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Stripe Stories character profile: Jun Yakichi by Rowanuki
Stripe Stories character profile: Jun Yakichi
New here at Inkbunny.
I came from Furafinitty under the username of ryokun and that website has gone through a bit of trouble for a while, so I decided to just make another account at a different website and perhaps this m...
1 year, 1 month ago
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Stripe Stories character profile: Jun Yakichi by Rowanuki
Stripe Stories character profi...
A doodle of Boss giving Oscar a lick on the cheek. (nude) by Rowanuki
A doodle of Boss giving Oscar ...
Dribble and Spitz from Warioware. by Rowanuki
Dribble and Spitz from Wariowa...
Jun being asked to make sweets from his friends. by Rowanuki
Jun being asked to make sweets...
Meet Tammy. by Rowanuki
Meet Tammy.
Rowan's Penguin form. by Rowanuki
Rowan's Penguin form.
Presenting the new Timothy. by Rowanuki
Presenting the new Timothy.
Boss with an update to his design and species. by Rowanuki
Boss with an update to his des...
An FA art trade with Crossfurr. by Rowanuki
An FA art trade with Crossfurr...
Meet Patricia. by Rowanuki
Meet Patricia.
Meet Alice. by Rowanuki
Meet Alice.
Derek on a walk with two bunny girls. by Rowanuki
Derek on a walk with two bunny...
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A doodle of Boss giving Oscar a lick on the cheek. (nude) by Rowanuki
Boss giving affection to Oscar
Boss likes giving some nice affection to his bunnies, one of which includes licking them on the cheek. I gave their outlines their image colors just because.
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Time for some new shorts by Cappuccino  by rourkie
Time for some new shorts by Ca...
by rourkie
I'm just your everyday quiet guy. I don't do sports or in some band or anything. Instead, I impress people with my imagination! On a side note....
日本語が少しはなせます! 九年生からにほんごの習うことが始めました。よねんかんもにほんごを勉強していました。まだまだ知らないことばとかが有る。ところで、何が間違ったらすぐにおしえてください。
(I can speak some Japanese! From ninth grade, I started to learn Japanese. I've been studying for four years. There's still things like words I don't know yet. By the way, if I messed up anywhere, please tell me.)

From this I obviously enjoy Japanese culture from the language, music, history and other things. In terms of anime, I'm your average fan. I'm not obsessed with anime, and I don't really follow your commonly known anime/manga (one piece, bleach, shippuden, etc.) I do like anime aimed for kids though, like Megaman battle network series or Digimon.

I'd say I truly got started to draw more seriously since around the end of summer 2013. One of the reasons I chose to be in the road of an artist is to make a VN of a series of mine that I'd say is still being developed.

The art style I'm going for is a kemono (Japanese furry art) style that's cool with a touch of cute.

Rowan is my fursona, he's the blue tanuki (yes he's a tanuki not an otter or something else) that you'd see on my profile pic.
He is my artistic, hard-working, deep thinking, calm, friendly, clueless, shy, creative side who also likes to listen to music.

Do I do requests?- Yes I do, for free of course. Also as long as it's not fetish or r-18 related. Please request only clean art.

I like making good conversations with people, and I hate to judge people and say rude things, it's against my nature you could say. If you like my art, well you don't have to watch me or anything, maybe leave a comment instead on your thoughts on my work.

I do feel as if I'm "different" from most people. Different in I guess, an interesting and kinda sad (not sad as in pathetic) kind of way. I admit I would have confidence issues with my skills as an artist but, I'm not letting that stop me since I still find drawing and learning about how to draw the body to be fun. Quitting to be an artist is like, quitting on everything I've worked on...and like quitting life...BUT there's no need to say anything negative. Basically I still find drawing, character designing/developing, and learning about how to draw the body to be quite fun to do.

I have recently been working on digital artwork (and by recent I mean more along the lines of starting on mid-July of 2014) since I'm sure people would like digital artwork more than traditional and for helping with a goal of mine too. Hopefully my digital art skills advance well enough...
Don't be afraid to have a chat with me, and well, hopefully we can become good friends.

Everyone says I have potential to become a great artist. I admit I don't, fully believe that but I'm gonna see how far my artistic life will go regardless.
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7 months, 1 week ago
hey bud how are ya?
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