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Results of art reduction
So I've gone through all of my drawings, and was able to reduce 194 sketches down to 19. These are 19 sketches that I will work on before I pull in more drawings from my art reserves folder. The rest...
2 days, 23 hrs ago
Oh, and about Gumroad!
One more important thing to mention! I have uncensored all my art, uploaded all the alt versions, and gotten rid of my Gumroad subscription. It is no more! To tell you the truth, the subscriber model...
3 days, 9 hrs ago
Reducing 2D drawings
Hey everyone, I just want to point out something. After properly counting all of my unfinished art pieces, the amount of unfinished art I have as GIMP XCF files totals to 194. I am looking to *reduc...
3 days, 9 hrs ago
I do NOT do commissions or requests of any kind!

I rarely do art trades, gift art and suggestions, but I may do them with people I really like.

Really hot and sexy furry porn is my biggest passion in life. And I've been drawing it for a long time. I hope you enjoy my works.

And now, here is my bio:

Greetings, I am Rubis Drake!

I am a sexy and kinky dragon living in Portland, Oregon. I don't consider myself a part of the fandom anymore, just a kink artist. A lot of furry communities I tend to view are full of inconsiderate pricks that won't accept the fact that I draw cub porn.

They also seem to employ certain political and social practices/standards to their groups, and I don't wish to ever associate with them. A lot of furries have soured my perspective of the wider fandom completely. One on one meets are still a possibility though.

I love to draw Rule 34 and furry porn, as well as loli/shota, general human and humanoid porn, and drawn bestiality.

I also work with computers and technology. I use GNU/Linux every day on my PC. And I use GIMP to draw all of my 2D art. I wish to learn 3D Blender, and harness some useful 3D modelling and animation skills so that I can create very high quality 3D furry animations featuring cub porn and other kinky fetishes, just like my 2D artwork.

The highest goals and accomplishments for me is simply to express what pornographic scenes and materials are is in my head to some kind of viable and easy to use medium. I am a lazy artist, but I want to create professional quality results, which is always a hard thing to balance together unless technology itself improves that aspect.

I am limiting my RP time to close buds only. Sorry. You may find me on F-List and F-Chat occasionally. However, just know that I hate that miserable place, and I am only on there when I am bored and horny.

I do not usually accept criticism of my artistic works. I have designed my art to be a specific way, and it encompasses my own personal style. If you have any actual grammar or spelling corrections on my art illustrations, I will accept those!
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