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Cats made of sugar. by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Cats made of sugar.
Art dump and bulk uploads
Just letting you all know this is a varied art dump brought by FurAffinity, and also a reason why some of these could be in Bulk Uploads instead. They will be like how they are, and from now on, they ...
1 year, 8 months ago
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Cats made of sugar. by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Cats made of sugar.
Natasha and Angelina in an moment by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Natasha and Angelina in an mom...
The Goddesses that created life by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
The Goddesses that created lif...
Beach Party! by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Beach Party!
Bikinis and Paws <3 by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Bikinis and Paws <3
Hugs by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Tiger Siblings, Unite! by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Tiger Siblings, Unite!

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Natasha and Angelina in an moment by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
The Goddesses that created life by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Beach Party! by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
My Original Characters
Pictures with my own characters in it.
45 submissions
Beach Party! by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Bikinis and Paws <3 by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Hugs by SourceFilmmakerAmateur
Old Uploads
142 submissions
Toriel Feet by 3rdHarleyJoe
Toriel Feet
Dreamtale : Post-Pacifist Undertale Fan Game by Kourii
Dreamtale : Post-Pacifist Unde...
by Kourii
Asriel's Tickle Time by ShotaPawp
Asriel's Tickle Time
by ShotaPawp
Toriel Mask by jenfoxworth
Toriel Mask
Goat mom demands your coffee! by Elmont
Goat mom demands your coffee!
by Elmont
Yoga by creatiffy
by creatiffy
Yoga by creatiffy
by creatiffy
Underfell Toriel by Thatonedudewhodraws
Underfell Toriel
Our Little Angel by Cattohato
Our Little Angel
by Cattohato
Dreemurr by Cattohato
by Cattohato
Commission - Goat Family by Wolfgerlion64
Commission - Goat Family
Toriel finds a... snail? by lumineko
Toriel finds a... snail?
by lumineko
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However.... Creepy comments: creepycommentswelcome  creepycommentswelcome. It's simple: I have created a story and in overall a LORE, however, my characters are mostly in pornographic pictures, so there is no need to be affraid of saying them out loud, even if you are being completely stupid, which most are, or creative.

My name, profession and likeness for the furry fandom:
Greetings, My name is Patrick Gainher, as stated on my profile name. I am 20 years old, atheist and agnostic, anarcho-captalist, currently studying Computer Science. I always have liked a lot the computers, also was curious to know how they worked, so I enroled into an university, to also know more of the great IT universe, that is growing each year, I would risk to say.
I don't consider myself a furry! I am just fond of anthropomorphic animals.
My Characters:
Angelina Onyx:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - She is, basically put, the representation of the... 'benevolent being', as most people could call, a parody of the Judaico-christian god. Even if she is supposed to be benevolent, it doesn't make her a fool, or 100% good. We all know there isn't a being who is 100% evil or good, so I decided to make something that could be more adult-oriented, by giving specific traits at the personality, such as: Tolerant for most part, usually friendly and caring, cruel with who has chose to be 'punished', sometimes sadistic, and a believer of personal freedom and a theocratical miniarchy. She is the one who commands Heaven, and administers everything that so occurs there. She has a cleric league, composed of 2 leaders and 6 saints. She appreciates respect, as it builds a trustwrothy relation, and this respect must come in terms with a non-agression principle. Being a goddess, however, she does never fail to rightfully choose whoever must come to Heaven, as a series of requierments need to be respected. She does not condemn people to Hell, as this is a task for another character instead. Sometimes, she might get annoyed by people who chose bad ways throught their life and she is a believer of a right punishment, as a form of deep disapointment. Highly uneathical, but she claims the ethics must be carefully seen before being broken. CURIOSITY - she is made of matter.
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - None in particular, as she underwent through different types of anatomies, and is a shape and age shifter. She has the oportunity to change herself completely, and even her gender. Although, shown in the pictures, she is a blond yellow cat, with angel wings and a halo, and is 16,000,000,000 years old. She stays naked during 95% of the time. 16 meters tall.
[SEXUAL] - Pansexual. She is turned on by mostly romantic (not melodramatic!) stimulation, and is the dominant person. Sometimes, she abuses a little bit, although she does not crate a rape scenario, unless for a proper motivation against someone she wants to fool (being a person with bad intentions, that is). She likes titfucking, and vaginal sex in specific.
Natasha Onyx:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - The antagonistic version of Angelina, basically put. Although, what needs to be understand is that she isn't completely 100% evil, neither arrogant, and stupid. She is supposed to be mischevious, untrustworthy and a liar, also manipulative woman. As such, when she approaches or is approached by some unaware person, she might trick such into believing her lies. Her role in Hell is supreme leader, as we would like to put. She is a vitalicious ruler, and thus all the powers there are centered around her, almost like a dictatorship. Although, to keep her mafia up and running, she gives the alusion of having powers such as a legislative, juridicial and executive powers, which are filled with corrupt power, running only with bribery and an inmense bureaucracy. Although the propaganda states differently, and roles are given to people that are chosen to go to Hell, depending on their maliciousness, which are all that Natasha decides. She has a great fond for the most cruel rulers and people that commit genocide and crimes against humanity, as she reserves a spot for them to continue their terror regime, rather than a severe punishment, and thus, having no justice given. Although she does like also to make them believe they are the ones in command, and again, given the illusion of a choice. She, as stated, likes being mischevious and cunning, resorting to questionable means to get her satisfaction, manipulating others. CURIOSITY - She is made of antimatter. Here we see the 'matter and antimatter clash', something I think it could fit in a sense of religious fiction, and something I am working on to mix science and religion onto this story. Making it beliavable.
