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Two sides of a coin; of a hard earned dollar...

There are a couple of points I'd like to talk about tonight, and I have no idea how it's going to turn out... But here's to hoping I get some sort of mental sorting done with this because it's bugging me.

Both topics are about something I'm mindlessly addicted to...


Now, I know I've asked about this before, and pointed it out to a few people when it happens and I sit there in awe and frustration...

Tonight, I noticed a couple of things. The first, was that I broke 10 THOUSAND submission views. Yay! People are looking at the art that I've purchased! :D
The second thing was... and, okay, I know I've pointed this out a few times to a few friends, but it's never been to this scale... The thing is... is that a single commissioned picture in my gallery makes up about 15% of my total submission views. I posted this picture two days ago. About 1500 views in two days. No other picture I've (re)posted has ever gotten this amount of attention. I believe with all of my heart that the artist that made that picture deserves those views, favorites, and watches... a lot more than I do. In a way, I feel like my only hope at this point is that in the unlikely event that they haven't already watched this artist, that they found the link to the artist's page at the bottom of my description, and went there on their own.

Is it normal to feel bad about people liking something in my gallery like this? I re-post the art I commission for two reasons. One, to keep it up somewhere that I can see in the event that my computer violently implodes. Two, to share it with my friends (and the public), in hopes that they can get some joy out of it, just as I have... Maybe I'm thinking about this too deeply... Either way, I'd appreciate some opinions on this topic. Is it a bad thing to re-post commissions? Is it good? Is it dependent on other factors? I don't know!

The second topic I'd like to talk about, is sort of a follow up on something I read tonight.

If you call a reputable plumber - one who is known to do good, reliable work for fair prices - to fix your pipes... Do you treat them like trash? No, probably not. You want them to do good work. That's what you're paying them for, right? Right...

If you hire a talented interior decorator... someone that you're perhaps even familiar with (or at least you've seen their work and have enjoyed what you've seen). They get the required details, talk about the work they're going to do, and when the work is well under way... you add more, and more, and don't expect them to charge you anything for it. Is this okay? No, probably not. They're a professional. They have a fee. They do work, you pay for it. Adding more work, means giving them more money. Right? Right...


Am I just stupid? Did I miss some sort of memo that was meant to give me permission to treat the people who are doing work for me, like they're my personal slave? Like their entire purpose in life is to tickle my funny parts until I'm satisfied? No, I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any memo.... But if I did, please, someone tell me so I can have my funny parts tickled.

I may be a little bit biased here, considering where I work (if you don't know where, it's not hard to find out), but even before I got the job I never thought it was okay to walk into any business (or anywhere really) and tell them off, threaten them, and say things that in some places might get you thrown out, arrested, or maybe even beat down.

Why is it that people think they can get away with these things? Why do artists get abused and burned like this? If you're paying someone to create art for you, doesn't it make sense to try and be friendly with them so they're in a good mood when working with you?

Hell, when customers at my store are friendly and joke around with me when I'm helping them, I bend over backwards and do things for them that are FAR beyond my job description. For my good customers, I'm like some sort of retail tech support super agent.

For those that yell at me, or belittle me, or even go as far as to scream abusively at me? "Sorry, we don't have a tech support department, you may want to try [Insert expensive place here] for that kind of thing."

It blows my fucking mind that people can treat professionals like this, and get away with very little repercussions.

... Anywho. Thanks for reading, if you did. If you didn't? Well.. then you're probably not reading this either.

... If you did read that but not the post, then... Well... I don't know. Fuck you for trying to trick me or something.


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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
I'm not exactly sure how to respond to the reposting commissions part, I'm 100% guilty of it, especially cause I can't draw any art of my own.

As far as the second part goes though, I think that the entire time someone's doing business with an artist that basic human DECENCY should apply.  Even moreso, since you're having somebody do something for YOU.  Just because you wave a little money in front of their face doesn't make it okay to be an ass to them.  But some people think that way, I suppose.  On top of that, the artist usually wants to make sure the commissioner is getting what they want, and in some cases that gets taken advantage of.

