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Little Sammy by SimplySammy
Little Sammy
My Art
‌Well, as it stands now, I do not have access to a scanner or a computer with a tablet. So for now I have to take pics of my work and then post it. Sorry about that everyone. But we will see if we can...
7 months, 2 weeks ago
Audio File: 1sf1 Kim
‌COMPUTER: ///INITIATINGE TO PLAY///... (Silence) Sammy:*Whimpers nervously* Control, do we have to do these session? They kind of scare Sammy. (Silent for a bit longer and a male voice comes in) ‌Co...
7 months, 3 weeks ago
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Little Sammy by SimplySammy
Little Sammy
Foxy Attack!!! by SimplySammy
Foxy Attack!!!
Curious Fox by SimplySammy
Curious Fox
Tails Hard At Work by SimplySammy
Tails Hard At Work
Luanne and Friend by SimplySammy
Luanne and Friend
Dragon by SimplySammy
Ghost'N'Stuff by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #5!!! by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #5!!!
Old Stuff Bonanza #4!!! by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #4!!!
Old Stuff Bonanza #3!!! by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #3!!!
Old Stuff Bonanza #2!!! by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #2!!!
Old Stuff Bonanza #1!!! by SimplySammy
Old Stuff Bonanza #1!!!
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The tea party by pandapaco
The tea party
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You're the Father by MarsMiner
You're the Father
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Sister by DAGASI
Little Tails 9 - Page 52 by bbmbbf
Little Tails 9 - Page 52
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Yes, you did sign up for this. Says so in the fine print... by Bitterjackal
Yes, you did sign up for this....
[C] DemonSouLz by Nurinaki
[C] DemonSouLz
by Nurinaki
Caught Changing by Mancoin
Caught Changing
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Commission 26 by KukkiisArt
Commission 26
*C*_Maid Samourin by Fuf
*C*_Maid Samourin
by Fuf
Commission for Ruffy by YuniWusky
Commission for Ruffy
by YuniWusky
[Commission] Summer time by Bunnybits
[Commission] Summer time
by Bunnybits
Bear Nun by Carrot
Bear Nun
by Carrot
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HI earthlings I'm Sammy the morphling from my home world way outside of your own galaxy. I came here to your planet in an effort to research, explore, and experiment with you species here on earth! I do love running tests <3. I find your culture most intriguing and I do care to observe your customs here. Like what foods you eat, what type emotions you feel, and how you all coexist. So far I find this "pizza" most delectable and gooie, kind of like myself. So if you wish to help show Sammy "the ropes," please do so! Sammy loves to learn.

(OOC) About Me and Sammy:
Hey and welcome to my little corner of the web. Sammy is what I guess you would call my "fursona," but with out truely being a furry. He is an alien/ooz/morphling  and is very similar to what Chaos (from Sonic the Hedgehog in style and looks). But "he" makes an effort to fit in with earth and its inhabitants and often he will default his form to a young raccoon boy. I apologies for not having a ref pic as to what he looks like, because I am a card carrying member of the "legion of broke ass furs." XD hah. So if that dentures you from wanting to talk or interact with me, it's probably for the better anyways :p. But I am very kind hearted and love to chat with others and in turn so does Sammy. So if you want to talk and all that other stuff, just hit me up (or Sammy if you prefer his company more so.) Sammy also refers to himself in the third person too. :)

So bottom line, Sammy is a child and an alien. Sammy is ignorent to many things and sometimes needs things explained to him. How you explain it is entirely up to you.

Sammy: This is the font and color Sammy uses when he speaks.
Control: This is the font and color that Control uses when they speak.
Me: This is the font and color I use when I speak out of character.
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7 months, 1 week ago
Thank U 4 the favs + watch!
**sends u milk & cookies** <3
7 months, 2 weeks ago
you're welcome ^_^
7 months, 3 weeks ago
thx for the watch^^
7 months, 3 weeks ago
7 months, 4 weeks ago
hehe ^_^ *hugs* It's hard to express how gaining a new watcher feels, particularly from a new account. I'm glad you're here.
8 months ago
Welcome, and thankies ^_^
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