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Legacy of Anduel - Epic Main Character Theme by Grandvision
Legacy of Anduel - Epic Main Character Theme
Dragon Gets Twitch Affiliate. Come Watch me do VFX, Animation and Gaming Streams
Sorry for the lack of updates on this profile. I have been focusing myself on finding a job after the Corona crisis in the UK. I have also been working as a Freelance Artist on and off and been slowl...
2 years, 1 month ago
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Legacy of Anduel - Epic Main Character Theme by Grandvision
Legacy of Anduel - Epic Main C...
A Wolf Amidst The Stars - Rest in Peace Blackwervolk by Grandvision
A Wolf Amidst The Stars - Rest...
Apocalypse - Epic Latin Choir Soundtrack by Grandvision
Apocalypse - Epic Latin Choir ...
Naruto - I've Seen Too Much Tribute by Grandvision
Naruto - I've Seen Too Much Tr...
Time is a Fickle Thing [Feat ShayPup] by Grandvision
Time is a Fickle Thing [Feat S...
Awakening - Epic Latin Choir Soundtrack by Grandvision
Awakening - Epic Latin Choir S...
Elves of the West - Beautiful Melancholic Vocal Soundtrack by Grandvision
Elves of the West - Beautiful ...
Sparky Character Theme by Grandvision
Sparky Character Theme
Ori and the Blind Forest - Time by Grandvision
Ori and the Blind Forest - Tim...
Echo Fox Theme by Grandvision
Echo Fox Theme
At Any Cost - Epic Hybrid Trailer Soundtrack by Grandvision
At Any Cost - Epic Hybrid Trai...
Ancient Voices - Vocal Ambient by Grandvision
Ancient Voices - Vocal Ambient
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Welcome to the official page of Grandvision Studio.

"I am a dreamer of impossible feats, of lands unknown and worlds unexplored."

Here you will find all the music composed under the Grandvision/Exodus Arias alias. In short I am a painter of the musical art form. Anything from soothing easy listening to full blown orchestral soundtracks. Have been doing this since 2008. Experimented from the very beginnings with Techno and Trance, up to the intricate soundtrack and ambient genres. My music is and always will evolve and take on many forms, I do not compose the standard music you might hear in films, animations or other soundtrack inspired artists, although I strive to stride upwards with my arrangements. I have always composed from feeling and thus standards are not something I adhere to but still keep in mind. Enjoy my journey into the wondrous world that is music

Get my music on Bandcamp!

Genres: 21st Century Classical, Soundtrack, Easy Listening, Ambient and Experimental.
Musician since 06/28/2008
Software: FL STUDIO 12 Producer Edition
VSTS: East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition, Stormdrum, East West Symphonic Choirs, Colossus, Ra, and Truepianos.
Hardware: M-Audio Axiom 61 Controller Keyboard

Youtube: GrandvisionStudio
Last.fm: Grandvision
Facebook: Grandvision Studio
Twitter: Grandvisionx
Email: grandvision@hotmail.co.uk [General talk & commissions]

Donations are always welcome!

Donations help me continue creating the content that you and I love!
Whether it be for creating music, hardware or expanding my sample library

You are free to share and remix any of my creative work, although you may not use my material for commercial purposes unless specifically arranged with me.  Remixes are required to be released under the same license, which can be found here:
Basic Creative Commons License
Full Creative Commons License
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6 years, 9 months ago
Hello Grandvision, Yeah the music for that track felt dark and desolate, which not only compliments Prince of Persia quite well but set's the mood when your taking a walk at night or perhaps driving alone. I enjoy dark ambient tracks and may look into your other stuff in the future as well. good luck :)
6 years, 9 months ago
many more to come, its nice to drive 6 - 8 hours to :3
7 years, 1 month ago
Need to put more of your ambient stuff here.... :)

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