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I'm going to be at Furlandia NEXT WEEK!
I guess... er... if you ‌really want to meet me in person, go ahead and sign up for it! It's a smaller convention. Average attendance can be around 1,000 people. So it's kinda nice. You can even sign ...
2 days, 22 hrs ago
FREE ART!! - Starting to Approach 1500 Watchers - FREE ART!!
Hello guys and gals, and every gender in-between. Thank you so much. That's quite a lot of attention in my opinion, no joke. I've said some bad shit in the past which keeps driving people away from...
1 week ago
Separating Art from the Artist?
I wonder if people do it to me? Do people only like my art, or are there things about me that people like? You can of course say what you don't like about me or my art. I'll listen. But I'm wonderi...
1 week, 1 day ago
Greetings, I am Rubis Drake!

I do NOT do commissions or requests of any kind!

I rarely do: Art trades, gift art and suggestions!

I've been drawing hot and sexy porn for a long time. It's one of my biggest passions in life. I hope you enjoy my works. Please remember to comment or fave any any piece you like. It really helps me know what people like to see from me. <3

I don't consider myself a part of the fandom anymore, just a kink artist. A lot of furry communities I tend to view are full of inconsiderate pricks that won't accept the fact that I draw cub porn. They also seem to employ certain political and social practices/standards to their groups, and I don't wish to ever associate with them. A lot of furries have soured my perspective of the wider fandom completely. One on one meets with friendly furs are still a possibility though.

I love to draw Rule 34 and furry porn, as well as loli/shota, general human and humanoid porn, and drawn bestiality.

I also work with computers and technology as a non-furry community member. I use GNU/Linux every day for "serious work", and Windows for gaming. I use GIMP to draw all of my 2D art. I wish to learn 3D Blender, and harness some useful 3D modelling and animation skills so that I can create very high quality 3D furry animations featuring cub porn and other kinky fetishes, just like my 2D artwork.

The highest goals and accomplishments for me are simply to express what pornographic scenes and materials are in my head to some kind of viable and easy to use medium. I am a lazy artist, but I want to create professional quality results, which is always a hard thing to balance together unless technology itself improves that aspect.

I am a free-thinking liberal, and I do not like to fucking censor or filter myself! I am 100 percent forward enough to express my American freedom of speech to you when the need arises in the most unpatriotic way. Fuck the alt-right, go to bed conservatives, die shitty religions and cults, respect science, philosophy, technology, and spirituality (Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and the self-enlightened Vedas), love gender equality, hope for ending homelessness, please support green living and tiny home communities, praise open source and open-schematic hardware, fuck most over-hyped political movements, and screw close-minded, intolerant progressive leftists, too. Most political parties suck, including democrats, republicans, green party, etc... you get the idea. Communism and Capitalism are both bad and good in their own ways, and that's why we have Socialism, I guess, even though I'm not very social. Screw your annoying, noisy neighbors, too. I stand with f-society from Mr. Robot. I tend to hate regular people, and that's not the legal definition of a hate crime, retard. I am a worldly person, who cannot just support a single country. I support transhumanism and space exploration. I am aware of the dangers of Skynet and Cylons. Praise our robot overlords. I wish I could free people from the chains that life binds us to. Everyone deserves to be like a God in their own domains, with their own environmental settings. Virtual reality is the future for everything. I am NOT actually a pedo/zoo furry, homophobic, transphobic, racist, a Nazi (except a grammar Nazi), a murderer, pet killer, wife beater, spamtroller, cyberactivist, etc.. I'm not actually a bad person, I just pretend to be something different from time to time over the Internet just to piss you off, or some gay shit like that. I don't idolize anything. Our lives really are just as fucking pathetic, pointless, and meaningless as everybody else's, no matter who you are, or what kind of person you are, and you can't argue with me on that. I'd rather die and kill a bunch of useless people and cops than ever have to suffer in jail. Everyone in life is special, don't let people tell you otherwise. <3 You are now warned.

I am always going to be above you, no matter what. I am always going to be better, smarter and wiser than you. I reflect your arguments back like a perfectly clean, indestructible mirror. I will absorb the things you throw at me like a supermassive black hole. I can be as soft as the world's softest pillow and bed mattress, or as rigid and rough as sandpaper on barbwire, or as sharp as the Masamune's katana. I am a dragon, deep down inside, and I know I'm the apex predator. I don't take any MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT from idiots like you. Why's that? Because I will never be the scum-seething furfag that you want me to be, dipshit.

Furry is not my life, it's just a hobby, and I like the porn. That's all it will ever be for me.

I am happy to communicate with people whom have multiple paraphilias, including zoophilia, necrophilia, pedophilia, etc... Please understand that I do NOT want to associate myself with those paraphilias, yet I am still willing to talk to people with other "mentalities", as I like to say. I have autism myself, and I still struggle in a world full of "normal people". It's really nice to have genuinely honest and different people to talk to. I absolutely refuse to talk to anyone under the age of 18. Go away.

I am trying to limit my RP time to close buds, but I may be willing to do some ERP with others. I don't really like to do story-based RPs. You may find me on F-List and F-Chat occasionally. However, just know that I dislike that miserable place, and I am only on there when I am bored and horny. Hahaha.

I do not usually accept criticism of my artistic works. I have designed my art to be a specific way, and it encompasses my own personal style. If you have any actual grammar or spelling corrections on my art illustrations, I will accept those!
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