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My cheapy Fursona, Robby! by NaughtyRobby
My cheapy Fursona, Robby!
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My cheapy Fursona, Robby! by NaughtyRobby
My cheapy Fursona, Robby!
Nap Time! by JasonSonicZombie
Nap Time!
Loupy Bojack horseman style by Loupy
Loupy Bojack horseman style
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Alvin's Halloween Costume Gamble! by SDCharm
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The Waiting
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Tease 1
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[C] Bluescales counter top sittin' by RetinalCircus
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Sketch: Axel Thunderpaw by Takk
Sketch: Axel Thunderpaw
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Dress Up
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Sketch: Suel by Takk
Sketch: Suel
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Hooskies Smell by island
Hooskies Smell
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Roadside Change by island
Roadside Change
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Hello i'm Robby, I have light brown floppy ears and a white and light brown fur and has a very active tail (The tail will eventually be smaller than what is in the picture). I can be a very playfully cub, I loves playing both regular games and naughty games with my daddy (Max) and daddys work friends when their over, sometimes I plays with them all at the same time! When i'm not playing fun games with daddy or his friends I likes to play video games on my Xbox. I likes to play games like Overwatch and Battlefield 1. Sometimes I gets a little mad when I loses at a game and I also sometimes yell and cuss at the other dumb players through my mic, but I got to be careful because sometimes Daddy will hear me and when he does I will lose my gaming privileges for weeks. Yep! I sure can be a hand full at times, but my Daddy is usually there to make sure I don't cause to much trouble, but when I do my Daddy isn't afraid to correct my mistakes. Witch usually means I'm going to have to have a long talk with Mr. Hairbrush or Mr. Spoon >:)  
However Max (my daddy) won't always wait until I do something naughty to punish my cute little bottom, Daddy always finds some reason big or small to justify spanking me. Things like wetting the bed or being to lound or just because he wants to etc. And sometimes Daddy even records himself punishing me, he even sometimes records the naughty games we play together and daddy also records me during during my diaper changes too. After every spanking I am to be placed in a corner and must ether have my hands behind my head or I must have my hands at my side holding up my shirt high above my belly so that daddy can see my well smacked bottom. Sometimes Daddy will just sit back watching me stand in the corner crying my eyes out and just pleasure himself to the sight of it all.  
Daddy only allows me to wear a T-shirt or no shirt at all (that usually is too small for me) and a diaper with a pair of socks when i'm at home or when i'm over a friends place.  But when I'm out in public Daddy does sometimes allows me to wear pants/shorts, but only if i'm supper good, because when I have been too naughty or if Daddy says otherwise, I will lose all pant privilege and be forced to only wear a small t-shirt or again no shirt and diaper with a pair of socks and shoes. Also sometimes when i'm naughty, Daddy will force me to wear a chastity cage and a plug under my diaper all day.  
Now Daddy usually only wears a white tank top when hes at home and nothing else. The only times Daddy wears anything other than that is if he has guests over who aren't his work friends and when he goes out in public.  
My likes:  
Wearing diapers and or pull-ups, Being extremely mischievous, playing video games, reading comics, running around in the house,coloring in books and on walls, playing regular games and naughty games with Daddy, watches internet letsplays and cartoons on TV, likes being babied, daddys hugs.  
My Dislikes:  
Being told what to do, disappointing Daddy, Spankings, talking to Mr. Hairbrush & Mr. Spoon, being sent to the corner, Baths and showers, being away from Daddy for long periods of time, wearing a chastity cage and being plugged, Chores, wearing his diaper in public.
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2 weeks, 3 days ago
Thanks a lot for the watch, I really appreciate it!
2 weeks, 6 days ago
Thankies fur favvin! ^^
1 month ago
Thanks for watching!
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Hello and welcome to InkBunny.
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Many thanx for the watch and I'm so happy you like it my pups!^^
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