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Update From The Kitsune's Desk.

Well, that sucked. Not been able to really get online for well over a week. That last journal was done in Word then posted quickly while I tethered my phone. Bah.

After getting some nice holiday work, I contracted a stomach virus and was out for the count for five days. At least, I think it was a stomach virus. No idea, and I really don't want to dwell on it. Yeuch.

Finally got out of the house on Saturday, went around the city looking at various comic book stores. Apparently, some big to-do was going on and there were free comics being given out. I never bothered trying to pick anything up, but it was fun to see the cosplayers. Had a conversation with a kid and his dad, both Naruto fans; bloody awesome. The kid was wearing a Konohagakure head-band, but his favorite character was Gaara -- he flipped when I mentioned there were more appropriate head-bands at another store.

Popped down to the surplus store and nosed around in there with my friend, who is totally into all that shit. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
The surplus stores here are kinda shitty, but I still found myself considering picking up a deactivated AK-47 to mount in the living room because it looked kinda nice - then my sanity restored itself. I blame the stomach virus. It cost as much as an actual working firearm.

I did however pick up a small pepper-spray container, because I did say I was going to get one. Yeah, just walked over to the counter and got it. So to all the people telling me I couldn't get it here, please line up to suck my %$!%&*. Glad to have it, but it's hopefully going to remain unused - especially because the laws concerning its use are similar to that of using a gun in self-defense. No kidding.

More importantly though, I picked up Rise Against's newest album, which I'll be discussing at a later point.

The relevant news though: not quite time for another chapter of anything yet. Stay tuned though!
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