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Blurgh. Yeah, I know chapter 7 kinda stinks.

Just tossing this out there: yeah, there's a lot of fluff in Astray's seventh chapter that should really have been trimmed down.

It needs an edit so badly it could almost have been made my Hideo Kojima.

I dunno what it is. I seem to release the second last chapter of a novel and find myself thinking it's crappy before I go back and streamline things. The same thing happened with chapters eleven and twelve of Tai's Story. Ugh.

Anyway! On a related note to that, the short story I've mentioned before is almost finished.

I'm actually kind of curious to see how well it will do. I'm sure fans of TS will take a peek at it, but it's really just me going back to my roots and indulging in a few kinks and themes that I was really into back then. In fact, a similar story has already been half-written, back when I was about 18.

Unlike "Family Therapy", which was a commission, or more of a request, that featured some pretty popular themes, this coming story is more niche. At least, I think so. Then again, I may be surprised. Erotic writers in general tend to produce a broader array of kinks and themes that visual artists, and their consumers also seem to enjoy them.

Maybe it's just a safer bet for visual artists to do generic sex poses, at most including tried-and-true fetishes, than it is for them to even bother doing something unusual. Because just comparing the hundreds of online stories and erotica I've read to the thousands upon thousands of images (I'm depraved) I've seen, the latter showed a tiny fraction of the diversity of the former, and almost everything "unusual" was by poor artists with the exception of a few ironically common kinks.

A sad thing, indeed. Most of the great artists in the fandom can draw beautiful bodies with excellent proportions etc, etc - but they'd better, because without that, we'd be bored stupid. They never do anything different. Some of the best artists, from a technical standpoint, are also by far the most boring. It's almost like they forgot that people are "here" with the fandom because mainstream porn sucks ass.

Hey, maybe we can change that. Stop commissioning boring, vanilla stuff from these great artists. Put them to work on something unusual, maybe they'll expand their horizons.

Anyway. Chapter seven is wordier than a presidential speech written by a former airline announcer. New short story coming soon.

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Added: 5 years, 5 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
What's family therapy
sounds intresting
5 years, 5 months ago
https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=51211 now if i could just get the boyfriend to sit though it.
5 years, 5 months ago
chapter seven wasnt bad i just dont like cliff hangers to much, lol jk
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