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Info: Rules for using my fursona in art

So, I already have such a journal on FA and linked to it from my profile, but that one is quite old already.^^ Also, this list might be updated occasionally without additional notice, so, please check back whenever you feel like including my fursona in any kind of art.

First off, I hope writing such a journal doesn't make me sound like a prick or something, you'll see I'm relatively open.^^

But yeah, this is just a little, updated thingy for those of you out there who like me or my fursona enough so they'd like to incorporate him in art. I'm not asking for gifts here, although I do appreciate them, of course, just want to state some things so these rare occasions don't turn out bad.^^

This also is here to help you if you want to surprise me with any form of art, so you can tell artists, "here, he allows it!" without ruining the surprise by having to ask my directly.^^
So, here it is:



- My fursona Bryan can be used for art as long as the piece is, at least partial, thought to be a gift for me or me along with others. If you want to use him in a pic "just for you", because you need another tiger character or whatever, get my permission first, please.

- Use THIS as reference sheet. Many pics I've got of him are nice and many of them are correct. But some of them have slightly "non-canon" flaws, so, stick to that pic, and you'll be fine for most occasions.

- If I gave someone the permission to do or show anything specific that would normally not comply to these rules, that doesn't mean you're suddenly allowed to do it as well.
I do make exceptions to these rules, but all of them are planned and discussed with me in beforehand.


I'm fine with most stuff that is "clean", except those things listed under "Exceptions" below. Please pay attention to that section, though, it's important to me.


The full reference sheet doesn't show any genitalia. So, you can stick to pics like this one (NSFW) mostly. But just some important details:
- "Normal" sized cock, no "hyper" stuff or something like that
- Human genitalia: No barbs, knots (anyway, at a feline?), nothing like that
- He is uncut! Cannot be seen in most adult submissions as most of 'em show him erected or inside someone, but yeah, he is actually uncut.^^
- White fur on balls

- Bryan is straight. I don't mind being shown with other nude males in a pic in general, but no sexual interaction without my consent.

- I'm fine with regular pinups, as long as they don't meet any of the "Exceptions" below.

- In "more sexual" situations like masturbation or any strongly provocative offer, ask me before you do/have done any art. Believe me, it's safer for all of us.

If you actually got my permission to have a pic done of him in explicit situations:

- This is his/my F-List entry. Please don't get a pic done with any theme listed under "NO": https://www.f-list.net/c/bryan dion greyson

- Especially before drawing actual intercourse and such scenes, ask me! If I'm okay with it:
ALWAYS use condoms with vaginal and anal intercourse. Only safer-sex with Bryan. Oral and such things are okay without condoms, though.


Bryan is my fursona, and asides the fact he looks much better than I do, he "is me". thus, I don't want him to be associated and thus depicted in any way that includes any of these topics listed here. This is not necessarily a complete list, when in doubt, please ask me:

- Any kind of drugs, legal or illegal (this includes alcohol and cigarettes/cigars)
- In sexual depictions, anything listed under "No" in my F-List profile here
- Music I dislike (most electronic stuff, rap, pop music)
- Any product by the company Apple
- In general no product done by a specific company that exists in the "real world" if you don't know I actively support their products, Bryan is not a character for advertisement and commercials, ask in beforehand^^
- Any kind of political, ideological, religious or moral view and/or that I don't explicitly support in RL
- Anything racist, hateful or otherwise insulting


So, yeah. So much text in the end.^^
As I said before, I hope this doesn't make me sound picky or like a prick, my main intention is just to show people what I like and what I dislike considering Bryan, and to make surprises and plans easier for everyone willing to include him in any art.

Yeah, that's it.^^ Now, thanks for stopping by. Go on, play, have fun, maybe with Bryan. :P

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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
" First off, I hope writing such a journal doesn't make me sound like a prick or something, you'll see I'm relatively open.^^
Nothing wrong with that. Better to know than not. =3
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