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Aren't I Adorable? by AndrewShannon
Aren't I Adorable?
More stuffs about meh
I find this article good and interesting <0u0> http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome Avg. results for the 5 MBTI tests I've taken I-95.2 N-59 T-59.4 J-71.8 T-62 (...
2 days, 14 hrs ago
PotatoCakes0w0 Drew Me
I'm a little late posting this but, nyeh. Anyway, I love it and please check her out if you do, too! #^w^# http://potatocakes0w0.deviantart.com/art/Bang-640147439
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Hey Torquemada, whaddaya say?
I just got back from the auto-da-fe! Auto-da-fe, what's an auto-da-fe? It's what you oughtn't to do but do anyway! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&v...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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My Face 90% of the Time by AndrewShannon
My Face 90% of the Time
Aren't I Adorable? by AndrewShannon
Aren't I Adorable?
Norman Blood by AndrewShannon
Norman Blood
Posters by AndrewShannon
Cutting... by AndrewShannon
Another by AndrewShannon
Different Style by AndrewShannon
Different Style
Untitled by AndrewShannon
HIE! by AndrewShannon
Steel on Steel by AndrewShannon
Steel on Steel
Blind Men and Occult Forces by AndrewShannon
Blind Men and Occult Forces
Cat Beanie by AndrewShannon
Cat Beanie
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Norman Blood by AndrewShannon
Another by AndrewShannon
Untitled by AndrewShannon
Lazy Shit
Not scraps material, but not that great.
15 submissions
Aren't I Adorable? by AndrewShannon
Posters by AndrewShannon
Cutting... by AndrewShannon
Actually Good Works
Stuff I am actually a little proud of.
11 submissions
Explorer Trio~ by Ketzio11
Explorer Trio~
by Ketzio11
Head Scratchies by GothBunnyBoy
Head Scratchies
Breaking Point by Verminox
Breaking Point
by Verminox
(Part 1) Comfort~ by Ketzio11
(Part 1) Comfort~
by Ketzio11
Happy Halloween from B+K by GothBunnyBoy
Happy Halloween from B+K
Sleepover by GothBunnyBoy
(Part 5) Phantoms~ by Ketzio11
(Part 5) Phantoms~
by Ketzio11
(Part 4) Bumps in the Night~ by Ketzio11
(Part 4) Bumps in the Night~
by Ketzio11
(Part 2) Perk Up~ by Ketzio11
(Part 2) Perk Up~
by Ketzio11
(Part 1) School Sucks~ by Ketzio11
(Part 1) School Sucks~
by Ketzio11
Barrier Break~ (1/2) by Ketzio11
Barrier Break~ (1/2)
by Ketzio11
Ghost Hunting Buddies~ by Ketzio11
Ghost Hunting Buddies~
by Ketzio11
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Hi. I'm Andrew, or Drew, or Drew-Drew or Drewzie. #^w^#

I do a lot of shit art, but that's because I'm a real lazy piece of shit, but I will try harder... <#^w^;>

I may be an agnostic, but I do worship ZardoZ

My Youtube page, for music stuff, random shit and my (eventual) Let's Plays and movie reviews.

My RYM page, for the 800+ metal albums I like. Just try sifting through them, you'll starve. >:3

I sometimes draw non-anthro stuff here, but mostly it's just a SFW copy of this account

Same as here, except betterer

If you really want to know me, I post interesting or funny things, music stuff, and muse about random shit that goes on in my life, along with posting my drawings before I actually work on them.

If you want some specifics 'bout me...

I’m from Arlington, Texas and no, I don't own a horse nor do I have an accent, though I do slur together my words. I was brought up in diverse, if very poor (a man was murdered in one neighborhood I lived, while I was there) neighborhoods and so, I have an open mind. With that, I like to think of myself as intellectual, I've got the 140+ IQ for it, though, I admit, my common sense is very bad. I also am very socially awkward, so if you speak to me, please forgive me if I sound rather off. I have a severe case of Asperger's Syndrome, to be more specific.

And, though I'm a rather extreme introvert IRL, I am completely fine talking online, so feel free to talk with me about anything, even NSFW stuff, I'll never get angry at you. -- <3

I'm also short at 5'3. 0w0

And so for the details about me, individually. I like music, history, social science (realistic social science, not Social Justice bullshit, and please do not call me a racist, sexist pig or something stupid like that), politics, as well as world and historical cultures. My political persuasion could be described as a Libertarian, but I prefer to label myself a Liberal Minarchist. As you may see from the artwork of myself, the term "femboy" can describe me well :3.

And sexually, since I'm sure some people might want or need to know, I’m bi and usually submissive, but I can be a femmy dom if asked. I have a preference for femboys and tomboys, and especially ones "dark" like me, but I can expand to just about anyone, really. Just no beards, fat or big muscles, sorry. Also, blood, choking and pain turn me on...#TwT# Just send me a note, if you want to discuss that stuff. <0u0>

And so I'll shut the fuck up, just so you know, I am fine with anyone drawing me, wanting me to draw something, or wanting to tag me along with something, just ask, no money involved cuz I'z poor and don't really care about that. I'm a whore, not a prostitute. <#0w0#>

Hope you like me, cuz I love you. #^w^#  -- <3
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Hello there OvO
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