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Draken Elkaris by Dracofur45
Draken Elkaris
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Spirit Sarionna by Dracofur45
Spirit Sarionna
Draken Elkaris by Dracofur45
Draken Elkaris
Pedido. by Yure16
by Yure16
Nicole at the Soft Serve Machine 2016 [Clothes V] by Immelmann
Nicole at the Soft Serve Machi...
by Immelmann
Normal Otter Business by FlotianChroma
Normal Otter Business
Matt and Joel, Post-Concession by Immelmann
Matt and Joel, Post-Concession
by Immelmann
Cursed Diapers by Immelmann
Cursed Diapers
by Immelmann
Padded Nikki by Immelmann
Padded Nikki
by Immelmann
Greedy Dragons by Immelmann
Greedy Dragons
by Immelmann
Rising Muffin Dough by TokenSlot
Rising Muffin Dough
by TokenSlot
The Package part.1 by Saintdraconis
The Package part.1
Jabber gets Candy Crushed (com 2 of 4) by Krafty
Jabber gets Candy Crushed (com...
by Krafty
Feeding kink commission 1 by boxywren
Feeding kink commission 1
by boxywren
So much Tea! by Xilrayne
So much Tea!
by Xilrayne
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About myself :Well...I'm 18, I am very shy, but I'm friendly and I like to talk, especially about video games to be honest x3 If you want to chat or rp send me a note and I'll reply asap~

Important things about how I rp :
- First of all, I NEVER rp just for yiff, yiffing is cool but I don't like when a is only based on this. I prefer when there is at least some kind of an introduction (when the characters meets, in wich place ect)

- I usually rp by notes or Skype

- I can do short rps, but I prefer long terms rps.

- Don't expect me to reply with huge paragraphs, for me It's a waste of time. I'll reply as short as I can but with some details

- My main characters can be adapted to many universes, from futuristic to fantastic, but I usually don't do steampunk or WoW themed rps

- Since I have some weird Kinks, if you don't like them I won't do kinky stuff. But I expect you to do the same, please https://www.f-list.net/c/draken%20elkaris/
Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
Draken Elkaris/ Mar n'Kham
Draken Elkaris
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