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If I had a time machine...

I'd go back and punch every single Microsoft employee who ever used the word "tile" in conversation. Seriously, I want that word extirpated from Microsoft's collective vocabulary before they made a mistake.

Went to a client's house to help set up a few devices, and Windows 8 on his big, beefy PC froze and crashed repeatedly. On a monster with 32GB of RAM and the best i7 processor of the last generation. Sometimes, random things would just stop responding - little things you don't miss until you realize it's gone, like the freakin' volume control and, say, device manager.

And I thought the new IE was supposed to be good? Seen people claim it was going to be a valid competitor to Chrome/Chromium and Firefox. THAT crashed and burned every few minutes as well, but only when websites tried to perform (common) actions. Ran a few malware and virus checks, so my very quick diagnosis is just that Win8 and IE10 blow monkeys while humming the Spanish anthem.

On the upshot, I hadn't actually seen Windows 8 after the Blue update (everyone I know abandoned Win8 a few months after the release excitement wore off, and I've never seen it in an enterprise environment yet). It's nice seeing the Start menu back where it belongs. But even still, the amount of things that unnecessarily took up the entire screen or lacked any form of window control was irritating. It's almost like, say, they forgot that interface design principles for touchscreen devices don't translate to large screen PCs where people like to multi-task.

Seriously, don't fix what isn't broken. Was there any reason to even TRY to inflict these tiles and weird ideas on the world?! Astoundingly, GNOME 3 or Ubuntu's new(ish) Unity desktop aren't actually that bad. They work okay on bigger screens. I've seen several innovative, new desktop layouts that worked and even improved on traditional ideas - "Metro" never did. Yes, you "get used to it" but that's not an improvement.

Oh, and did Windows 8 just tell me to "hang on" during installation? "Hang on?!"
Is Microsoft, the enterprise computing conglomerate known for its office programs and violating anti-trust regulations, seriously trying to be cool? Guys, you ain't Google. You will never be that cool! Microsoft, a man uses the machines you build to sit down and pay his taxes... oh, hey. Rap battle!

Aaaand on a related note, setting up a X-Box recently, I was disturbed to see I needed to make an X-Box Live account just to download critical functionality/system updates. I raised my eyebrow so hard I broke a ceiling fan and knocked the space shuttle out of orbit. It's not really that bad, but it still struck me as a little odd. Kind of neurotic.

Like no letting you into a club unless you're wearing authentic leather shoes, or demanding a password before letting your kid into the house after school. Or ending every second sentence with "penguin".

(By the way: I'm on Windows right now, because the Australian Tax Office's tax program is only available for Windows. So yeah, sitting on Windows to pay my taxes. ... Oh great, now I'm curious if I could run it through Wine. >.<)
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
I've not tried Windows 8 yet, and it really seems to be one of those "love it or hate it" type deals. Could also be the standard Microsoft curse in alternating between good and bad major releases.
5 years, 10 months ago
speaking from experence: wine is ... flaky i mean it works, but its usually better to keep a winblows VM on hand.
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