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Most often, anything I write will either be just general furry content, or Pokemon related. Any other fandom fan fiction will be very, very unlikely. I prefer not have to stick to any sort of canon character personality/story/background.

A safe for work or multi-chapter story will also likely be a rarity. When I can't find anyone to role play a specific scenario with me (At least, well.) i'll write about it on my own instead, just to get the idea out. Most if not all of my works are going to be explicit, though likely with at least a bit of build up or romance leading up to it.

Do be warned, most explicit stories will be far from tame. Occasionally (As with my first story on here) I will write more for the common reader than myself- Relatively tame kinks that aren't too far outside of what might be considered socially acceptable. However, that is most certainly not always going to be the case. Any and all kinks will be tagged, so make sure you double check before you dive into any one in particular.

Also, if you notice any clear mistakes (Spelling, missing word, extra word, ect) I would appreciate being notified with specifics as to where exactly it is.

Avatar does not belong to me, it's the amazing work of Uzucake! (Their Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/uzucake )

And finally my AO3 page, the first place anything I write will be uploaded: archiveofourown.org/users/DemonKingKurama/works
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