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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 6 years, 8 months ago
Rating: General

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6 years, 8 months ago
love this so much XD
6 years, 8 months ago
Good for the boys to pick up their toys.
Bonus Multiplier: Raph's mask down at his throat. I dunno...it just works right.
6 years, 8 months ago
Huh, I always thought Raph and Leo would be more into each other than Mikey and Donnie.
4 years, 2 months ago
Nah, the two Alpha's would never work out- constant arguing would strain any romance and Leo would insist on being top all the time because he's leader and Raph would say "it'll be a cold day in hell when you top me" cuz giving in to Fearless goes against everything he is.  Donnie is okay with being the submissive role, he can calm down Raph and doesn't push his buttons when he's angry (have you ever seen Raph get pissed at Don like he does when Leo is telling him NOT to do something or go somewhere or when Mikey is playing a prank on him? Have you ever seen Raph get pissed at Don at all?) They both like engines and vehicles, the work in the garage together, Raph is able to do small repairs around the Lair cuz he's the only other turtle who understands and likes mechanical things (technology is the bane of Leo's existence and unless it plays music, movies or games, you don't want Mikey to touch it and he doesn't care how it works as long as he gets to play with it) They both enjoy watching sports (Leo doesn't care to watch sports and Mikey only likes cartoons, scifi or horror movies) and they both are known for Sarcastic humor. Don is also the only one Raph will allow to patch him up- any one else offers he tells them to get bent cuz he's not a wimp and would rather bleed to death than accept help- "Dr. Donnie" is the only one who can get him to sit still and accept medical treatment. Don doesn't judge or try to lecture Raph when he goes topside alone like Leo does (Raph HATES lectures and HATES being bossed around) Don doesn't force his opinion... He listens- if Raph wants to rant and rave about how Leo is a know-it-all-holier-than-thou-stick-up-his-ass-prick while punching his bag or throwing things, Don won't argue, won't judge, won't take sides, he just quietly listens which is all Raph really needs.  Raph is the only one Don trusts with his tools and to be in his lab without destroying anything- cuz Mikey is a walking tornado of "Ooooh, what does THIS button do??" and Leo... Well, Leo can't even work a toaster.  Don and Raph are also the strongest- Raph from working out so much, Don from lugging scrap metal from the junkyard home, working on engines, and carrying around a 40lb duffel bag while jumping across rooftops alongside his brothers (the bo staff also requires a sturdy center of gravity and strong wrists)The two compliment each other like Yin and Yang.  
    Leo and Mikey are the same way. Mikey knows his brothers better than they know themselves because he has a great gift for empathy-  remember the episode where Raph and Don were complaining about how moody, uptight and obsessed with training Leo had become? Mikey was the only one who didn't complain, instead he scolded his other brothers and told them how they need to give Leo a break, reminding them how difficult it is to be the leader, to carry such responsibility, to keep them all safe while giving them the freedom to do the things they love, like Donatello's dreams of inventions, Raph's preference to go all out in a fight without thinking things through, and Mikey's need to just goof around and be free spirited- Mikey was the only one who acknowledged that all of that was possible only because of all the sacrifices Leo made for the team (one of his rare moments of wisdom beyond his years that the others often forget he is capable of)  Mikey Looks up to Leo and is least likely to argue with Leo's plans- Don is a follower but only if he agrees or doesn't have a better idea or doesn't have a problem doing it. If Donnie doesn't want to do something or you don't ask him nicely, forget it- aint happening... Mikey may whine and complain like a little kid a lot, but he will do as Leo says regardless, even if he makes a fuss about it. Leo gives Mikey guidance and focus, and Mikey gives Leo a reason to smile- a reminder that he is more than just a ninja and a leader, he is also a brother and a teen and is allowed to have fun and enjoy life as well.
4 years, 2 months ago
Leo tries to hide his emotions. Don is smart but he is good with machines and electronics but he doesn't read people that well. He knows psychology but can't use it if you don't talk to him and open up- Leo could trust Don not to judge or criticize him, but Leo would feel guilty because he knows Don is so busy keeping lair and security running and being the family doctor, he doesn't want to add to the list of burdens (leo plays martyr a lot which pisses off raph to no end). Raph doesn't talk about feelings. He can read people's motives but he doesn't dwell on emotional struggles other than his own, and Leo would never open up to him because Raph would either be uncomfortable or crude about it.. and for Raph the best cure to work out emotional crap is to fight it out... works for him but not everyone.  Mikey may seem childish but he understands things. He gets it. He can "sense" emotions and knows what his bro's need- which is why he is always trying to cheer them up with a joke or shake things up with pranks when life gets too dull or tense.  Leo would never ask for something like a hug even if he wanted/needed one and if he did find the courage to ask who would he do so? Raph? Hell no. Raph only does hugs in life or death drama situations and it is forbidden to speak of it after. Leo would also see it as showing Raph weakness.  Donnie would question if Leo is ill and then make a big deal out of his out of character behavior, wanting to do a full physical check up and then asking him psychological questions. Plus, Donnie likes his personal space- he doesn't initiate hugs but he will accept them.  Splinter? No. Leo loves and respects his sensei but he would be afraid of looking like a helpless child, seeing it as being a failure as a student and a leader to need something so trivial and childish as a hug to make him feel better. Mikey? You don't even have to ask Mikey- he loves hugs and has a hug radar- he knows when you need a hug even before you do- this allows Leo to receive comforting without having to swallow his pride or feel weak by asking for it.  Mikey gets Leo to have fun. And Leo reminds Mikey the importance of being serious every once and a while.  The two of them are the swiftest and the most skilled- Leo through endless hours of practices, focus and dedication, and Mikey due to a raw talent and natural athleticism- and that because he is the most mischievous, he gets punished by having to do backflips. Sexually, Mikey is cool with being a top OR a bottom. And Leo would be comfortable "letting go" and letting Mikey take control in the bedroom because he would feel "safe" with Mikey who would treat it as it is, making love and having fun. Leo would fear ever giving that kind of control to Raph because Raph might hold it over him- he constantly has to fight with Raph to assert his authority as Leader... bottoming for Raph would be a loss in that battle, and Raph is no bottom, it's just not in his personality. But Mikey would be fine with Leo taking the lead in the bedroom, and Leo would be able to relax enough with Mikey to let him take the reins every now and then.  Philosophy wise, Leo and Mikey have more idealistic views on the world while Raph and Don are realists.  Leo believes in the path of Bushido, of honor and second chances and noble causes and that there is good in everyone and that people inherently WANT to be good and if given the choice/chance are capable of doing so. Mikey believes in Heros. In good always triumphing over evil and that no matter how bleak things get, the good guys will save the day in the end, which is why he never loses hope and can always find a reason to smile and enjoy life.  Raph sees the world as a harsh, cruel place where scum will take any and every opportunity it gets to prey upon the weak- giving an enemy a second chance is also giving them the green light to stab you in the back in his book- once a bad guy ALWAYS a bad guy, people don't change and some are just born rotten.
4 years, 2 months ago
Evil never rests, and sometimes there just aren't enough good guys, and no matter how hard you try, more shit will pile up tomorrow.  Donatello believes in facts and science. That morals and ethics are dependant and variant between different cultures and societies, that the justice system isn't always perfect, in crime statistics of repeat offenders, and that your behavior is largely influenced by how you were raised. No one is born good or evil. You are born neutral and a series of events in your life and upbringing, positive or negative, will influence you to make choices that affect your lifestyle and how you interact with society, productive or destructive. That it is scientifically impossible for the good guys to always win, and the grim reality of things. Don more than anyone knows how mortal they are- how each injury poses a risk of infection, permanent nerve damage or death. He is the family "doctor" but all he has are out dated medical text books he salvaged from the trash, some articles on the internet, and his own trial and error experience. He doesn't have the benefit of formal education and years of medical training by professionals, and as unique as they are he has no clear point of reference to go on, the tiniest mistake on his part, the wrong diagnosis, the wrong dosage of medicine, any of it could be fatal. So he is a bit more pessimistic than Leo or Mikey, but he's not dark about it, it's just the facts of their existence. Despite what Leo thinks, not everything can be cured by Master Splinters herbal tea and a few hours of meditation.
    Leo loves Raph as a brother and depends on him in a fight- but the hot head drives him crazy and frustrates him to no end. Raph cares about his older brother too- would take a bullet for him, but at times he can't even stand to be in the same room with "fearless", hates how pushy he is, and most times would love to punch him in the face. (that's how he cares.. other people can't beat the crap out of his bros, but when he does it it's ok).  Sure they have their good days when they get along and are even playful in competition, but it never ends well with 2 alpha turtles. An alpha male will never Submit willingly to another alpha male- it ends up violent and bloody. A romantic/sexual relationship needs balance. Leo and Raph are too extreme- but Mikey and Donnie even the scales- each provide something the alpha male needs and each get something in return.
6 years, 8 months ago
off to get buttdid :D
6 years, 8 months ago
Best wording i've seen for whats about to ensue.
6 years, 8 months ago
XD Love it~!
6 years, 8 months ago
I wanna write something for thiiiiis... 0///0 *grabby hands*
6 years, 8 months ago
Then write something for it! XD
6 years, 7 months ago
Don should have seen it coming. Ralph and Leo had been more snappish and combative lately. Sometimes to the point of drawing blood. Actually, almost ALWAYS to the point of drawing blood. So when the red-banded turtle stalked into the room, he just looked over the manual in hand, brow ridge raised in silent question. When Ralph just snarled and paced in the confined space, Don shrugged, going back to his research and generally ignoring the moody grumpy all around bottled up turtle.