I commission people a lot of times, and if I even have to tell someone that they made a mistake (or more often I was unclear with the description and I made the mistake), I always feel so bad asking them to change it, cause they have to go back and re-do something they just did.
5 years, 9 months ago
It is a good thing to repost commissions, yup. What if one of your watchers had never heard of GothBunnyBoy before (hi, GothBun!)? But then through your uploads of cheetah-on-coyote lovin', they discover what they've been missing? Theoretical watcher gets to see GothBun's other pieces, and GothBun gets another watcher and maybe-another-commissioner-but-probably-not. Everyone wins.

* A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G *
5 years, 9 months ago
That's a very good point.  You just wanna make sure that it's clear in the description who drew the picture.  But a lot of people I've seen around here are pretty good about doing that.
5 years, 9 months ago
I'm gonna go on the side of "you may be over-thinking a bit" here. As an artist, and specifically one you've commissioned, I want people to post what I've drawn for them! I just spent hours, sometimes far, far too many XD, on a picture, and I want it to be shown to people, and to be, well, appreciated. I like reading what the commissioner has to say in their comments, and reading what people think of it on a page that isn't mine. I know that not everyone will click the link back to my profile, but so what? People post my art on e621, etc., and there are plenty who aren't finding my galleries through those sites. I'm not about to throw a tantrum about it :p To believe that every single user who sees my art will be interested in watching me is a very lofty and unrealistic goal.

For artist's being treated like crap... I haven't had that happen to me yes, honestly. I think that it's just a part of how consumer culture works though. The mindset of "customer owns you" carries into buying art, most likely, and they think "I've given money, I better damn well get something good!" The only thing you can do is just be firm and let those people know they didn't buy a slave, they bought your unique talents, and they're gonna get what they get; your best, nothing more. Mostly, I have the opposite problem, where after a commission I am suddenly bff's with someone ^_^;; It's much less harmful and rude, and more just... kind of awkward, ha ha.
5 years, 9 months ago
Oh yeah, one more point to bring up. I often watch what I refer to as "commission accounts" so I can find new artists more easily. They're kind of like artist hubs; the commissioner has good taste or a cute character, I watcher their account, suddenly I find myself knee-deep in new artists to watch X3
5 years, 9 months ago
I was gonna make a full post to respond in here, but Spix pretty much said everything I was going to nearly exactly o_o So everything here, times two. I doubley double the enjoyment of seeing other people post my stuff. To me, someone showing their appreciation for something I've done feels better than sex. ;;>_>

I will say, though, that in my (limited) experience doing commissions so far, I've had a couple give more than my asking price for what (hopefully) was a sign that I did a good job. I guess it's my curse that I want to put in my all when I'm doing something for someone else, and so far my "colored doodles" turned into full-on pictures.
5 years, 9 months ago
I re-post all of my commissions and gift arts. It's free advertising. In the case of commissions, I believe there is a certain entitlement to re-post, since it was paid for. As far as gift art, I think it is up to the artist. In either case, the artist should definitely be credited.

Now, with that being said...
If the artist has few watchers than I do, and could use some added attention, I will link to the original in my description and tell people to to fave it and watch the artist. I have done this with
and [iconname]Misericorde[/iconname], and any other talented-yet-under-appreciated artist I have worked with in the past. Seriously, [iconname]Misericorde[/iconname] is amazing. I have only gotten flats from her so far, but my next commission from her is shaded, and I am dying to see it finished. Now, with some other artists, such as
... I do credit the artist, but I think the majority of the people here know who they are, so I don't bother telling people to go check out the original and watch the artist.
5 years, 9 months ago
can't say anything in regards to the commissioning part, since I've never done it (I'm a broke person ^^; )

But in regards to treating people fairly, it's just common courtesy, I wish that more people were friendly and treated others with respect >.>
5 years, 8 months ago
I've shared a measure of your concerns over posting commissioned pieces and like inadvertantly "stealing" views.. I've actually daydreamed of like a system where an artist posts their piece and flags it that "this person(s) commissioned it" and it lets them have their own "post" where they can put up their own description, story, what-have-you but it aggregates it so it's really only posted once.. I dunno if that makes sense, but the point is I've angst-ed about that too ^^ .

On your second point, I'd like to think I don't do that to the artists I reach out to >_> and I believe in two-way respect since both the customer and the artist are human beings, so... I definitely agree with you there ^^; .
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