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'What's The Deal With RC?' -Jerry's Birthday Gift by CharlieAscende
'What's The Deal With RC?' -Jerry's Birthday Gift
I'm gonna rework on my new screenplay draft now
I was thinking about finishing that Curtis Parker headdshot pic that I was suppose to work on but I feel like it has already taken much of my energy to work on art. So I've decided to make a new draf...
3 weeks ago
Planning to do some Headshot pics for my Anthro characters
In a week or two hopefully I'll be able to work on some anthro headshot pics since I hardly done any furry art for awhile now. Sucks but I'm hoping to get to that point soon as I'm currently stuck wit...
1 month ago
Happy New Year 2017 // 2016 So Far (Truthful Rant)
I'm not really sure where to start but here it goes. So far my last new years resolution have been through ups and downs. Some plans were just unsuccessful and yet things are been fruitless when it c...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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'What's The Deal With RC?' -Jerry's Birthday Gift by CharlieAscende
'What's The Deal With RC?' -Je...
Qwuedeviv Giftart: Jackal Harbinger by CharlieAscende
Qwuedeviv Giftart: Jackal Harb...
Firando Alliance Pilot by CharlieAscende
Firando Alliance Pilot
Snowblind ArtGift by CharlieAscende
Snowblind ArtGift
Feral Flaw (VoidShark giftart) by CharlieAscende
Feral Flaw (VoidShark giftart)
Charlie and Smiley (Giftart) by CharlieAscende
Charlie and Smiley (Giftart)
Wolfhood -Wyla Artgift by CharlieAscende
Wolfhood -Wyla Artgift
Armored Alepou sketch by CharlieAscende
Armored Alepou sketch
Through the Fire and Flames -Alepou by CharlieAscende
Through the Fire and Flames -A...
Alter Bridge: Fortress Anthro -Alepoú by CharlieAscende
Alter Bridge: Fortress Anthro ...
Assuming Control... -Black Fox Agent by CharlieAscende
Assuming Control... -Black Fox...
Introducing Vadim Otselot by CharlieAscende
Introducing Vadim Otselot
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The Tiny King by AngeluTF
The Tiny King
by AngeluTF
ARA Education by fluffKevlar
ARA Education
Cheetah Sweater, Round 2 by fluffKevlar
Cheetah Sweater, Round 2
Comm:Wolf by ClaraLaine
I will come back to this account in a future. I just needed some time away from InkBunny since I'm obviously inactive on here.
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8 months ago
your more then welcome
9 months, 4 weeks ago
*nibbles cookie*
9 months, 4 weeks ago
*Chomps the impersonator!*
1 year, 2 months ago
Thanks ^n.n^
1 year, 2 months ago
Hi, I'm new to posting things here on inkbunny too and I just happen to love equipping my furries with badass guns. I left a comment on one of your submissions .
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