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There Is No Pausing In LoL by AvantGarde
There Is No Pausing In LoL
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Aztec Ponies Firefox Header by AvantGarde
Aztec Ponies Firefox Header
Derpy by AvantGarde
Lutari Shopkeeper by AvantGarde
Lutari Shopkeeper
There Is No Pausing In LoL by AvantGarde
There Is No Pausing In LoL
Demon Prince!Damian by Maim
Demon Prince!Damian
by Maim
Conversions #2 by Yiffox
Conversions #2
by Yiffox
I'm Avant Garde, I'm a Brony, not a furry- but I used to be a furry, so I'm totally cool with yall. Hope you don't mind me being here, dA kind of sucks in a lot of ways. =) I draw Ponies and other things, from time to time.

I'm a pretty weird person, weirder than most, I think and on a fandom site that's saying something.=P I'm the weirdest combination of shy and shameless that you'll probably ever meet. I try to be a nice person overall, I love to have fun and laugh, but certain things bring out my asshole side, and I can be a pretty big asshole if provoked.. I'd like to make some more friends, but I'm kind of awkward sometimes and so I'm honestly not very good at making new friends. =/  Soo... Here's some stuff about me and if you think we might get along and wanted to chat sometime, Pm me. c=

FtM (pre-op, but male pronouns only, please), 28 years old, Single-really lazily looking, American-GA, 80% gay (scale: 0 being asexual, 1 being women only ever, 50 being totally equal bisexual, 100 being men only ever. I have a tendency to be emotionally attracted to both, but sexually attracted primarily to men.), Pagan (Eclectic), 5'0", overweight (but working on it), Omnivore, Uh...allergic to horses? lol

Music (most genres), MLP;FiM, Movies (comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, thriller/psychological, sci-fi), Documentaries, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Learning, Skyrim, Dogs, Weed, Reading, Sewing/Crafts, studying Religion (my own and others), Equality (working toward a better human state, rather than a better female state), online role play, RL role play, kinky stuff (ask if interested), weed, cooking, tea, cute things, dark and morbid stuff, spooky stuff (I'm not goth, though. I just like skeletons and gore and shit), the supernatural, magic, quantum theory, science in general,weed...seriously, I love pot, my son (a Border Collie mutt), kids(in an innocent way), the environment, trees, the ocean, lakes, mountains, swimming, walking, hiking, pictures of cats, other peoples' cats, the few intelligent people under the age of 18 (hope for the future!!!), pervertedness, laughing, enjoying life, spontaneity, change, surprises, miniature anything.

Willful Stupidity or Ignorance, Feminism(see 'Equality' above), Racism (not to be confused with political incorrectness, which is FINE in my book, since there is a DIFFERENCE.), People-phobias(homo, trans, xeno- anything), unintelligent people under the age of 18 (I fear for the future -.-;)Religious intolerance (I don't care if you're intolerant of the religion itself, but respect peoples' right to believe whatever they want to.), annoying kids (badly behaved, loud or obnoxious ones), bad parents, people who can't drive for shit, loud neighbors when you know damn well how thin these walls are (lol, Im running out of ideas. I like more things than I dislike. I think that's a good thing, right?)

All that said, that stuff is just me. It's who I am and what I feel, I'm not here to change anyone else's views, nor to have mine changed so, if you disagree with any of those things, then feel free to keep it to yourself and ignore my existence. I won't be offended. If you are interested in a genuine, calm, discussion about anything I've listed, I am more than willing to discuss, but I'd rather not get into a debate as they tend to get messy online for some reason.

I don't do commissions, but I might do trades or requests if I REALLY[/b] like the idea or character. This is mostly for your benefit: If I'm not jazzed about an art project, I usually end up doing a shitty job, taking forever, or not finishing at all. I'm not good with restrictions or deadlines. Sorry, I suck about that.  Also, I now have a need to add- I do NOT, and will NEVER draw Filly/Colt stuff, though I will draw Cub. Don't ask why, I can't figure it out either.
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Hello and welcome to InkBunny.
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