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Previously known as wolfywuff.
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Tsune the girly kit by Swiftpaw
Tsune the girly kit
The MIDDLE 60% of Americans now hold less wealth than the top 1%
Several other horrible stats in here too: Kyle FLOORED By Stunning New Fact About The Rich | The Kyle Kulinski Show ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up_uJh4QI18 ) Another stat from a while back: th...
1 week, 4 days ago
Why is no one talking about the National General Strike scheduled for Friday Oct. 15th?
https://www.octoberstrike.com/ You'll never have the perfect set of demands that everyone agrees with, but a bunch of policies that are generally needed is a good start, and you have to start somewhe...
1 week, 6 days ago
Why I've banned/blocked certain accounts, & why we should promote good ideas and not bad ones
If someone favorites mean content, I ban+block those accounts for the following reasons: 1. Evil ideas are evil.  "But evil ideas are just ideas, so are fantasy, and you're not against movies/books/g...
2 weeks, 2 days ago
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Tsune the girly kit by Swiftpaw
Tsune the girly kit
Wolf PCL by Franntec
Wolf PCL
by Franntec
Todd's Bowling Fun (Christaphorac) by PedoCoon
Todd's Bowling Fun (Christapho...
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[Innocent question], right? by Krayton
[Innocent question], right?
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A Day in the Diaper of Fwo Page 3 by OverFlo207
A Day in the Diaper of Fwo Pag...
snuggled up in bed ^w^ by Bluey
snuggled up in bed ^w^
by Bluey
Bun-Bun's summer treat (Corgz) by PedoCoon
Bun-Bun's summer treat (Corgz)
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Shittin out the Tunes (Bastion) by PedoCoon
Shittin out the Tunes (Bastion...
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[comm] bun-bun has a piss at the theater by leglegleg
[comm] bun-bun has a piss at t...
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Bob Ballet by AshleyFoxKit
Bob Ballet
Bun-Bun's YouTube Time (kKitten) by PedoCoon
Bun-Bun's YouTube Time (kKitte...
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Lovey Cubs (SafrazMouse) by PedoCoon
Lovey Cubs (SafrazMouse)
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Cub, Non-human, and Yiff/Sex Rights/Positivity:  I'm for the legalization and protecting the rights of all animals yiffing with one another as long as it's safe and happy for everyone, regardless of species, age, gender, or any other traits.  When harmless yiff is illegal, it's not safe, and that creates many problems.  I was five years old when I first did yiffy things.  It was so nice and fun to share with cousins, friends, and mates.  Sadly, many think that those wonderful things I knew and know are fun, nice, and good, are equated with rape or worse.  Most websites do not allow the idea of young animals yiffing while at the same time allowing the most horrible acts of hatred, torture, rape, and murder.  I'm appalled by this completely backwards state of sexuality and morality, among several others, that are typically held by many humans.  The topic of sexual freedom is a common reason many show affection towards and give praise to furries, and one more reason many furries feel ostracized by human societies.  As such I've decided to speak out against all the anti-yiff hatred including anti-cub-yiff hatred.  When cubs and anyone else want to yiff, and it is safe for them to do so, and isn't hurting anyone in any way, mentally or physically, it should be allowed, because yiff is good.  Animals who haven't hurt anyone should not be punished.  When they are, it's a sign of a very broken justice system.  Not only are they often punished, but this can lead to death and suicide as well for those involved.  The demonization and criminalization of good yiffy fun and nudity is the cause of most of the rape, slavery/trafficking, and worse.  It's been proven that legalizing yiff more in a country decreases rape while criminalizing it increases rape.  The war on yiff is harmful just as the war on drugs is.  I empathize with anyone who actually cares about cubs being protected, I do too, but that reason is why they think that stopping cubs from sharing yiff is justified because they think making all cub yiff illegal is the only way to stop rape.  This is extremely wrong and is counter-productive and unjust for the reasons I just described.  Pedosexual adults not having a safe way to yiff with cubs is the main reason rape and worse sometimes happens to cubs, and cubs should not be punished for sharing good yiffy fun, nor should anyone else.  Stop the death, punishment, suicide, and suffering of innocent animals merely for sharing loving fun!  Everyone needs to work to overturn anti-yiff laws and to decrease the demonization of harmless yiffy fun while also pushing for legal improvements of the treatment of rapists to decrease recidivism for them (and again, doing the former things will drastically help with the latter).

