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Tattletail Mini Comics [Crossovers] by AnimeXtremex
Tattletail Mini Comics [Crossovers]
A Hell Of A Week
If you want to know what happened, well this is what happened: (not in order but meh) -I get abdominal pain for 2 days just for eating something that didn't agree with me -I get scolded at for taking...
4 days, 1 hr ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBMkrXG8KMY It’s true, what he says in this video. And not just Felix as a person because of either his mistakes or anyone else’s. This has always been an on-going p...
1 week, 2 days ago
Happy Valentines Day?
I guess…? If you’re into that… Can you feel the enthusiasm? Heh. I guess I’m not much for Valentines day, only because it’s mostly now media based. I know it was back in even the roman times where...
1 week, 6 days ago
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Tattletail Mini Comics [Crossovers] by AnimeXtremex
Tattletail Mini Comics [Crosso...
Soriel: Valentines Day [Comic] by AnimeXtremex
Soriel: Valentines Day [Comic]
Undertale: The View Of The Past by AnimeXtremex
Undertale: The View Of The Pas...
Undertale Me: Beginning by AnimeXtremex
Undertale Me: Beginning
Invader Zim: Teen Dib Membrane: Singing by AnimeXtremex
Invader Zim: Teen Dib Membrane...
Undertale Me: First Impression [Mini Comic] by AnimeXtremex
Undertale Me: First Impression...
Undertale Me: First Impression by AnimeXtremex
Undertale Me: First Impression
Undertale Me: Outta Here by AnimeXtremex
Undertale Me: Outta Here
Undertale: Game Over [Video] by AnimeXtremex
Undertale: Game Over [Video]
Undertale: WHOA! [Video] by AnimeXtremex
Undertale: WHOA! [Video]
Undertale: I Shall Murder You All [Video] by AnimeXtremex
Undertale: I Shall Murder You ...
Undertale: Frisk Messes Up [Video] by AnimeXtremex
Undertale: Frisk Messes Up [Vi...
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FNAF: Foxy [Humanoid/Furry/Colored/Sketched] by AnimeXtremex
Bonnies Melody [FNAF] by AnimeXtremex
Mike Schmidt: Night Guard: Five Nights [FNAF] by AnimeXtremex
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Indie games or any video game really.
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Bonnie: Happy 4th [FNAF Sketch] by AnimeXtremex
At First I Was Like-And Then-But Finally~ [Nights: Journey of Dreams] by AnimeXtremex
Frisky Puns [Comic Strip] by AnimeXtremex
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Chloe Deibele Hedgehog [Request] by AnimeXtremex
Metal Vs Sonic [Commission] by AnimeXtremex
Unknown The Demon Cyber Fox [Request] by AnimeXtremex
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Hey guys I'm known as "AnimeXtremex" Though I'm not fond how it's ONLY for furries and barely for humanoid since I like to practice that the most out of anything.

Besides that, there are somethings I WILL NOT DRAW. Only because:
I don't like it. it sickens me, it makes no sense to me, or I think it's just downright wrong in my eyes.
I won't put it here; only because if I make a request or a commission, I'll put down what I won't draw. Though this community seems nicer then the other places; but I'm guessing only because there's not as many artists around here because of the limited things you can draw.

Though the TYPES of things I draw are:
-Digital Art/Media
-Character Sheets
-Fc Oc Stories/Game Reviews (rarely bases)
-Bases for those who want to draw the same thing I did
-Animations (on a rare bases)
-Explicit/Questionable/Or Safe content
-Sketches/Lineart (digital Sketches/lineart)
-One Page Comic/Comics
-Videos (on a rare bases)
-Traditional (Very Rare Bases. Only when absolutely necessary)
-Similarities (meaning if I find something from a show or video game, and find a similar thing in a totally different show not from the same company; I'll sometimes point it out. On a rare bases)
-Emoticon Chart/Other Memes (rare bases)
-Adoptables (When I no longer need a character)

Though I will be separating some of these into either Main Gallery or Scraps depending on which one it is. I love to stay organized only because I have O.C.D.

Then I do, do some things for people such as:
-Free Request (when I'm feeling generous or I have nothing else to do.)
-Art Trades (Which some people get confused. An art trade is where You'll draw me a picture, and in return I draw you a picture. Hence the name; "Art Trade")
-R.P In pm (Only if I have the time though. I don't care what rp we do; since...what do I care? I'm not the one doing it my characters are lol. I'm still the virgin here lol)

And even though art is no longer a career choice, and I want to go into Massage Therapy; I will always have art in my heart. Along with writing (which I do sell actual stories on Amazon for some cash. So you could say I'm an author; however, i work harder on the ones I actually sell then the ones I write on here normally. Trust me I could do a lot better with the ones I write on here, I just don't always bother heheh)
So yes I draw, I do videos, I write, I rub backs, I animate; what don't I do? Exercise eue lol
But if any of this interest you; then this is a page to watch..
Rules/Information to Know About Commissions, Requests and Art Trades:

-Commissions will be done once in awhile. I figure, since I'm taking time out of my day to do something for you, I do have the right to have some "reward". Thought, I'm not greedy, most of the commissions I do, will be cheap. Actually a lot of things I noticed here are expensive if you want something, I don't like to charge too much. Just enough where we're both satisfied.

