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I'm not a superhero. I don't have armor which can protect me from any kind of
bodily harm, I don't wield near enough strength and power to destroy buildings,
I don't fly amazing futuristic ships in heated space dogfights. I don't have the
ability to change into my true form at will. And I certainly don't have the
opportunity to form beautiful romantic relationships with the creatures that
zoosexuals and furries only dare to dream about...

But I'd sure love you to believe it.

Hey all, I'm Skorpion-DX, creator and author of 'The X-Hunters', writing and drawing is a passion of mine plus I have a big interest in science fiction, dolphins have always fascinated me, they're amazing intelligent animals, I study dolphins a lot, (at the moment books and the internet is all I have to study them) years ago I didn't know much about dolphins as to what I know about them now, I learned so much from other writers, artists, books, the net, even just writing and drawing about dolphins I still take an interest on what they are like in the real world not on a piece of paper or a Word Document, my dream is to work with them on a daily basis, I'm going to accomplish that goal, it's gonna be hard but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. The X-Hunters over the years have been long forgotten, but not today, I've decided to recommence the stories and for you readers and writers and artists to read them once again, I stumbled on them hidden in a lone file deep within my laptop which all this time I never knew was there, I've done some changes and edits, I re-read every chapter 1-15, 16 still isn't finished yet but I hope to finish it, as I was saying I've re-read every chapter, fixed every spelling and grammar mistake, re-typed a few chapters, they're the same just a different format, added a few tweaks here and there, more chapters of the X-Hunters will be posted soon, some will be different, just all the spelling and grammar is all updated and fixed. I also have a big interest in science-fiction as mentioned above, from movies to TV shows to my all time favorite Xbox game Halo, is what gave me the ideas to write the X-Hunters to combine dolphin to science fiction.

X-Hunters Series Summary:
A fantastic, thrilling, adventurous, sic-fi, sexual story series featuring Skorpion Delphinix X as the main character, told from a first-person perspective. Taking place in a science-fiction based theme, it combines elements from games such as Megaman, Descent: Freespace, Halo and EVE: Online, movies such as Titan AE and Equilibrium. A war which has been raging for millennia between several races over dominance of the galaxy becomes the burden of yours truly, who has to lead a team of soldiers through mission after mission in the hopes of turning the tides of the war in their favor. However, his greatest battle lies within his own mind and heart, about who he is and where he belongs.

About Myself:
My real name is Chris, I'm currently 24 years old, I currently work in warehousing and operate forklifts for a large company. My hobbies that are a passion of mine are gaming (PS4, Xbox one and Xbox 360), I have a passion for the Halo universe I have every Halo game as well as all the novels and heaps of Halo memorabilia, in my spare time I draw and write stories, as art and literature is another passion of mine, I also have a passion on working on my car, I'm great in electronics and auto-electrical as well as automotive.
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