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Akira by EgoDominusTuus
Update (posted on FA as well)
I'll be spending my birthday taking my puppy to the vet with money that we don't have. *Sighs* She's having some pretty not good skin problems on her face that we were hoping would go away but has ste...
10 years ago
Commission Form
----- ‌*‌Submission Form:* *Story Type*: (As in, what are you wanting the story to entail. Example: Regular story, fantasy, action, sexual (female/female, male/female, shemale/???) xD Etc. *Charact...
10 years, 5 months ago
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Akira by EgoDominusTuus
You Need Me by Yaoifairy
You Need Me
by Yaoifairy
Phoenix Magic - Commission for Perrydotto by DreamAndNightmare
Phoenix Magic - Commission for...
Akira's Commissions - Opened Feb 15th, 2012

Current Deals!:

-Buy 2000 words, get the next 1000 FREE.
-If you purchase 10,000 words, you get 2000 words free in addition to previous discounts.
-Refer three friends-if they include your name with their commission request, you get 2-3000 word story for FREE.
-Buy two stories, get the third one (of equal or lesser value than the cheapest commission) at 25% off!!!
-People who buy three or more stories will receive special offers, such as free words, bonus stories, etc!
Interactive: Choose your Own Adventure stories! Read on for details! Starting as low as $5.00!


Hey and welcome to my little Commission Shop! Just your friendly neighborhood writer here! I thought that it was about time to get this page up and running. So, as far as things that you need to know... I'll lay it on you.

You can call me Akira. I'm 22 years old, and my passion is writing. I created this page first to view and comment upon the wonderful submissions of this site... but as of late I've decided that it would be very interesting to try my hand at doing some commissions-that's right, writing commissions! They'll come at a wonderfully affordable price, and there will be no limits on what it is that you can request! Sound nice? -grins sweetly- I know I'm excited!


Submission Guidelines:

There aren't going to be many rules and regulations here. The only thing that I ask is that you fill out a submission form in as much detail as possible, and that you make sure that you have rights to the characters that you present me with, if you give specific characters. Of course, any per-established cannon characters are perfectly allowed and free game.  I don't have anything that I am unwilling to write-ask and you shall receive. I also promise that anything that you ask for will be given in a very, very prompt fashion.
Rating G to X. Just be well aware that the content provided WILL be what you ask for.

Please be aware that I will do commissions of any type-don't feel limited to ask for only fur. Fairy, fantasy, human, anything you can think up... I will do.

I am also very happy to write stories to go along with commissioned (or self drawn) photographs. Honestly, I am up to anything, whether it be some fantasy story, or some fetish that you're too afraid to ask for. Just fill out a form-I honestly can't wait to help your ideas come to life!

Note: Do NOT waste my time discussing a story if you aren't actually intending to get one. It's disrespectful and it wastes not only my time, but the people who are commissioning me. If you want to chit chat and become friends? I'm all for it.... just don't say you are going to get a commission if you have no intention of it.

Second Note: PLEASE make sure that you pay for the amount of words that the details you give me entail. I will never cut your story short to fit under word limit... but I hate going one and two thousand over trying to fit in everything that you wanted to happen. Please... pay me for my time... this is my job. I'll give you a quality story, please give me the respect I deserve for delivering such.


Choose Your Own Adventure:

You wake up in a room-the bed is soft beneath you. The lights are dim, and your eyes haven’t adjusted to the lack of light yet, but there is a figure standing in the doorway. From the door on the opposite side of the room, you can see a soft light escaping and glowing against the carpet, and you could swear that you heard someone calling your name. Your eyes dart back to the figure standing in the doorway-you can make nothing out, save for a sensual frame, and a voice that calls out softly, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

What do you do?


We all recall these stories as children-choose your own adventure! A few good pages of writing, and then a small selection of options that would take you to another page-you chose what happened, whether you decided to turn the lights on to see who was standing in the doorway, or to go for the room where you hear other voices calling out your  name. It’s an adventure that you can customize, that you can control. No restrictions, no character limit-just you setting your own pace, tone, and deciding what you would like!

If you're interested, send me a note, or check out my page for pricing. The cost is a real steal, and I promise that satisfaction is guaranteed!

