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Animal semen is an alternative fuel by AspenAlabaster
Animal semen is an alternative fuel
I got to meet an old doggo friend then got yiff later on.
Earlier today, I went to visit my friend who use to let my baby sit his doggo and we got to hug, nuzzle, and lick tongues a bit.  He was so happy to see me again after all the time we were apart after...
1 week, 3 days ago
Huskies is so sexy!!! (A responce to my last troll who thinks I'm a monster)
Huskies is the sexiest animals in the world, I really love their sexy floofy bodies that seeing the sight of as a cub began my love for animals.  I just want to meet one, hug him tightly, kiss him wit...
1 week, 5 days ago
A warm furry welcome to a new artist.
Let's welcome  Blukino ( https://inkbunny.net/Blukino )  to inkbunny.  He has just joined and made some yiff of his fursona which is his first submission he has uploaded.  He will be making more like ...
3 weeks, 1 day ago
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Animal semen is an alternative fuel by AspenAlabaster
Animal semen is an alternative...
Wonk the llama by AspenAlabaster
Wonk the llama
Cursed face. by AspenAlabaster
Cursed face.
Howling with the coyotes by AspenAlabaster
Howling with the coyotes
Jackson the cub refference (Second version) by AspenAlabaster
Jackson the cub refference (Se...
Jackson the cub by AspenAlabaster
Jackson the cub
Trying out a new style by AspenAlabaster
Trying out a new style
Angry pup. by AspenAlabaster
Angry pup.
Anthemus the moth (Clean version) by AspenAlabaster
Anthemus the moth (Clean versi...
Laying in the tall grass 1 (Clena version) by AspenAlabaster
Laying in the tall grass 1 (Cl...
Brute the hyens icon by AspenAlabaster
Brute the hyens icon
New badge by AspenAlabaster
New badge
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Jackson the cub by AspenAlabaster
Jackson the cub refference (Second version) by AspenAlabaster
Commission Owo  
Art featuring other animals's fursonas.
13 submissions
Forced to breed and feed (Page Two) by AspenAlabaster
Force breeding and feeding
Aspen gets captured by Prowlphus and forced into the hardest breeding of his life and to feed Prowlphus with his body fluids..
4 submissions
Baby Aspen in his crib by AspenAlabaster
Illustrations from: Aspen's First Heat.
Fig Newton babysits baby Aspen Alabaster while his parents are out on a cruise.  Not only is he going to take good care of him but he's going to give him sexual pleasure for the first time.
13 submissions
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Raucous by pandapaco
by pandapaco
Pool side fun by RathkinStealthwing
Pool side fun
2020 Sun Glasses - Happy New Year by moyomongoose
2020 Sun Glasses - Happy New Y...
RJ Ref Sheet by RJKincade
RJ Ref Sheet
by RJKincade
Love is Like a Rose by Fisis
Love is Like a Rose
by Fisis
Little Jackson by SebastianTheRoo
Little Jackson
Jackson playing with blocks! by SebastianTheRoo
Jackson playing with blocks!
Across Thin Ice by pandapaco
Across Thin Ice
by pandapaco
BOO! by DakkaWoof
by DakkaWoof
Short Snarf by Eggxecution
Short Snarf
Sergal Character (Needs a name) by PlatinumAurora23
Sergal Character (Needs a name...
werewolf monster thing by KhramChee
werewolf monster thing
by KhramChee
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I am a husky from Canada, Ontario and love making art, mating with other furries and pups, and will always remain young pup at heart so my fursona is a young cub to.  I like to eat things that aren't food such as toilet paper, marbles, and a new one wood chips.  

I enjoy drawing yiff of my fursona and creating other characters.  Writing is also a thing that I am good at such as writing a really detailed yiff story.  I like doing whatever I can to make people happy and hope my art brings enjoyment to others who view it.  I'm really open about my sexuality and then fetishes I has so I apologize if you're chatting with me and I go a bit over the line, I had so many other animals touching me without consent that I just doesn't care who knows about my fetishes anymore.  

I am very attracted to animals romantically and sexually and love to talk about it to anyone who likes it as well, one reason for this is having bad times with hoomans but animals always love me as much as I love you, never use or abuse me, and always treat me fair and have more in common with me then I does with hoomans because of howl I act like a dog howlever I doesn't yiff them anymore besides a time when it was legal in my area.  

I also really loved dead animals for a while but it was mostly a fad that I dropped quicker then I got into it but I'll still move dead animals out of the road to show them respect.  I don't believe in catching anything from them since nothing has ever happened after handling them and licking fluids that came out of them from my paws.  If you like this kind of thing and you're a male, I'd love to hear from you since I doesn't know many animals who does but if you doesn't like it, be aware of what you'll read and that I will be making drawings of it.  
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