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Tonza and Vilvi Commission by Shayla06
Tonza and Vilvi Commission
Full Fursuit Raffle!
https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=79354 Fursuit Raffle! Spread the word! A fullsuit for dollar donations to help a sick fur-maker get some meds? Come on peeps. Help out.
4 years, 4 months ago
So I'm new here...
But I've been on FurAffinity for quite a while. So forgive me while I spam the boards with new artwork as I transfer everything over. >.=.> As a general ad, I sell art and am willing to draw ANYTHING...
5 years, 2 months ago
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Tonza and Vilvi Commission by Shayla06
Tonza and Vilvi Commission
Darjeet Book Cover Commission for Kakiookami by Shayla06
Darjeet Book Cover Commission ...
Album Art Commission by Shayla06
Album Art Commission
Tribal Tattoo Commission by Hellishwolf5 by Shayla06
Tribal Tattoo Commission by He...
Commission for Myrilla by Shayla06
Commission for Myrilla
Subeta Pet and Item Samples by Shayla06
Subeta Pet and Item Samples
Chibi Dump by Shayla06
Chibi Dump
Oklacon Example Badges by Shayla06
Oklacon Example Badges
TonZa at the Bar by Shayla06
TonZa at the Bar
Buttons! by Shayla06
Wolfie the Werewolf - Pre-Con Badge Commission by Shayla06
Wolfie the Werewolf - Pre-Con ...
Icon Commission for Kaoru Kagomura by Shayla06
Icon Commission for Kaoru Kago...
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Pokemon X Y by Charln
Pokemon X Y
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Fenniken by Snofu
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Everyone's Gone To AC by MaxDeGroot
Everyone's Gone To AC
The Eeveelution Solution by Hatii
The Eeveelution Solution
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Eeveelutions (and Eevee)  by gaiarage
Eeveelutions (and Eevee)
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Eevee by MsKtty89
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Eevee by LostWolfSpirit
Eevee by MsKtty89
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Shiny Eevee by MsKtty89
Shiny Eevee
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PKMN: Eeveelutions  by sssonic2
PKMN: Eeveelutions
by sssonic2
Eevee will walk 500 miles by MsKtty89
Eevee will walk 500 miles
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Delivery! by MsKtty89
by MsKtty89
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Commissions always open!

I draw ANYTHING! If you don't see something listed, feel free to ask. I don't charge any extra for something adult or strange than for something mundane or cute. My specialties are dragons, wolves, and felines, but I'm willing to draw any species, including humans or made up ones. I'm fine with drawing from just a detailed written reference or from pictures. Please don't complain about my prices. They are cheap for the work I put into my art. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and art is my only form of income. I'm fully willing to work with people and edit things if they aren't satisfied with the art, but I draw the line at editing something three times. If you can't tell me what you want, you may not get exactly what you want. Still, I do my best and so far have not had any bad feedback. All the links to examples below are to FurAffinity. I have had my art there much longer and there is more of it on there if you care to see my older stuff and pictures. I do more than just art, too. I can make masks, dreamcatchers, multi-piece badges, painting, basic toys, and plenty more. If you don't see it listed, feel free to ask. (I will mention that I don't make fursuits. I can sew, so I could potentially make a bodysuit, but I have no experience in it or any other part of suit-building.)

Icons (up to 10 frames; +50 cents per additional frame past 10)
Small Badge (ID size)
Chibi badge
Leather Eyepatches

Traditional badge (around 4"x5" and includes lamination and clip.)
Scanned pencil sketch (+$2 for each additional person or background)

Full page traditional inked lines (+$5 for each additional person or background)
Crafts! (dream catchers, foam character masks, leather collars, etc.)

Digital badge (around 4"x5")
Digital line art (+$5 for each additional person or detailed background)
Full body traditional piece with optional basic background/props (+$5 for each additional person or a detailed background)

Traditional reference sheet
Traditional b/w comic (per page)
Digital flat color full page piece with optional basic background or props (+$10 for additional person or detailed background)

Digital full page full color piece with shading and basic background or props, (+$10 for each additional person or detailed background)
Traditional full color comic (per page)
Digital b/w comic (per page)

Digital reference sheets
Digital flat color comic (per page)

Digital full color comic (per page)

For all stories, prices will be discussed based on length and complexity, averaging $5 per page.

(For this list with examples for each, see here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3499452/ )

Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
4 years, 2 months ago
Oh no problem at al ^^ Wouldnt know what I wanted right now either, but would deffently be nice with more art later on. Glad you are doing okay there and it wasnt to bad. Will see later on then ^..^
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh, okay, I see.  <3

Well, I hate being without Internet, but you do tend to get more done without it, huh?  x3  Just make the most of your internet-less time, and don't worry about us net people; whoever you talk to online can certainly wait a little bit for you to return.
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh, Guan DID go that time?  I didn't even know.  XD

It's okay, Shayla.  You'll get through it.  <:3  Just try to take it easy when you can.  *hug*
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh!  Yes, Guan and his husband Brian have gone to it before, that one.  That's cool you met Brian; I don't always get along with the lug (we're ENTIRELY different personality types), but I can't deny that he's a pretty good guy.  :3  Shame Guan couldn't go with him to the con, or you could've seen him too.  (I wonder if Guan knows you met Brian?  ^^)
4 years, 3 months ago
I see...  Well just soldier through the first part of it.  Take some down time if you can, while the worst of it is going on.

Oh, you went to a convention?  What convention?  Was there another big one that I wasn't paying attention to?  Well, count yourself lucky about that really...  I can never attend fur-cons, as much as I want to...  I never have the means to.  That sounds cool though.
4 years, 3 months ago
I hope the doc might be able to advise you.  But yes, stress can cause a LOT of problems, no lie.  Therapy is a plus though.  :3
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh, I know some wouldn't be as patient.  :O  But really, it's just artwork, after all.  I know you're not running any sort of scam or anything in taking a while on my commission - I've BEEN scammed before, so I know when I'm being so nowadays, and I know your life and health has just generally been not too good.  :(

Funny you mention sleeping 14 hours; I just woke up after doing the same.  I'm kind of an idiot and deprive my body of the sleep it needs a lot of days, so then I have periods where I just snooze for forever.  Well, at least I'm back on a daytime awake schedule though.  Stress does a number on me too hun, I know how you feel.  Have you checked with a doctor about your sickness though?  If you're getting sick literally over and over again, it might be worth looking into.
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh, don't feel too bad about the delay.  I myself have been extremely lacking in artistic motivation.  =x  *hugs*  And been off and on sick myself.
4 years, 3 months ago
Np. i do have something in mind but i have to wait and see on a few commissions i have left that the artists them self's are having RL issues at the moment and recently one of my two hard drives failed leaving me having to buy a new one come next month but at the very lest ill look into commissioning you for one....to test the waters you could say. ^^_
4 years, 3 months ago
I made a journal about you mate ^^
4 years, 3 months ago
sure man ^^
4 years, 3 months ago
Oh thank you for telling me, but unfortunately I have n possibility to buy  =/
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