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - As well none in particular, also being a gender and shape shifter like Angelina. She usually appears as a red cat with purple hair, devil wings and horns, and has the same height and age (16,000,000,000 years and 16 meters respectively). They are the same person, but completely different. 16 meters tall.
[SEXUAL] - Pansexual. She is the dominant partner and highly enjoys suffering and humiliation. Rape is her favorite fetish, being the rapist. She is always Dominant, like Angelina. Eventually is romanic for cunning reasons, and she enjoys mostly the same stuff Angelina does.
Wolfgang Steel:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - The "Third God" of the story. His personality is still under construction!
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - Apperas as a gray manly cat, with dark gray hair, gray eyes, and a static expression for most time. He is 16,000,000,000 years old, and 16 meters, the same height as the goddesses.
[SEXUAL] - Straight. Oddly enough for a god. No apparent fetishes.
Blaine Onyx:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - Blaine is one of the two angels that Angelina has breed herself, and Kendra's half. He is responsable for commanding the defensive forces in Heaven, as well being the head angel for the Polis in Heaven. His powers are, much like Kendra, focused in psychic might and strenght, a lot of times used in combat. He fancies sword fighting and wrestling. He is generally a lighthearted person, that likes to spend time studying with Angelina, and practicing his psychic powers. He loves his sister Kendra and his mother Angelina, so much that he even spends some time playing with them, sexually speaking. It is very often that Blaine and Kendra to spend time alone, and even sometimes they have Lillith, Natasha and or Wolfgang to join. A real fuckfest, technically speaking. Also he doesn't hesitate to painfully torture his enemies, much like Angelina.
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - Like every god-like character, he has no physical form, but he appears as a yellow cat (very, very little darker than Angelina), slightly shorter than her as well, blond hair with gray eyes, and is 7,200,000 years old. He is pretty much stays naked like Angelina and Kendra during 95% of the time. 12 meters tall.
[SEXUAL] - Bisexual. High prefference for females. Has fetishes much like Angelina.
Kendra Onyx:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - Kendra is the second child of Angelina, and the sister of Blaine. She's responsable for being an overseer of Heaven, noticing things that need attention with anything imaginable, as well as taking part of the economy and market in Heaven. Much unlike Blaine, she doesn't spend much time studying like Blaine, however she finds other ways to always enrich her mind as well. Angelina like to make campany for her, always looking for the best to guide her when necessary. She loves her brother Blaine and mother Angelina, that, like mentioned before have sex often. Lillith, Natasha and Wolfgang join too.
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - Like every god-like character, she has no physical form, but she appears as a orange cat, slightly shorter than Angelina, ginger hair with emerald green eyes, and is 7,200,000 years old and 12 meters tall. She stays pretty much naked like Angelina and Blaine during 95% of the time.
[SEXUAL] - Bisexual. High prefference for males. Has fetishes much like Angelina.
Lillith Onyx:
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - Lillith is basically Natasha's child and her right hand woman. She was bred around the same moment Blaine and Kendra were. She is responsable on working at the bureaucracy, being the general of Hell's armies, and taking some responsabilities alongside Natasha. She is inteligent, cold and calculist, rather seeing pleasure at others' disgrace. She doesn't feel bad about cheating other people's confidence and crushing their deepest wishes. However, she enjoys playing with her mother quite often, and also crossing borders into Heaven and Limbo to have some fun with Blaine, Kendra, Wolfgang and also Angelina.
[PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION] - Much like other characters, she has no physical form, but rather appears as a red blood devilish cat, with black hair, black eyes, and is shorter than Natasha with her 12 meters, and is 7,200,000 years old. Naked during 95% of the time.
[SEXUAL] - Bisexual. No preference. Has fetishes much like Natasha.
Saskatoon Ikunuvik Santkitankni (ᓴᔅᑲᑐᓐ ᐃᑯᓄᕕᒃ ᓴᓐᑦᑭᑕᓐᒃᓂ in Inuit Language) and Regina Kukklitaat Santkitankni (ᕋᒋᓇ ᑯᒃᒃᓕᑖᑦ ᓴᓐᑦᑭᑕᓐᒃᓂ in Inuit language):
[PERSONALITY AND TRAITS] - Saskatoon and Regina are siblings which come from far away, and often visit our planet. They come from a society that could be considered for us, highly offensive in some aspects, although, their society works very well compared to the rule we have here: They have an appropriate education system, low aggression rates between one animal to another, And a believable role model. Saskatoon is rough and most of the time, insensitive to others' feelings, a trait he earned from the society, and Regina does have a personality very much likely to him as well, although she seems to be less of a brute and more rational. N
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