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Origins - Page 20 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 20
One decision about DA
I was on a DA break last weekend. Then, last Wedesday, I did a turn and after some days, I take a long decision. I will come back to DA but first, I have to change completely my artstyle to things I...
2 months ago
Move my comics/artworks here
Due to such circumstances, all of my newer artworks and comics pages of ‌Origins will be move to so, Facebook, FA and also here, when it's going to be my much favourite place over DA which frankly, is...
2 months ago
I join InkBunny
Hi there! I'm not exactly new online. My name is Martin Juneau, much know by my username of Livington-Guy from DeviantArt and reason why I join InkBunny is how DA is getting really boring and feel I ...
2 months, 1 week ago
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Origins - Page 20 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 20
Origins - Page 19 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 19
Origins - Page 18 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 18
Grown-up Becky by FoxieBoy
Grown-up Becky
Origins - Page 17 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 17
Irma Marcus model-sheet by FoxieBoy
Irma Marcus model-sheet
Origins - Page 16 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 16
My day with ABS Page 4 by FoxieBoy
My day with ABS Page 4
Practice Pose by FoxieBoy
Practice Pose
Origins - Page 15 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 15
Cowgirl Christine: An experiment by FoxieBoy
Cowgirl Christine: An experime...
Origins - Page 14 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 14
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Origins Cover Art by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 1 by FoxieBoy
Origins - Page 2 by FoxieBoy
Christine: Origins
A remake story of the first Christine comic story I ever write and made: Christine's First (?) Job (aka The Almost First Job).
21 submissions
My day with ABS Page 4 by FoxieBoy
Christine: My day with ABS
A brand-new short story I made up where Christine realize she got ABS one morning but without doing any work-out.
5 submissions
Amy Gungirl YCH by sallyhot
Amy Gungirl YCH
by sallyhot
My Friend (Page 3) by SammyStowes
My Friend (Page 3)
My Friend (Page 2) by SammyStowes
My Friend (Page 2)
Who needs a Glove.. by SammyStowes
Who needs a Glove..
OMGPAWZ by SammyStowes
Stream doodles - Ass on Fire by yoshitura
Stream doodles - Ass on Fire
by yoshitura
shorts by Cloudydayz
Date with Mina by Blazeymix
Date with Mina
by Blazeymix
S punx  by sallyhot
S punx
by sallyhot
On our date by BlueChika
On our date
by BlueChika
Yuna Mei :AT: by BlueChika
Yuna Mei :AT:
by BlueChika
Ink-Amy by SweetSilvy
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Hi! I'm Martin. I join InkBunny by expect you will like my Art. If you have any feedbacks or just want a talk, just do!

Thanks to visiting my page.
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Fur Affinity
2 months, 1 week ago
Thanks guys! And thank you for the watch. ^^
2 months, 1 week ago
Sounding the Welcome by moyomongoose
2 months, 1 week ago
Aucun probleme. ^^
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