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Hello everyone, just your friendly regular panda here! I'm not exactly an artist yet, but soon enough I will be! For now I enjoy writing and music, and I love to talk, hug, and make friends!

Character bio
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Height: ~6'5"
Weight: 265 lb.
Race: Panda
Name: haruto tsukino (mostly referred to as Haru)
Eye color: left is crimson red, right is light blue
Fur color: normal black and white, but left eye has black patch while right is plain white patch
chest is black beside the white paw, which is the same color as the arm, back is reversed (back is white until the black arm)
Left paw has black fur while right is white, feet are reversed (right is black, left is white)
Long black coat (basically a trenchcoat) with red inside, golden yellow buttons
Black shorts
Shoes (when wearing them) are black
Battle clothing/armor:
casual fighting: Haru will wear his trenchcoat along with black tattered jeans
serious fights: Haru will wear black gloves and steel-toed black boots and will still wear the trenchcoat, along with his custom-made "Shackles of the soul", or his knives that can be manipulated easier when he is wearing the gloves
unique qualities: Haru has three sides or personalities, as brought out by the two differently colored eyes he possesses. His regular side and his two split personalities.
(One I have in common with Haru) big sucker for card games (cardfight!! Vanguard, future card buddyfight,yu-gi-oh! And on some occasions magic the gathering)
Red eye's sealed entity:
Name: Akui no shihai(japanese: dominance of malice)
Race: Demon of accumulated hatred, anger, and malice
How to Trigger: Whenever Haru gets angry, his red eye will begin to glow; yet when he is pushed over the edge, such as by being caught in a hostile situation and being pushed over the edge by someone or otherwise, the eye will glow to the point where everything around Haru becomes a black shadow, turning him into Akui no shihai, who will then seek the object of his rage and attempt to destroy it before retreating back to Haru which oftentimes causes him to become weak and fall to his knees and leak a black liquid from the side of his mouth before recovering.

Blue eye's sealed entity:
Name: Sukuinushi no shōdō (japanese: savior's urge )
Race: embodiment of peace
How to trigger: When Haru sees someone trapped in a bad situation (hurt, trapped, threatened, captive or otherwise) He will always attempt to help, but if he realizes there is nothing he can do, his blue eye will begin to glow, when Haru fully accepts the point that he cannot help on his own, the blue eye will emit it's blue glow and surround Haru in a soft white light that will transform him into Sukuinushi no shōdō. He will then do all in his powers to help the person until he cannot do any more, and will then revert back into Haru, where oftentimes he will pass out due to overstraining himself

Somewhat more advanced bio:
---The quick essentials

---Character Name
Haruto Tsukino

--Physical and/or personally identified gender



---General info about your character
Haru is a generally outgoing panda who is a mostly magic user, but found a way to mix magic and fighting and is constantly looking for things to do. He likes having friendships, but never rushes relationships. he is usually dramatic unless he is with friends or family, where he is more comical.
---Character Description
--Detailed overall description of the character
--Personality, behaviour and the way the character thinks
Haru has three personalities. his own, and the two sealed in his eyes.
Haru himself is outgoing, confident, and fun.
Haru's red eye's personality only comes out when he is in pain or facing an enemy where his hatred is brought out. it manifests itself as a black mist that rushes in and surrounds him, turning him into a demon-like shadowy form. after this happens, he will seek the object of his rage and attempt to destroy it. after, he will become normal, but pass out while leaking a mixture of the black mist and some blood from his mouth.
Haru's blue eye's personality is one that only comes out when his friends or someone he wants to protect is in danger. Haru will be surrounded by a white light and will be covered in it while still being identifiable as himself, but will try to save anyone he can from the danger that brought it out.

--Things the character especially likes or dislikes

friends, music, games, anime

Hatred, betrayal, liars, traitors, criminals

--History of the character History in Short:
When Haru was young, his family was usually always busy. his life became more interesting yet dangerous when he was in his early teens where he found a way to mix magic and his fighting arts. now he uses it to protect his friends and provide entertainment, but will use it to fight when need be.

Haru comes from a quiet village in a quaint oriental setting where he lived a peaceful and quiet life among some friends and family.

Haru is a 6'4 panda with crimson red and light blue eyes. he is split between the white and black of a regular panda. his head, when looking directly at him from the front, is black to the nose on the right side, and the eye there is blue. the rest of his face is white, with the eye being red. his torso is white in the front with his left arm being black down to the paw which is white. his right arm is white with a black paw. his legs are both black, with his left paw being black whereas the right is white. his tail is black. his back is the reverse (torso is black)
when he is not wearing the coat over it, Haru usually can be seen wearing a black shirt with a pair of red and black shorts and or blackened jeans with black shoes (guess my favorite colors?)
usually always wears a long black coat with red inside it
sometimes wears gloves when in a fight
he also wields (controls really, they float) several magic knives which are imbued with the elements, which are used by him and aided by the gloves he will wear. he also wields a large crescent scythe.

---Sexual info about, and characteristics of, your character

--Likes dislikes and special sexual interests

cuddling, kissing, fondling, licking, rubbing, spooning
Gore, scat, sounding, torture
Sizeplay, paws, inflation, feeding/gaining, light vore (no blood, dismemberment/death), docking
bisexual, though prefers men more

rather large/wide/fat (whatever word you use to describe) penis and testes, he is a bear after all
he is uncut, his sac is white, and the penis itself is human

---Sexual Description
Haru can be rather forceful when he is taking part in sexual activity after a while. this usually includes taking the part of the dominant one and using whatever part of his partner he sees fit
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