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Previously known as SammyPebble.
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Let me pray with you by LilyFathom
Let me pray with you
This is cross fire Draft
A Library Tied Into a Spine If anyone thinks I read KJV and Geneva to show off I hope they tell me. I really need something to laugh about. In allhonesty the more modern English is difficult for me to...
2 days, 8 hrs ago
My Pastels but Not Discrimination
The Colors and many shades In The Spectrum In Christianity we remember the three tribes that spun off of Noah. In that God gave a promise to Noah to never use water as a large scale weapon again. I t...
1 week, 2 days ago
B-day Early and relevent forgiveness
Difference Between Humility And Self Condemnation I became brave enough to log back in to see if I was banned. To my surprise I was not. The forum post I made was locked. Yet, the compassion they had...
2 weeks, 2 days ago
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Let me pray with you by LilyFathom
Let me pray with you
Key to the Holy Spirit by LilyFathom
Key to the Holy Spirit
Super Naturally Cute Cup of Fluff by LilyFathom
Super Naturally Cute Cup of Fl...
Lily Thinking Chair by LilyFathom
Lily Thinking Chair
Lily with his plushy pony by LilyFathom
Lily with his plushy pony
Christmas Worship "Emmanual" by LilyFathom
Christmas Worship "Emmanual"
Progress Report "Dads Guitar" by LilyFathom
Progress Report "Dads Guitar"
CFC Songs of Christmas "Expectation" by LilyFathom
CFC Songs of Christmas "Expect...
Songs of Christmas "Song of Pardon" by LilyFathom
Songs of Christmas "Song of Pa...
Cape Bible Chapple "By Faith" by LilyFathom
Cape Bible Chapple "By Faith"
New Submission by LilyFathom
New Submission
CFC Generosity "Family"  LineArt by LilyFathom
CFC Generosity "Family"  LineA...
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Most know these key phrases by heart perhaps not intending to. I have the same introduction even in face to face life. I am an artist, writer, and DIY musician. I am a Christian, Babyfur (Math 18:1 thru 3), and a Tulpamancer (Joel 2:28 thru 32). Its worth noting my title is and phrases are only that. They describe me, but they do not own me. Instead they were identified in scripture through Christ.

In life I use child like or regressive strategies for a therapeutic coping strategy. I don't live by them, but they do help when I can't. I struggle with anxiety and depression at times. Regression does not have to reach early ages. It can be as simple as remembering a moment while I was in youth church. My state of mind and understanding less then that of today. The idea is to be a mere child content and teachable. The adage goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Thankfully I am not a dog and as I am writing this I am not old physically.

With imagination its very similar. While my visions are created under severe anxiety or long enduring depression I find them a place to start. At least to really identify what I am struggling with. I can escape them and even limit their influence on me. Which is why the regressive strategy is so useful to me. With scripture it becomes very powerful. If added the holy spirit, "pacifier of human souls," anything is possible. All things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians)

I often times trigger this response intentionally. In sermons this can be helpful for staying in the room. People see I can multitask, but this is not really the case. Even a computer does not multitask, but instead rotate among tasks after a line is executed. After a single second it done nearly 4 million lines among all the tasks it has. In the same way while it may be slower I to rotate so I can make connections and create infrences. As a result I have an illustration to my process of listening.

Rumors or Common Misunderstandings
Some people say I am making myself out to be prodigal living. My vast number of colors and fantasy creations people mistaken it for something perverse. While I have a wall of shame, "Who doesn't," I don't practice prodigal living that I had previously. I hope and pray I have broken the bondage's I struggled with in the past.

On the other side of the river "secular" think I am exclusive or I create hate speech.  While I study a difficult Library known as the Bible I do not aim to make hate speech with it. In fact what I do create is parallel to my own life. If I take an example of something my intent is not to hurt or shame. Instead its a moment of my life where I too struggled and I had to change. While things may work for others it did not in my life. So, I had to remove it in order to break my bondage to prodigal living.

I DO NOT BLOCK artist or people. Instead I may remove responses to prevent needless debate. I may also remove things that cause me too much distraction. If I remove something you said, but feel strongly about please repeat it in a private message. This way I can respond to you appropriately and without needless debate among others.

Much love and always
Lily Fathom
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
Thanx for the watch!😁
1 month, 2 weeks ago
thanks a lot 4 the watch <3 rlly appreciated :D
4 months ago
Thanks for the fav! 😊
4 months ago
Your welcome! I find art like yours helpful in my autism. I use Age regression as a way to deal with life. Much love
<3 Pebble
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