Being hoisted up suddenly did have him gasping, if only in mild irritation. This wasn't the first time for this either. As he was being hauled through the lair, he and Ralph crossed paths with Leo and Mikey, Leo all serious and intent not unlike Ralph only he was more relaxed and calm that he had the right to be.When Mikey and he were face to face, they shared a quick look of commiseration and long suffering silence.

It did get old being carted off. Though...

It really was worth it.

Just an excerpt.
6 years, 8 months ago
Leo Couldn't Wait To Grope That Ass!! XD
6 years, 7 months ago
" FullmetalAngyl wrote:
Leo Couldn't Wait To Grope That Ass!! XD

so true
6 years, 8 months ago
Donny~! Come back pwese~<3 0A0
6 years, 8 months ago
Alittle anxious are we hmmm?
6 years, 8 months ago
Why would you not go with it? ;D
6 years, 7 months ago
Don and Mikey both have the cutest faces!
6 years, 7 months ago
it looks like Leo's hand is tessing mikey
6 years, 6 months ago
i almost feel like leo and raph should high-three as they pass each other...while donnie and mikey wish each other luck! *giggle*
4 years, 4 months ago
I like how it's only Raph and Don who are blushing slightly LOL
2 years, 1 month ago
I love Uke Mikey and Donnie. 😀😍😉
1 year, 5 months ago
ALL of their expressions are gold <3
1 year ago
And that's what happens when Raph gets second pick
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