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commission by pentrep by kake0078
commission by pentrep
My 18th birthday...
I am now 18 years old! Wow I'm an adult. Feel free to draw on my birthday. It can either be NSFW or SFW. All drawings are appreciated.
1 year, 10 months ago
17th birthday!~
Oh my gosh! I'm 17 already! Wow, time flies by so fast. Feel free to draw me any gifts. :3 Thanks for the wishes!
2 years, 10 months ago
commission by pentrep by kake0078
commission by pentrep
by kake0078
OMGPAWZ by SammyStowes
Bunny Buns by Crackers
Bunny Buns
by Crackers
I-It won't fit in... by MetorouDE
I-It won't fit in...
by MetorouDE
shy idiot nerd by Crackers
shy idiot nerd
by Crackers
Lotsa Butts~ by Pawpy
Lotsa Butts~
by Pawpy
Puppers by Crackers
by Crackers
Practice Glaceon by pikachii025
Practice Glaceon
miles tails prower by DAGASI
miles tails prower
Cutesy boy by KinoStrife
Cutesy boy
ref by bunnybb by KinoStrife
ref by bunnybb
Underwear Commission #01 by Harmarist
Underwear Commission #01
by Harmarist
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Hello! My name is Bopard and welcome to my Inkbunny page!

About me:

I'm Bopard, my friends call me a baby or a puppy but close friends only. I'm green with purple shading. He doesn't like clothes except for shirt and underwear related, he's really silly, playful and friendly, shy when it comes to meeting new people. He likes most things, he's very picky with people.
Likes: Silly, funny, cute, friendly people.
Dislikes: Fake friends, backstabbers, anything mean related.

Interests and hobbies: Drawing, Roleplay, Furry Fandom, Anime,  Music

Ask me if you want to add me on other social medias! Don't be shy :3

Thanks for the visit, watch and comments! Byebye~ :3
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3 years, 1 month ago
Thanks mate
Means a lot
3 years, 2 months ago
                                                                                    Thanks for leaving a shout!

                                                                   If I remove your comment, that means I've read it~

                                                              I won't be on here much, but I'll check here time to time :3

                                                                                                Byebye now~          
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