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Best wishes for a friend

Hey everyone, its been a while since I last made a journal eh?  Well gonna hold up on a update for this tiger cause I know ya'll have been reading frosts journal and he's letting you all know whats goin on around here.

Well this one is for a friend of mine whom I think most of the fandom realizes or recognizes.  Warning in advance if you don't wanna hear about blood and such.

My one friend works as a dealer for a casino out here where me and frost live about.  He's been a dealer for about 14 years as he has told us.  If it weren't for him, me and frost probably wouldn't be working or be able to start over with life.  He's been a real help to all of us here, and been a true help with many others.

He even works as top areas for conventions such as the Financial head of Anthrocon and as Con Suite head Chef for MFF and he's been doin a hell of a job for many years at these conventions.

His name is Chris, but you know him better as Chanur.

Now the issue at hand is that he's ended up in the hospital right now again for an issue with his foot.  I'm sure if any heads of MFF are reading this, that they remember what happened last MFF with him being in so much pain.  To keep his problem short, mainly he is a diabetic, and the bottom of his foot had been having some issues where it cracked out bleeding, and had a hard time healing up.

He went into the hospital the first time like months ago and had to have 2 toes amputated, now we all thought the problem was over and he could get back on with life, but due to stress and issues at home and everything else happening it wouldn't heal properly, and sadly we had just been informed by him that he's getting now half his foot amputated.  Hopefully not the whole thing.

His operation is actually today and we will see how he's doin tomorrow, but for the most part when we visited him yesterday, he was really scared out of his wit from all this happening to him.  The fact he may lose his job of 14 years.  Also the fact he actually lost his apartment due to the issues I had mentioned.  He almost didn't want to wake up from the operation, but we told him to keep strong through it.

So right now just asking everyone to please send him some best wishes and such and hope he makes it through all this.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
*hugs* Best of luck to him. :(
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