-Requests will be on rare times, not too rare though, but will only be made for really close friends, or if i'm feeling generous, but for an example for those close friends are listed below
Such as:


There are a few others. If you're not on the list, then you're not. No big deal. I can't just say EVERYONE is my automatic friend.

so all I can say is don't be a sore loser, don't think you can weasel your way into getting free pictures. I have school work, I have my stores that are MUCH more important to me, and I have other priorities to look forward too and have.

Art Trades:
-For art trades, some people some how some way sometimes get confused and I don't know how.
Okay for those who don't know what an art trade is, an art trade is:
Two people or individuals who make a deal to make a picture for one another. Hence the word
"ART TRADE" meaning you're trading art. You're both drawing art FOR EACH OTHER, not just here's your picture but where's mine?
But for an art trade, that can be for pretty much everyone
IF I'm in the mood for it, or I don't mind because we're both getting something out of it so I don't see why not.
Now for rules (Which include, General for myself, Commissions, Requests, and Art Trades)

General Rules:
1. If I say no, the answer is no. Okay? I'm not trying to be mean. Let's say you wanted a picture or something or wanted to see something out of me. If I either say "Not now, perhaps in a later time, no, etc" Then that's the final word.

2. Drawing is a hobby now, I can't express that enough in more ways then one. Earlier in the year I did post a journal that should still be in my journals; I said that drawing is just for my own leisure, my own enjoyment. I told everyone I wanted to go to massage therapy

3. Journals are mainly for updates of what project I'm doing, what will happen, if I'm going to cancel a project, start a project, or anything along the lines of either art, videos, or animations. I already made it clear, unless I have a horrible condition well health condition, these journals are actually valid now

4. Even if I love to draw I also love to write. Which some people should be aware of that; I am a published author on Amazon selling over 50 stories. So what I'm basically telling you. If anything, my stories I write may get more attention then my own drawings from time to time. Not saying my drawing talent isn't important, but my stories are just worth so much more to me.

Commission Rules:
1. Never say you're impatient, at least not to me. I need my time to draw and I hate to feel rushed. I'm a stressful person, so the minute you say you want it now you don't want to wait, then you might as well find someone else to ask.

2. I promise you it will be done. If anything commissions will come out BETTER than requests because you paid for it.

3. No matter how little you paid, the saying of "you get what you paid for" isn't applied. Meaning I'm going to work harder on that commission because you were willing to pay me. It won't come out suckish, or lousy, or something you will regret.

4. If you don't like the commission I made for you,then two things:
         1. You can get your money back.
         2. I'll redo the picture if that's what you wish so I can try to make it right.

5. Say what you want and that's it! Don't relay on me or anyone else to help you figure out what you want. If you have an idea in your head then use it! Don't make it a huge thing where I have to come up with the idea for you. It's not my responsibility of what you desire.

6. Lastly NEVER bother an artist in production. Don't keep asking when I'm doing over and over again or I'm going to scrap the idea, give you your money back and ask you to go somewhere else.

Request Rules:
1. Requests aren't guaranteed to come out the best, unlike commissions. Then again that's because I'm not getting paid for it.

2. Requests will be done on a rare case, like commissions. However, unlike commissions where anyone can ask, Requests will be done for close and I mean CLOSE friends only!

4. Requests actually may take longer to make because it's not mandatory, meaning you didn't pay shit for it, you can wait.

Art Trade Rules:

1. If I do an art trade, it can be for anyone. Not just limited to friends.

2. If I do an art trade, I expect you to do the same for me since hence the word "art trade" So I'd expect you to draw something for me too. I don't care how long it takes though.

3. Same rule from above, don't rush me, or I'll cancel the art trade

4. Be specific of what you want, and I'll be specific of what I want. I won't pull shit on you if you don't pull shit on me.
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1 week, 4 days ago
hi! Long time without checking this site. Hope everything's well!
1 week, 6 days ago
Thanks for the fav <3 Happy Valentines Day hehe
2 weeks, 3 days ago
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Thanks for more favssss nyaaa!!!
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Nya thankyou so much for the fav buddy <3 wags tail x3
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the favs buddy! X3 ahhh i feel so loved nyaa
1 month, 3 weeks ago
very true :D
1 month, 3 weeks ago
more so yes :D
1 month, 3 weeks ago
yay X3
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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yes you do :) you can PM me for that
2 months ago
maybe some time i will mail you some cookies
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