degrees including plushies, artwork, fursuits, etc.  Dealing with the mess can sometimes be annoying, and I can certainly understand others not caring for it, but I also enjoy scat play and find certain aspects about it nice in many of the same ways marking can be, like the intimacy, warmth, and relief.
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Tox, the only 100% secure messenger, https://tox.chat (Message me for my ID)
4 days, 23 hrs ago
thanks for the watch! *hugs* x3
6 days, 20 hrs ago
Thanks for the watch, Im glad you like My art ^^
1 week, 4 days ago
Yay we're friends again!
2 weeks, 1 day ago
Thank you very much for the favorite!!
3 weeks, 1 day ago
*licks your face*
2 months ago
Thanks for the fav!
7 months ago
Thanks for the Watch n Favs :3
8 months ago
Thank you for the watch =D
8 months ago
Thanks a ton fur the watch and the faves! :D
10 months ago
thanks kindly for the faves and watch! I appreciate it a lot <3
10 months, 3 weeks ago
Awrf Awooooo! Thanks for the favs and Watches.
10 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for all the faves and for watching!
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