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Appletude by slightlyshade
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This world of suggestive+ pony pics has an alarmingly unaware trend of passive cuckoldry. Art that would have worked well to have the intention of pleasing the viewer, the real person who feels affection for the pony or ponies, is made into something that makes that impossible. Through some implication or another indicating that the girl in the picture is being pleased by someone else. Someone who’s not you.

Think about it. What purpose does it serve a solo pic of a pony you really like for her pleasure to be coming from a unicorn’s magic rather than something you can apply to yourself? For her to call the viewer by another character’s name. That is less nice than if you could feel the personal affection there, and it serves no purpose, just caused by passively learned unromance and cuckoldry. This is more than a minor issue, it’s a trend more harmful than any deliberate fetish. And I mean any.

You could say that "you can’t do anything to her" and that another pony can, and try to explain the trend with that, but that just doesn’t work. There’s plenty of pics with a self-insertable human, and pics where she’s just interacting with the viewer without any of their body being visible. the human’s body could be a blank outline and it would serve a good purpose. I know how easy it can be to give in to the trends and "enjoy" the exciting art that ignores the viewer’s feelings, but I won’t accept that.

This isn't to tell people "stop shipping" if that is actually what they mean to do, deliberately because they want it to be about the relationship between those characters. But I know I'm not the only one who likes to experience personal affection with art of the pony I like, and there's plenty of opportunity for that. So I will hold out for such things that are for the viewer to enjoy in a way more than what's the intended reaction for seeing two characters go at it.  
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