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Love Ya ~ <3 by AndrewShannon
Love Ya ~ <3
!!!Requests!!! ~ <3
Request something, anything! Only things I won't do: -Vore -Shitplay -Muscles -Fat Though, please keep in mind that I might not want to do it, and I'll tell you why. I'd especially like any involvi...
1 week ago
Fetish Meme
Thanksies to this person http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mikeyfoxtree2/?nocacheplz=1483095631 I wanted to do these memes, I see a lot of these kinda thingies, feel free to send me ones if you want me...
3 weeks, 4 days ago
List of Tropes that Fit Meh
From TV Tropes, cuz I love going through there. Absent Minded Professor – Because I am very absent-minded, just not about things that interest me, In which case, I’m way too attentive, but everything...
1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Sketchy by AndrewShannon
Bored by AndrewShannon
Blankie! by AndrewShannon
Old Clothes by AndrewShannon
Old Clothes
80's Metal Uniform by AndrewShannon
80's Metal Uniform
Love Ya ~ <3 by AndrewShannon
Love Ya ~ <3
Chad by AndrewShannon
Dramatic by AndrewShannon
Jakes-little-stash-of-art Did Meh by AndrewShannon
Jakes-little-stash-of-art Did ...
It's Raining Outside by AndrewShannon
It's Raining Outside
Random Characters 1 by AndrewShannon
Random Characters 1
Andrew Ref by AndrewShannon
Andrew Ref
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Aren't I Adorable? by AndrewShannon
Posters by AndrewShannon
Cutting... by AndrewShannon
Actually Good Works
Stuff I am actually a little proud of.
18 submissions
Chad by AndrewShannon
Other Characters
Other characters I thought up.
2 submissions
I'z Hidin' by AndrewShannon
Sissy Swinging by AndrewShannon
Lost in Thought by AndrewShannon
Mah IMVU shit :D
8 submissions
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Devi (Debbie/Deborah) Randelle by GothBunnyBoy
Devi (Debbie/Deborah) Randelle
[G] Hoa the Marbled Cat by Peryton
[G] Hoa the Marbled Cat
by Peryton
He Thinks It's Still 2008 by Peryton
He Thinks It's Still 2008
by Peryton
OC Re-draw: Toshi by Peryton
OC Re-draw: Toshi
by Peryton
Not A Flying Squirrel by Peryton
Not A Flying Squirrel
by Peryton
[Com] Specter & Kodama by Peryton
[Com] Specter & Kodama
by Peryton
[G] Get Well Soon by Peryton
[G] Get Well Soon
by Peryton
Explorer Trio~ by Ketzio11
Explorer Trio~
by Ketzio11
Head Scratchies by GothBunnyBoy
Head Scratchies
Breaking Point by Verminox
Breaking Point
by Verminox
(Part 1) Comfort~ by Ketzio11
(Part 1) Comfort~
by Ketzio11
Happy Halloween from B+K by GothBunnyBoy
Happy Halloween from B+K
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Hi. I'm Andrew, or Drew, or Drew-Drew or Drewzie. #^w^#

I do a lot of shit art, but that's because I'm a real lazy piece of shit, but I will try harder... <#^w^;>

I may be an agnostic, but I do worship ZardoZ

My Youtube page, for music stuff, random shit and my (eventual) Let's Plays and movie reviews.

My RYM page, for the 800+ metal albums I like. Just try sifting through them, you'll starve. >:3
I also have some films listed there, horror, fantasy, comedy...and Godfrey Ho ninja movies

I sometimes draw non-anthro stuff here, but mostly it's just a SFW copy of this account

Same as here, except betterer

If you really want to know me, I post interesting or funny things, music stuff, and muse about random shit that goes on in my life, along with posting my drawings before I actually work on them.

I'm also on IMVU from 1-2 usually on weekdays and 12-1 AM on weekends. You can PM me, and please do before adding me, I like to chat before adding people. I've got a cute little depressing bedroom to hang out in, too. ^w^
My username is AndrewShannon1

My ref sheet is here, <3 !!!PLEASE CHEK IT OUT FOR PERSONAL INFO!!! <3

And so I'll shut the fuck up, just so you know, I am fine with anyone drawing me, wanting me to draw something, or wanting to tag me along with something, just ask, no money involved cuz I'z poor and don't really care about that. I'm a whore, not a prostitute. <#0w0#> Just send me a note if you wanna discuss that stuffs. <0u0>

Hope you like me, cuz I love all you guys, no matter what. <#^w^#> -- <
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4 weeks ago
Your fursona is hella cute & hot, love emo furries!!! <3
1 month, 2 weeks ago
I'm not thinking I like shouts much so...

 !!Just send me a PM instead!!

 I will read it and pro'lly reply. Please respect this

 <#^w^#> -- <3
1 month, 4 weeks ago
4 months, 2 weeks ago
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello there OvO
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