At the moment, I am open to discussion, but my flat rate will be half a cent per word. (However, as I said... I am completely open to discussion.)
Basically, that equals out to this: 1 page = (roughly) 1000 words = $5.00. I will measure by words, not page.
Also, if you buy 2000 words, you get the next 1000 for free! That's right! 3000 words for $10.00, and so on and so forth! The more that you buy, the more you'll get for free as well... I'll spike it from 1000 up.

If you have a desire to watch me write live, that will also be a small extra fee xD Only because of the pressure.
If you have the desire to have a hard copy of your writing, that will be an additional fee (depending upon length) plus shipping and handling!

Be aware that any overtly obtuse kinks that might make me a little uncomfortable may incur a small, extra charge. Also be aware that if you want an insane amount of detail, the same charge may apply. The only other thing that may change/have any type of influence on the price is if you want a particularly long story, only because of the time involved in providing you with a quality piece.

Also please be aware that I reserve the right to refuse any story applications, but I will do my best to accommodate any and all story needs!

I am also willing to offer you the service of creating a character and allowing you sole ownership of that character-which means that you can use them in other stories, commissions, etc. I will create every aspect for you, and no other individual will be able to use the character without your permission. Extra fees apply.

Make sure to refer your friends. If I get three commissions and your friends tell me that you were the person who referenced them, that will earn you a free 2000 word story!

Also, please make sure to take advantage of my new special - 10,000 words purchased will gain you an additional 2,000 words for free!!!

Accepted methods of payment: Paypal

I accept tips and donations. Getting such things inspires this author to hand out free stories.

Paypal: deathsrequiem07@yahoo.com


Completed Commissions:

*zicknack - 2490 Word Commission - Hard Day At The Office (M/M Domination, Clothing Fetish, Gorilla/Horse)
*eviscerator - 1178 Word Commission - The Wrong Plumbing (Shemale, Female/Transformation)
1318 Word Commission - Of Thievery and Aiming (Kraig and Akira, Transformation and humor)
3125 Word Commission - The Perfect Relief (Akira/Panda, Transformation, lesbian/herm sex scene.)
*hentai369 - 4158 Word Story - Encounter: The First (Male/Female, Sonic Fandom, Antonie/Sally)
3841 Word Story - Encounter: The Second (Male/Female, Sonic Fandom, Antoine/Sally)
2904 Word Commission - Thunderstorms and Fantasies: Cat-Girl CYOA Ending (Male/Female Cat-Girl/begging)
*skruluce - 2000 Word Commission - Surprise (Female/Female Transformation)
2819 Word Commission Discovery (Female/Female Transformation, continuation of Surprise.)
*arcanis_solanum - 4531 Word Commission - The Capture Male/Multiple Female, Fem Domme, Denied Orgasm.)
*wyraachur - 3580 Word Commission - CYOA: A Night In The Woods - T-Rex Ending. (TF/Muscle Growth/Herm)
3527 Word Commission -Into the Woods Lucario Transformation, M/F
*thesilverlining 5130 Word Commission - A Chance Encounter Herm/Breast Play/Lactation/Growth.

Links and Contact Details
Yahoo Messenger
MSN Messenger
Fur Affinity
10 years, 2 months ago
dude! yer on here too?! :D
10 years, 3 months ago
Although I'm a writer, myself, I might take you up on your 10,000-word special... ;) Maybe a second based on a picture that I had commissioned a couple years ago, too. ;)

10 years, 4 months ago
You're welcome, dear!
I really like your stories! ;)
10 years, 4 months ago
Thanks fur the watch!
10 years, 4 months ago
Well if I ever get the money, I shall come to you, haha :P
10 years, 4 months ago
thank you for watching stranger
10 years, 4 months ago
cool, I often use yahoo and msn messengers so maybe we can chat at one point and I'll definitely let you know about commissioning you in the future. :)
10 years, 4 months ago
okay cool. I'll definitely consider commissioning you at some point ^^. Like your stories btw.
10 years, 4 months ago
hey Akira
10 years, 4 months ago
Thanks for the watch!
10 years, 4 months ago
you're welcome and I'll keep that in mind ^^
10 years, 4 months ago
thanks for the watch, got one back, lets be friends! <3
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