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*insert ridiculous fist bump name or title* by IvanTyphlosion
*insert ridiculous fist bump name or title*
About thanking.
I really don't thank very often cause one thing in particular. I in general have issues taking compliments, thank yous, you're welcomes, and such. I am just not use to being greeted with positive th...
9 months, 2 weeks ago
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*insert ridiculous fist bump name or title* by IvanTyphlosion
*insert ridiculous fist bump n...
Atop the mountains by IvanTyphlosion
Atop the mountains
Anthro Alpha stage Ivan  by IvanTyphlosion
Anthro Alpha stage Ivan
Nine-tailed Fox er...title thing by IvanTyphlosion
Nine-tailed Fox er...title thi...
Basic Ref by IvanTyphlosion
Basic Ref
The First Night Out by IvanTyphlosion
The First Night Out
Samurai of the Fist and Sword by IvanTyphlosion
Samurai of the Fist and Sword
Old- "Commission- friendship stack" by MukiTanuki
Old- "Commission- friendship s...
Aurel the Quilava by Tereus
Aurel the Quilava
by Tereus
★Typhlosion --Arrc by heml0cke
★Typhlosion --Arrc
by heml0cke
a challenger appears  by moonwulf
a challenger appears
by moonwulf
Rising by 72HoursRemain
Rebirth of Clauss by Thanriu
Rebirth of Clauss
by Thanriu
Good bye Clauss V.2 by Thanriu
Good bye Clauss V.2
by Thanriu
Typhlosion Doodle by Royyy
Typhlosion Doodle
by Royyy
Picnic on Cloud by TevLoaElim
Picnic on Cloud
PMD-E P/NPC: Cinnamon by Packmind
PMD-E P/NPC: Cinnamon
by Packmind
[Commission] Misfortunate Adventure Page 2/3 by WinickLim
[Commission] Misfortunate Adve...
by WinickLim
[Commission] Misfortunate Adventure Page 1/3 by WinickLim
[Commission] Misfortunate Adve...
by WinickLim
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Help with Profile build. I need the creativity.

 ´´¶¶¶TRUE$FRIEND$$¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶¶ PAW$LOVER$$¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´

 ░█░░█░ █░░█
 ░█░█░░ █░░░
 ░█░░█░ █░░░
[Put this on your page if you role-play]
 Love Is Love No Matter Who You Find It In
 ♂ + ♂ = ♥
 ♀ + ♀ = ♥
 ♀ + ♂ = ♥

Please do NOT "text talk" no matter fucking what. Stuff like "I love u" or "Is that urs?" makes me frustrated to just look at. I don't mean to be mean. But doing that to me feels
 disrespectful to me, and it makes me feel like I am too damn high for you. You stay with your levels man. I DON'T WANT TO MAKE YOU FEEL BAD. Seriously. I respect everyone and anyone. But please...PLEASE practice. And do not treat the RP like as if its some funny conversation with someone.

 Please do NOT disregard anything I write. If you have a reason please tell me politely. I cannot stand when someone disregards what I say cause then it feels disrespectful cause it makes me feel like I don't exist to you.

 Please do NOT approach me when you clearly do not care to RP with me. Or want to get to know me or the character.

 Please do NOT approach if you do not know how to make a nicely structured single sentence at most. But if you can make more please give me more detail in two to three sentences at LEAST.

I can write you two paragraphs worth of stuff. And possibly more!! Please don't come to me like I am some sort of "true saint" cause I don't know if I am. And I can't accept that sort of title cause I don't know how much I would have to stand. Please understand I need stuff at my level. But if this is playful and lazy RP I can see that, be fucking lazy. I know how to spot not serious RP and serious RP. But please stay on your levels. ;v;

Here is my example:
[11:10] Ivan Typhlosion started to look like he was teleporting around the place gathering the ingredients! So fast but what was the point as they were short distances? His face was still half asleep from what it looked like but he had a smirk on was the only real difference between the faces. But he did stop smirking and looked over to see the cutting board styled Eggs Benedict. "Nice. I love the display and extra meat that I can see there. You may watch me cook if you'd like but I'd prefer no side or sous chef." he said moving back over to the kitchen to continue on. Now that he had the red wine, sweet sake, and butter nearby he didn't have to worry about it and put it in a little Shield that looked like a shield of light. And made it to specifically reflect brown here and there to simulate a real box design that contains something fancy. It was merely a blindfold so he wouldn't be pressured so much.

 With that knife sitting near by he took it in hand and smirked again. Still having that very half sleep like face on, with amazing speed he started to slice the onion apart and into very tiny pieces!! Same with the mushrooms! Looking over a the potatoes he started to mash them together a bit but not a lot! He wanted some texture and shape, and with that he kneaded the chopped mushrooms and onions into the potatoes and started to afterwards shape it. It was a semi large irregular but still shapely shape. It was like a loaf of sorts, but condensed to a nice look. He started to wrap all the thick cut bacon around it uncooked, and even made sure not to miss the ends. None of the potato could be seen at all, and now he wrapped it with kite strings to hold it like that all together. And topped it with Rosemary stems with leaves. And finally he slowly put it into the oven to slowly roast over time.

 While that was cooking, he took a small break to go over to the Lucario and relax and eat some of the Eggs Benedict. Relax for a few more minutes...and then he goes back to dispel the little fake box he put on the four other things. He poured the Red wine into a pan first! Then the sweet sake and soy sauce, and now finally put in the butter to melt it away. And now that that was finished the so called "dish" was finished. The bacon was quite roasted! It was sizzling and steaming, all those tiny little pops and steam rising from heat hitting the ears of the Typhlosion and soon the be the Lucario. With the final step he poured the new sauce or liquid onto the food. The food was on a white plate that can caress anything with juices at least a some. So it wouldn't spill if the Typh walked to the Lucario with it. And now he topped with some Watercress he had gathered on his travel. He slowly walks over to the Lucario with this steaming loaf of whatever it was and put the plate down gently to where nearly no sound was made. "This is Gotcha! Pork Roast." he said to the Lucario. "Try it.~" he said now sitting down with him for that time.
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