Contacting Me: If you're just wanting to cum and nothing more than that, don't bother.  I don't wish to spend time on those who have zero interest in potentially becoming friends or mates.  While I have nothing against just playing, I usually don't have time for just that and would rather play with and get to know others who are open to developing love.  So if you want to cum (or not) AND you're nice and wanting to potentially make a real friend or mate, feel free to message me.  Ultimately all that really matters to me is love!

About Me: I'm a pansexual/bisexual polyamorous/polygamous pro-yiff anti-rape pro-peace anti-meanness yiffy pedophile teleiophile zoophile male wolf furry/therian/were/otherkin searching for nice animals!  Or to put things another way, I'm open to sharing love and yiff with everyone!  I relate to other furries/therians/weres/otherkin the most being one myself, but the most important thing to me is caring about and loving others.

About Furries/Therians/Weres/Otherkin:  Since some may not agree on definitions, I feel emotionally and identify as a wolf.  It's not a game or role-playing to me.  The pictures of me and my pack aren't our "characters", they're us.  That is who we are inside, our identity and emotions.  We didn't choose a species, we discovered the word for the label which identified ourselves.  I've been involved in these four communities once I got access to the Internet, and each of them include those like myself who identify as non-human as well as those who don't, so these labels aren't too helpful sometimes.  Some Native Americans call it being two-spirited.

My Likes: I like many species, mostly mammals, but I like everyone who is nice regardless of species! ^n.n^  I like most of the things that most other wolves also enjoy including many scents such as musk, cum, and pee. Marking is soooo nice!  Love snuggling, mounting, licking tailholes and licking in general. Since I find many non-human species attractive I also find representations of them attractive to various degrees including plushies, artwork, fursuits, etc.  I love it when everyone of all species, ages, genders, relationships, etc all share love and yiff, so I not only believe that's what's right from a moral perspective, but it makes my wuffcock throb too!  Dealing with the mess can sometimes be annoying, and I can certainly understand others not caring for it, but I also enjoy scat play and find certain aspects about it nice in many of the same ways marking can be, like the intimacy, warmth, and relief.

Fursuit and plushie videos for your viewing pleasure:
Cum weblink and magnet
Pee weblink and magnet
Poo weblink and magnet

If anyone knows any Peertube or Mastodon-like sites that allow larger videos to be shared so I can share my fursuit videos there, let me know!  (Not Google-based, not Telegram-based, i.e. nothing that spies on you.)

Links and Contact Details
Tox, the most secure messenger I know of: https://tox.chat
2 weeks, 4 days ago
I love public nudity and sex with anyone, kids or animals alike~ glad to see more folks like me who believe in the same things!
3 weeks, 4 days ago
*snuggles* ^_^
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Love the gallery and such pupper! Would love to chat sometime!~
1 month, 3 weeks ago
3 months ago
Huh, I feel like I remember some fursuit pee videos from you on Xtube years ago, are you the same guy? o:
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Thank you for the watch! 💖
6 months, 1 week ago
What?! You had sexy fun at that age?! Lucky!
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Awws, why gosh and glee Swifty', ain'tcha just purrfect, you pawsome pup aye; 👍
- I also tho' firstly and foremost friskily this wee mornin', took a gander and look unto your murrsuit vids, [...] and they're just, ah wowie wowza, absolutely incredible, *huff*, mrawr indeed..! 👌
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Hiya Swift', just wanna let'cha know that at whilst and at-about browsing, I keeps finding feedback from you on a buncha stuffs and arts I enjoy, whereas you're quite "pawsome" therefore, wherein for which I truly like reading your comments every now 'n' there; they're also really hot and horny ofc, so it's as frisky as it is fun, to read your wordisome veers and writtenness, *huff*, you yiffy doggie u..! ;3

So just take this as an means of me sayin' hewwo and hi, ahem, and that your furried presence is well appreciated whenst wherever I happens to find ya! ^.=.~
6 months, 3 weeks ago
Thank you very much for watching >w<
7 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for watching :3
7 months, 4 weeks ago
arf arf! wiggles and pants
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