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Relaxed Commission by Missaria
Relaxed Commission
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Relaxed Commission by Missaria
Relaxed Commission
M'fin Gun Commission by Missaria
M'fin Gun Commission
WTF Is This Shit!? Commission by Missaria
WTF Is This Shit!? Commission
Sheila Telegram Sticker Commission by Missaria
Sheila Telegram Sticker Commis...
Rue Telegram Icon Commission by Missaria
Rue Telegram Icon Commission
Esparra Isle by Missaria
Esparra Isle
Rocky Mountain Horse Custom Character Commission by Missaria
Rocky Mountain Horse Custom Ch...
Gypsy Vanner Custom Character by Missaria
Gypsy Vanner Custom Character
****1000 Watchers**** Personal by Missaria
****1000 Watchers**** Personal
Alderic Booty Icon Commissioon by Missaria
Alderic Booty Icon Commissioon
Cara Legach Reference Sheet Commission by Missaria
Cara Legach Reference Sheet Co...
Dakota Bitchface Gift Art by Missaria
Dakota Bitchface Gift Art
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Jacie Derp by Missaria
Missaria by Missaria
Missaria Stanced by Missaria
Missaria's Stash
This is of anything including my babygirl Missaria, the egyptian arabian mare, and my main sona.
46 submissions
War Boy by Missaria
Not safe for work...
103 submissions
Rue Telegram Icon Commission by Missaria
Esparra Isle by Missaria
Gypsy Vanner Custom Character by Missaria
Flatcolor Work
For the sake of pricing it's best to have folders for commission inquiry
Base price $45 additional characters 75% base price
No shade.Please ask questions if you have any.I can't fit all info in here.
92 submissions
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(Now a member of Patreon and would very much appreciate the support!!! There is a lot of benefits to becoming a Patron and you will get a lot of early bird warnings and sales as well as gifts as part of the package depending on how much you care to contribute. But keep me paying bills successfully and helping me continue my art career and I promise not to leave you all disappointed :) There's a lot of fun to be had as I learn how to use this feature.)

Feel free to add me on Facebook if you ever want to see my most casual, brutal, honest self with a touch of witty shitcockery and completely ridiculous often animal related moments of my life. Just tell me you're a Furaffinity fan

***About The Artist****

Everyone has a thing, and since I was two years old, art has been my thing, and specifically drawing animals. Specifically equines being the favorite, but I also expanded my species abilities and practiced a lot with dragons and anthros. Growing up I had always been humble about it but really self aware that everyone placed me as the dominant artist nearly everywhere I went, through elementary school, all the way up to now to some extreme fans of mine. I was always that person peopel turned to when everyone knew it was time for an art related school project, haha. Also I just doodled whenever and people always just caught on to that being my particular "thing". (That and being the person who always had some form of weird animal in her pocket or at a football game) I'm in college now, and I still have a lot of confidence in what I do because my family really supported me from the day my Grandmother realized I could produce art. Also growing up, it was between family and a constant stream of friend's support with a few bystanders giving out a kind opinion.

My participation in the furry community didn't ever become a part of my life until I was in highschool, but I was still drawing them even though I hadn't a clue what furries were. I started drawing werewolves in elementary school and as I got older I got more aware of anatomy and started playing with the human form and other species in the same manner a werewolf's anatomy may. Before long, someone or a few asked me if I was a furry. I was basically like...no, that doesn't ring a bell. At some point a friend turned me on to a furry chat site because he thought I could relate to them in a way because I already had a Egyptian Arabian mare sona, you all know as Missaria. I always had an extremely spiritual appreciation and attachment to horses and I made myself a representative feral horse character because I really didn't like drawing humans at the time. (I love that shit now :333) Also, I was known and requested to make representative horse's for people in my life to vent through and tell stories with. Before long though, I officially understood what it actually entailed to be a 'furry' and from there I've been just coasting happily through life with a tail on. Life is good. I've never been more comfortable and happy in my life now that I know what I'm really good at and enjoy doing simultaneously. All the while I can do it while cuddling my babs at home<3

I've actually been in the art business most of my life technically, getting paid under the table for side work from random people growing up. Like literally all the time. I'd get art trades for some cool items too for doing pet portraits and such. I first got my digital art pad for my graduation form my other set of grandparents when I was 17. I practiced with it for over a year doing free work for people int he chat site. We were honestly a massive family and as dramatic as it got sometimes it was all just fricking great, and a pleasure working for them. When I turned 18, I finally decided after a lot of people henpecking me to do so, that I would start actually marketing my artwork. I got a paypal, and I went directly to the chatsite and the furry corner of Facebook. I found a lot of people were interested in what I did and from the very first post offering work I've been constantly getting a steady flow of work. It doesn't hurt to mention either that I have over 1400 followers on FA.

I keep the information of my to-do list on the front of my FurAffinity page. Since then I have had zero artist bewares for any commission based grievances or art related drama. I have a really great fanbase full of people who treat me really well truly.They keep me entertained, sane, and overall just really appreciative of what I have around me. I often have Facebook open for friends as well as followers in general or fans. It's also nice to be able to see them on my feed when I find the time to look at it, spend some time getting to know them, again when time allows. I really appreciate those who have brought me up and kept me here without a ripple in support. Honestly thank you.

Overall, I just want to show you all what I do here and what I'm so passionate about. I want you to let me know what you want to see from me. I of course have to put my own energy into it and probably a few chips of my personality is going to break off into it as a biproduct,but overall I want to give you some say in the content you see. It gives me a chance to evolve and it gives you a chance to feel like you have a part in all of this because you truly do. I wouldn't be in such a cool situation if I didn't have my fans. I wouldn't have the means to make this page if I didn't feel you supported me for making it. The truth is, side income never hurts especially for emergencies such as medical extremes, car repairs, or a broken art tablet. I appreciate every donation you send my way, truly every dollar helps. It's what's going to keep me being able to spend time on this instead of working in retail to compensate for monetary losses.If you've seen my Facebook you would know I'm probably not an efficient sociability for being a retail worker haha. I have my more grr side of course. It comes out primarily when triggered by blatant ignorance or general stupidity that refuses to help itself, so retail is....not a genius plan in my situation. XD I prefer to draw furries anyway.

If you have Commission questions or really any in general, I don't bite too hard. Feel free to ask
Tips are appreciated!!! Commissions are ALWAYS open and the best ways to reach me outside this site are up top!!!
If you want to get porn with my characters, please just be of age!
My characters have their own Facebook page btw, different albums for different characters: https://www.facebook.com/missariasa.....iation/?hc_...

About the artist

..........(o o) \=}_____llllll..........
..............l* * * * * * *\lll..........
............../* * * * * * * lll.........
..............\* i* /____.\ * /ll..........
.............. \ l /..........\ \ \ll.........
................l ()...........l l )ll........
................l l\\.........// /...........
.............../// \\\.....////............

Another one is :May I make a donation?"
Yes please^^ tips  tips PP: missawilson@ymail.com

Now in the subject of work, Commissions are ALWAYS OPEN
Art trades are rarely open for me, but show me what you got and I may consider you.
No I never do requests.
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Fur Affinity
Fur Affinity
4 years, 6 months ago
You are most welcome! I ought to ponder commissioning you sometime.
4 years, 6 months ago
Have a watch for your lovely feral equine drawings!
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