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furry - what does it for me

I've read that when people look at porn, especially the volume that's available these days, they develop a huge craving for novelty. Furry might still be 'small' compared to the number of people not in furry, but I think it offers a huge amount of novelty in terms of color, shape, and situations.

So we got variety or novelty. Another thing that might be just me...i dunno....is that I find it very easy to imagine furry characters interacting with me or imagining them in different situations living out their lives. But when it comes to real people, I have a huge problem doing the same thing. It just doesn't seem believable enough ...if that makes sense lol. It's like people get sick and die and have all kinds of little problems, while furry characters don't have it quite so bad. I know it's just a fantasy, it's a fun fantasy. I guess my mind applies different 'rules' to furries as opposed to people.  Either way, furry is my playground, ya know?  You can squash'em, stretch'em, make them spew crazy amounts of fluids (well at least in my little universe XD).  If I tried to imagine people like that....eww....just ..ewww...

So I believe furry lends itself more easily to story and fantasy. Not just your one-shot fantasy but ideas that stay there and you grow them a lil bit over time. It's hard to get that sort of thing with people stuff. I think it's because of the environment that they come from. Furry is purely mental stuff, while people come from reality. As such, they already have all this stuff set in stone. It's like, I'll see Fievel or Sneezer and they're begging me to do something with them. Literally! Like, cartoons = potential.

Oh and sorry for not uploading any art lately. I've kinda been sick today (bronchitis), and sorta getting over a disgruntled friend thing. I hope to so some painting soon.
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
You delinated what most of us have felt since forever, Looq, I'm sure.
For myself, furry remains that final and most-removed form of fantasy. I also have a far easier time relating to anthro characters than human ones. it's easy dressing humans up in different costumes and situations. But doing that with animals or other items, imbuing them with those attractive qualities of our humanity while discarding those unattractive, remains entirely desirable.
5 years, 6 months ago
well said
5 years, 6 months ago
It's stress release for me. Furry art/porn is a great way for me to cope with problems at cope. Thank you furry community.
5 years, 6 months ago
I've always thought pretty much the same way. There's just so much freedom, being a fantasy, and so much more variety than just human shapes. Even if you're not too into fetishes or such kind of things, you can eventually find something that fits your tastes. The only problem I see is that once you get used to so much variety, you always end up wanting more xD (thank heavens for sites like these and for all the awesome artists out there).
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