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Spinning Tornado Clouds by Sableshade
Spinning Tornado Clouds
Yo. If you enjoy my poetry or have stumbled here looking for odds and ends, keep an eye out for an event called "Inktober". I've been submitting my Inktober stuff between Instagram and Twitter. If y...
7 months, 2 weeks ago
Blackout May 2018
Gallery will not be updated until the end of June. I'll be out grinding somewhere, so don't worry. I'll be around...
11 months, 4 weeks ago
Gallery issues #1: My Poems
If my poems are not showing up properly, try selecting the thumbnail to bring up the original format I designed. In your browser, it will likely show up in 'plain text' where you see some secrets on h...
1 year, 2 months ago
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Organized ornament by Sableshade
Organized ornament
Table Cord by Sableshade
Table Cord
Stairway on air by Sableshade
Stairway on air
Equivocations by Sableshade
Subtract my time by Sableshade
Subtract my time
Strict Conditions by Sableshade
Strict Conditions
Fading morals by Sableshade
Fading morals
Doctrine Frames by Sableshade
Doctrine Frames
Barbs (Poem) by Sableshade
Barbs (Poem)
Thinner than skin (Poem) by Sableshade
Thinner than skin (Poem)
Hollow beams (Poem) by Sableshade
Hollow beams (Poem)
Stress Fading Mane (Poem) by Sableshade
Stress Fading Mane (Poem)
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Lapse by Sableshade
Locks and Keys by Sableshade
Sallowed by Sableshade
Dreamdrone poetry
93 submissions
Caught Drifting by Sableshade
Pushing Personal Pillars by Sableshade
Everything's Fine: Mental Block by Sableshade
Stranger Things
One day I'll explain what all of these strange drawings are. © by Sableshade.

 All you need to understand for now is some of it is based on my Uook-I art, other works...pure abstracts.
38 submissions
Breakdown Bushies by Sableshade
Pushed around by Sableshade
Si-Jee Sketch: Missing Look by Sableshade
Off Topic Art
For art that feels different from what I normally make.
8 submissions
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Mark of the spurned moon by callmedoc
Mark of the spurned moon
by callmedoc
Patreon Easter - Dadriel by wolfgryph
Patreon Easter - Dadriel
by wolfgryph
Broken Light by callmedoc
Broken Light
by callmedoc
Kobold Lance by Xilrayne
Kobold Lance
by Xilrayne
Circle Portrait - Azaerus by wolfgryph
Circle Portrait - Azaerus
by wolfgryph
The drowned wolf by callmedoc
The drowned wolf
by callmedoc
[$] Veela, The Yinglet (Scarletmenace) by InsomniacOvrlrd
[$] Veela, The Yinglet (Scarle...
Galdin the Hell Hound by callmedoc
Galdin the Hell Hound
by callmedoc
Love Leads by callmedoc
Love Leads
by callmedoc
ACEO - Jasiri by wolfgryph
ACEO - Jasiri
by wolfgryph
Lonely Litten by WinickLim
Lonely Litten
by WinickLim
sunset gryphon by wolfgryph
sunset gryphon
by wolfgryph
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If you're curious about what I'm about, it might be easier to explain from the beginning, but I suck at stuff like that... Just understand that I admire and respect those who end up on my favorites list and watch list, even as I run behind the scenes.

I'm an artist who enjoys learning from other people that I met in the past. I'm focusing on exploring their work from when they started up to today with hopes that I can become inspired to make my own waves in my own way, at my pace.

If you're into bittersweet poetry, some dark humor, or deep surrealism you might want to stick around. Just keep in mind that the gallery might be updated slowly, randomly.

As for the Journal... Mature eyes only, unless a page or two is safe to read.

For me, this is one of my galleries.
For details, I'll make links for the curious.
For those who support me even here, welcome to my side.
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Fur Affinity
1 year, 1 month ago
Hi there!

Thanks for the +watch! :)
1 year, 1 month ago
Thanks for the watch :3
1 year, 1 month ago
Thank you for the watch!
A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!
1 year, 2 months ago
Pay the toll with words, fellow.
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