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Previously known as GabuGabu.
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Too Close (Next Cover) by LesliChu
Too Close (Next Cover)
You guys playing Blackgate yet?
Just wanted to see if anybody is enjoying this game as much as I am. Blackgate is an amazing visual novel made by a user here that goes by the name bane2253. It's an 18+ game on account of some extre...
2 years, 4 months ago
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Too Close (Next Cover) by LesliChu
Too Close (Next Cover)
Bride of Discord [SMILE Mix] by LesliChu
Bride of Discord [SMILE Mix]
The Empire Disappeared by LesliChu
The Empire Disappeared
Three Butterflies by LesliChu
Three Butterflies
Beneath the Sand (Is Home) by LesliChu
Beneath the Sand (Is Home)
Furboliche V Badge by Puggy
Furboliche V Badge
by Puggy
Wouldn't really consider myself a furry, but you guys make the best damn Kung Fu Panda backgrounds for my phone---I gotta give back to this fanbase somehow right?

I sometimes poke around sites like Fimfiction.net and make tunes for fanfictions I take a real liking to, and I'm hoping to do the same here. I'd really like to get my name out there and perhaps make a few tunes for some video games or audio productions.
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