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My adorable friend,
, is having some last-minute troubles getting to a convention that he was really hoping to attend. Since he already registered and everything, it would be really sad if he couldn't make it! ;~;

As such, I want to help raise some funds so that he can pay for a room while he's there! ^^ Starting now (if anyone is interested) I will be opening story commission slots for those who want to help Winter out. I don't have a limit at the moment (not expecting anyone to take up the offer), but I'm guessing that I probably won't go over ten or so.

I am a halfway decent writer, though I'm no Tolken. Take a look at my chapters of Life of Ash, if you want to glimpse at my style.

General Pricing (Somewhat Tentative):

One-scene piece (like a sex scene or an action scene) ~ 2,000 - 4,000 words: $5 US

Full Short Story (character development and a moderate plot) ~ 7,500 - 15,000 words: $10 US

Multi-parter (multiple short stories, or chapters to one longer story) Multiple parts of between ~ 7,500 - 15,000 words: Add $5 US to each additional part.

Since I've never done commissions before, pricing may be somewhat flexible. All proceeds are to go directly to Winter.

How To Request A Commission:

1. Message me with what level you want, and with a general idea of what you're looking for.

2. Donate to Winter directly on his page through his "Donate" button
. Inform him somehow that your donation is for a commission, and provide the level of request.

3. Winter will inform me that you donated, and I will message you back finalizing your idea, plus give you an approximate timetable on when I'll get to working on it.

4. I will send periodic updates via Inkbunny's PM system, letting you know what's up and where I am in the process.

5. Final product (after your approval) will be sent to you in a .doc/.docx format to be posted at your discretion.

Other Notes:

Your commission slot is a reserve slot for the near future. I cannot write a dozen stories at once (trust me, you wouldn't want me to). The slots will be served by a combination of the time of request and who is the most generous in their donating. Exceptions to this are only in multi-parter requests, as I may take a short break inbetween parts. But I will get to everyone as swiftly as possible. I spend about a week writing short stories, and I go to college full-time, so try to understand the wait *hugs*.

I will write on almost any topic with any rating (general to adult). There are a few things I'm iffy about, but chances are no one will run into those.

If story prices are a bit too steep for you, consider checking out some of Winter's coloring/art commissions, which are really cheap. Every bit helps!

Feel free to repost this journal. In fact, I encourage it! :3

Also feel free to ask questions!

Link to Winter's journal on the issue: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=99554
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