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RPs-to-Fanfics: which one, if any, to do?

I'm not a big writer or artist of futa/herm works, but I do have a vested interest in them, and I've got two unfinished RPs that I've done with a friend of mine that I'm interested in turning into fanfics. Thing is, I'm not sure which one to do first, if either. Here's the setup for both (WARNING: extreme and quite gruesome fetishes included):

1. A pregnant female wanting an abortion gets directed to a shady clinic, only to find out it's manned by a sadistic male doctor and his futa nurse/receptionist lover, and is duped into them having their way with her and her unborn babies... with deadly but lustful results. Includes torture, snuff, and fetus sex. Species to be determined (original RP involved humans, but can be adjusted for any species of furry)

2. An abusive male Brachiosaur furry gets pressured by his herm slut girlfriend (also a brachiosaur) to take her to his house, where she finds out that he's the monster in her own real-life sexual horror story. Includes necrophilia/zombie sex, incest, bestiality, etc.

The herms are definitely part of the action, and they will be given part of the spotlight. They are hung and lusty, definitely wanton sluts, though they're secondary to the male characters, and are treated very much like their willing fuck toys. I'm kind of uncomfortable talking about this, so let me know if this is inappropriate, and if it's okay, toss me some of your ideas for these or other stories. I tend toward the extreme side of fetishes, so be warned of that.
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